Woman’s efforts to look like “Kim Kardashian” ended up in Divorce in Saudi Arabia

One of the most famous television stars, Kim Kardashian was soon to be followed by a Saudi look alike. Recently, a woman in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia found out how much her husband was fond of the young and beautiful, Kim Kardashian. In order to save her marriage while being outraged with fury, the Saudi woman decided to copy her and got her hairstyle. This didn’t end there. She visited a plastic surgery clinic a few times for appointments in the hope that she shall get the face of Kim as well. Things did not turn out well, but instead went sideways and led to the divorce of the couple.[irp]

The husband did admire Kim Kardashian, but he in no means wanted his wife to go to such extreme measures and transform herself into something she is not. After all, Kim is a celebrity and general public can only restrict their lives to watching them, but not follow them or indulge themselves in their practices. Perhaps, that was what caused the end of a well-settled couple? After an interview with the wife, she told media how she wanted her husband to be attracted to her and admire her even if any means it involved her going to extreme measures and getting a plastic surgery done to replicate Kim Kardashian. Instead, the couple ended up in arguments after arguments.

The husband kept telling the unidentified wife that she just looked dumb trying to copy how Kim walked and talked. He even shouted at her saying that the hairstyle didn’t look good on her either. The arguments ended, but so did the couple. The husband filed for a divorce and told the wife that he was going to marry another woman. It will absolutely kill Kim Kardashian of how she caused a Saudi couple to end their marriage with a divorce. Maybe she just might end up sending an apology note to the wife and complimentary flowers from the United States.[irp]

On the other end, Kim Kardashian remains at the top of her game as she celebrates not only the birth of her baby boy but also how she managed to lose 25 kg. Losing weight after the birth of a child is not as easy as it looks and when speaking to Kim, she exclaimed with happiness how this was a milestone in her life and one of the biggest accomplishments she has achieved in her career life.

Source: Al Arabiya