Procedure to Apply for NICOP of Newly Born Child from NADRA

In order to apply for the Iqama of newly born baby, you have to go through a certain procedure. One step of this procedure is to get NICOP of your newly born baby from NADRA. One of our readers has shared his experience of applying for National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) for his newly born son from NADRA. We have uploaded it here so that expatriates coming from Pakistan can be benefited from this.[irp]

Before the delivery of your child, make sure that you have following two documents;

  • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) – Pakistan Embassy Riyadh and Pakistan Consulate Jeddah can only issue a birth certificate of your child if you have NICOP. Simple NIC will not be accepted.
  • Make sure that marital status in your NICOP has been changed from “single” to married on the NICOP of parents. If it has not been changed yet, you should do it way before the delivery of your child.

If you are planning the birth of your child in Saudi Arabia, one of the most important things to do is to book appointments with different departments. You should book following 3 appointments at least 2 months before the delivery of your child to avoid any time wastage. Let’s assume, the expected delivery date of your child is 31st December. You should spare some time and book appointment with the following 4 departments in the first week of November.

After the delivery of your child, the first thing to do is to apply for the birth certificate of your newly born child. We have explained the procedure in detail. Recommended: Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

The birth certificate issued by Ahwal-e-Madni or Civil Affairs needs to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia

Once it is attested by the MOFA, you need to translate it and get the translation attested by the Pakistan Consulate in Jeddah or Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh. We have explained the procedure in detail. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia

Once the translation of Birth Certificate is attested by the Pakistan Embassy Riyadh or Pakistan Consulate Jeddah, you will have to visit NADRA on the day of your appointment. If you don’t have an appointment, you can go there at 7 am and be there in the queue. Limited tokens are issued in the morning at around 8 am.

You need to visit there with the following documents;

  • Original Birth Certificate of Newly Born Child along with attested translation from Pakistan Consulate or Pakistan Embassy
  • Original Passport of Parents along with Photocopies
  • Original NICOP of parents along with Photocopies

The first step at the NADRA office is to pay the fee for the NICOP of your child. Make sure you are applying for the passport of your child on an urgent basis which takes around 30 days to come and costs SR 113 per NICOP. Executive NICOP comes in 15 days and fee is SR 225. They will issue you a token after receiving money. After this you will have to visit several windows as explained below;

The first window you need to visit is a picture of the newly born child.

You don’t need to visit Biometrics window as there is no need to have biometrics for the children below 15

After the picture, you will have to visit Data Entry Window, after entering the details; they will print a form for you and ask you to get it attested. Just ask them from where you can attest them. They will refer you to some agents who can attest them for SR 5.

Get back to the counter receiving documents after attestation; you will have to submit copies of the above-mentioned documents and this form to them. They will take these documents and stamp your token stating a date when you can come to collect NICOP.

You are done with the process; you can apply for the Passport of a newly born child with Pakistan Embassy once the NICOP is received. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for the Pakistani Passport of Newly Born Child in Saudi Arabia


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    The Birth Certificate should be translated to URDU or ENGLISH?

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    Can anybody please tell me if the NICOP is required for both father and mother? Only father’s NICOP will work?
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  • Both are required!

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    i applied for newborn’s NICOP last week through Pak Embassy Riyadh. Saudi Birth Certificate needed (no need for attestation from MOFA, no translation and no Pak Embassy attestation)

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    Newborn’s NICOP form is not needed to be attested by agents, they can be attested by their father

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    I applied for NICOP for my newborn last week in Jeddah. Translation and attestation is mandatory here. Translation can be done from agent directly infront of Pak Consulate. And attestation can also be done on the same day from consulate.

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