Saudi Actors and Comedians worked as waiters to serve Orphans

Here was another initiative that was carried out by young women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to treat Orphan children at a restaurant. The event was organized by women of the age of 24 under the guidance of their teacher. Few famous actors and comedians who dressed up as waiters and took in orders, along with guiding the young children on the specialties at the restaurant. The actors played the part of waiters very well and served 200 orphans that came from the Ehsan Charity Committee for Orphan Care in the capital, Riyadh.[irp]

The objective of the project was to promote the active role of women in the Saudi society. Within the past year, initiatives and projects such as this have begun to spring up and take a steady speed in spreading awareness related to a number of issues within the country that need direct exposure and attention from the mass public and civilians.

The event became a success and also hopes to carry out other such initiatives that would help spread awareness and rights of all individual bodies within the Kingdom. A prominent Saudi Comedian, Faiz al-Malki called out on both businessmen and women and all other people to help fund and support the Ehsan Charity and similar groups.

He also said in a short interview conducted shortly after the event came to an end, that we must lessen the burden of such groups and charitable organizations ourselves rather than putting everything on the government. According to Faiz al-Malki, the Ehsan Charity provides shelter to around 5000 orphans, along with education, clothing and other basic necessities.

If one must really want to see how a child survives without the protection of a parent, they must visit the Ehsan Charity and other small orphanages that accept children who have no one else beside them. They not only bring them up but also protect them from much of the criticism that makes its way towards them unintentionally.[irp]

Al-Malki also posted tweets dedicated to the Ehsan Charity and called out onto his 1 million fans following to step forward and help the charity as much as they can. He applauded the organizers of the event that he took part in and also embarked a few kind words as calling the Ehsan Charity “a charity society for the cause of humanity”.

Source: Al Arabiya