Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

In my previous article, I have discussed the matters one should consider in deciding the childbirth in Saudi Arabia. Now, we will be talking about the steps you need to take after child's birth in Saudi Arabia. Paperwork starts as soon as a child gets birth. This article discusses the procedure you need to adapt to get the birth certificate of the child born in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will be explaining the procedure to get a birth certificate for your children from Saudi Arabia in detail.[irp]

If you are expecting baby birth within next 30 days, then follow the given steps to get register your baby in KSA on time. Do get an appointment from Ahwal-e-Madni (Civil Affairs). You can get an appointment with the online system either you have an online account on MOI web portal or not, to get appointment click on this link. “Book an Appointment with Ahwal-e-Madni”. Keep in mind; you will have to contact the Ahwal-e-Madni of the same city where your child has taken birth. They will not entertain your application if you take an appointment in some other city.

There is a Late Birth Registration Fee of SR 50 if you are going to Civil Affairs office after one month of your child's birth. Make sure you pay the Late Birth Registration Fee online.

After baby’s birth, get baby’s birth notification paper from Hospital where a baby born. Before you say thanks to Hospital management make sure that all information mentioned in the baby birth notification is correct especially you and your family Iqama ID, name, birth date, time and most important baby’s name. Don’t forget to make sure that baby birth notification must have hospital stamp and doctor/ medical officer’s signature. Hospital takes around 1 week to issue this Birth Notification so it is better to apply for it just after the birth of a baby.

Prepare the file of following documents before you visit Ahwal-e-Madni to get your baby’s governmental birth certificate.

A copy of your appointment. The person who gives token in Ahwal-e-Madni checks Date and time on your appointment paper then gives you a token. You should only go there on the same date as mentioned in the appointment paper.

  • Copy of Baby’s birth notification issued by the Hospital
  • Iqama copy of baby’s father
  • Iqama copy of baby’s mother
  • Passport copy of baby’s father
  • Passport copy of baby’s mother
  • Filled form named Form 87, you can fill it yourself or ask any Arabic speaking guy to fill it for you. Recommended: Download form 87 to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Anyone who can write URDU (or of course Arabic) can easily fill the form or take help with Any Pakistani friend to fill this up.

Try to reach there at least one hour before your appointment, when you visit Ahwal-e-Madni office.

You will take a token and wait for your turn. Submit all the documents to the respective counter and wait for the birth certificate to be printed. They will call your name once the birth certificate is ready.

Procedure to get Birth Certificate if Father is not a Saudi Resident

Along with above-mentioned documentation (whatever applicable), the mother needs to bring the following documentation as well to get the Birth Certificate from Ahwal-e-Madni

Attested marriage certificate along with Arabic translation (from home country Home Ministry, Saudi Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Power of Attorney from Father of the child authorizing and permitting any person (preferably close relatives) for applying for birth certificate, collecting it, signing documents and do related legal procedures

The Power of Attorney must be issued from the home country court, attested by Saudi Embassy in the home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Office: It is near Nasiriya Moror office just adjacent to Pakistan International School – Google Map Coordinates are 24.654209, 46.681778. First of all, you go to main building and after you enter in this you will see a police guy sitting on left side of the main entrance gate where you have to show your appointment paper and he will give you token. Then go to waiting area just on the right side and wait for your turn (normally you will be served on window 2 or 3). Here you will provide all required papers (8 documents I mentioned above).  After submitting your documents, you have to go back to the same location and just check near window 2 or window 3 if there is any Saudi official guy who is holding a Governmental birth certificate. It is light green color card little bit small from A4 paper size). So if you find that guy then tell him your baby’s name and get your certificate or if you not find him near windows then go to Manager’s room it’s on right side and adjacent to operation windows where you submitted your documents. Tell him your baby’s name and get your certificate. So with this, your work with Ahwal-e-Madni ended.[irp]

Jeddah Office: Arbaeen Street (Prince Mitaeb Road) JEDDAH. GPS Coordinates: 21.5690689,39.209327. When you go enter the office, just go to your left until you reach the window which is the last one and show your appointment paper so the person can give you a token number and wait for your turn. I submitted all my paper along with original passport of wife and mine with Iqama. He checked and prints out the birth certificate and asked me to wait for a while there. After 10-15 minutes, he will call everyone's name to return the birth certificate after stamping it. As soon as you received it please make sure all the details are correct. He will return all your documents and birth certificate which he printed. That's it. Shared by “Shoman”

Next step is to get the Birth Certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you are an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA

  • Tari

    Hi Steve,

    We are unable to get appointment for birth certificate from Ahwal Nasriya Riyadh as system is not showing any appointments for last 1 month.

    What is the procedure to get manual appointment as Ahwal Madni not allowing to enter in the office without appointments.


  • Crecy Kaukab

    Were you able to get any information in this matter. I am trying to get mine birth certificate years after my birth

  • Sarah Moolla

    is there any benefit to having a saudi birth certificate … my son was born in Saudi and has a saudi birth certificate. We live in south africa

  • Shahin

    I was born 23 years ago in riyadh how can I Get the certificate?

  • Tayyab Tahir

    Dear Tari,
    Did you manage to book an appointment with Ahwal Nasriya Riyadh as system is still showing no appointments available since 2 weeks.?Did u have manual appointment? if yes please guide.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Tari

    Hi Tayyab,

    I tried continuously 10 days several times a day to get the appointment and at last got online appointment . No manual appointment available.

    Currently we checked on system that upto November end slots already book. It can open any time so keep checking and trying.

    Many friend and coligues facing same issues.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Tayyab Tahir

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I myself is continuously checking the availability of appointment but every time it gives reply “not available”
    Do you or any body around you know if we can be entertained on the other nearby cities(Rumah ,Al kharj) in Riyadh district or we have to visit the office of the same city in which birth was took place.In my case its Riyadh.
    Please confirm.

  • Tari

    I think they are accepting only for respective cities. But if you are in hurry or want to travel with new born. You can go to office directly with confirmed tickets and exit re-entry visa to give them proof that that you want to travel and they might let you go in the office so u can take the birth certificate.

  • Sweetie Idris

    hey guys,

    does anyone know how to replace a lost birth certificate. i was born in Jeddah and went to Ethiopia at the age of 7 and i don’t have the original one (i only have the copy version) and now my whole family is already outside of Saudi Arabia, so please anyone tell me a solution

  • Manzac

    I am also trying to book an appointment for AlNasriya for last 10 days but it say no appointment available. Does anyone know of any other way we can get appointment there.


  • Engr. Syed Farrukh

    My kids were born in 2011 and 2012, but I didn’t attest their birth certificate with MOFA. Now I am in new company with new iqama number and I want to attest my kids birth certificate from MOFA. But the problem is that, in kids birth certificate my iqama number are from my previous company. Is it possible to attest my kids birth certificate by using my current iqama? Please guide me.

  • Why do you need to attest birth certificates now?

  • Engr. Syed Farrukh

    I am planning to apply for Australia immigration and for that I have to submit birth certificate of my kids. May be they will raise the issue of the authenticity of birth certificate that why I want to legalise those birth certificate from MOFA.

  • German

    Dear Sir, Can you please advise me, can I break my Company contract, if so will they provide local release
    I have given local release to this company and since last 4.7 years am working with this company
    Company is very good Am getting salary every month but I got one warning letter without any reason that’s why I had taken this decision but the next day they trashed the warning letter and said that was a mistake but I have the copy of that
    I have submitted my resignation on last month but right now my HR department is saying I can leave only after my contract and still my boss didn’t accept my resignation letter
    I can give 30/60 days’ notice period
    Main thing is that I didn’t get/signed any 2016-2017 contact, asper them my contract will finish on 26/may/2017 ( contract period – One Year )


  • As per my information, you don’t need to attest it from MOFA. You just need to translate it from an authentic translator and the translation needs to be stamped by him.
    However, you can still try your luck at MOFA, but there is no need for it

  • Read this link and all the articles linked with it in detail

  • German

    Many thanks , already i read saudi labor law article 74 to 83 but my mangers are not accepting that , i tried to convince them but they didn’t , anyway thanks for your reply regarding above

  • Azeem Awan

    Still same error..any info what need to be done..

  • Carlo Enrique

    Good day, just need help regarding my booking for appointment it seems that there are no available sched in the area where I need to register my new born son. Need suggestions. I tried nasariyah branch but no available dates. What can I do? my child was born last Nov 16, 2016. Its been almost 2 weeks. And I do not want to have any penalty, and i also want to finish it with-in my leave.Thanks

  • Mirza Umair

    same problemwith me can we go al kharj

  • Mirza Umair

    please can you confirm me can we go al kharj since 1 month no appointment

  • Carlo Enrique

    waited for the schedule to come out few days ago. And the nearest sched I got was on Jan 8..booked…

  • Mak

    if I go after one month how to pay 50 SAR fine??

  • They will guide you how to pay it. You will have to go to another office within the building to pay it off

  • rayyan yusuf

    I have got the appointment of today’s 20 dec 2016 at 11 AM and I reached there at 10 AM today , they said they cannot take because there is no TOKEN number. What to do now?

  • Rawoof Ahmed

    Dear Admin,

    I am an Indian. My Child born in Riyadh last week. Please advise me if the Birth certificate issued by Ahwal Al Madani office Riyadh has to again attested by MOFA also ?? my friends told me no need for MOFA attestation. Just we can straight away go to Indian embassy for Passport procedure and then Iqama.

    Please advise.



  • AbuYousef

    Hello, your directions were clear and simple, and probably saved me lots of time and expenses. Just wanted to thank you and wish you continued success. Peace and God bless.

  • wikky

    please guide me can i go Al Kharj as my baby is born in riyadh but showing no appointments for nassariya ahwalemadina….. kindly guide…..

  • GI

    i got the appointment date after a month from date of birth. Can you guide me how to pay the fine of SAR 50, should this be paid in advance or at counter?

  • Fiaz Ansari

    I am trying alot since 1 month to get appointment for jeddah office it shows always no appointment available.

    what to do

  • Adeel

    MOH birth e-Registration service not working since 3 days Obeid Hospital Malaz Riyadh told me, is it only issue with obeid hospital or all hospitals.

    Need help

  • mohammed

    Salaam alaikum i have an unusual problem with ahwal madani makkah. My appointment was on jan21 2017 and i had everything ready as per requirements. When my number came at the counter the guy checked all the documents and said that my wifes name should be along with her fathers name on iqama and said to change it first in iqama and come back . Now since 5 months i have been trying to change the name in jawazat makkah but they say the letter to change the name did not yet arrived from riyad. Now inam trying to change the name from riyad but still not sure whether it will happen. Does any body else had similar issues. Please guide. Thamk you

  • na
  • Sidhique

    Dear Steve,

    I did not get appointment for birth certificate from Riyadh-Nasriya Office as system is not showing any appointments, could you please let me know can I take appointment other than Riyadh.?

  • Jayzon Montero

    walaykum salam brother can you give me update for your issue and which place in makkah you will have the appointment

  • Christine Mon

    we can contact this email and they can help about appointment for jeddah?

  • Shariq

    brother try today. I got the appointment today after trying for over a month. Today the system was showing dates for Riyadh-Nasriya office.

  • Arsalan

    Hi Steve, there are no appointments available for Ahwal Nasariyah, I have been trying for over a month now. Now my son is over a month old, I tried going there and explain the guy at entrance but he did not allow me to go in.. I even tried to get it done through Kharj but they refused. Is there any other way to get it done, or I have to keep trying online for appointment? Is there any specific time when they open appointments for Riyadh?

  • Muzzamil Amir Ali

    Salam Everyone,
    I am going to final exit, my iqama expire in august and delivery will be in September.
    1. Shall I need to renew my Iqama?
    2. what is the procedure in case of final exit for newly baby which have no document ?
    please reply, I am very confuse.

  • Wajeeh Abbas

    can you share your experience if you are able to get appointment for Ahwal Madni Riyadh Nassriya for the birth certificate?

  • Wajeeh Abbas

    Dear All.

    can any one share latest experience if you are able to get appointment for Ahwal Madni Riyadh Nassriya for the birth certificate?

  • Anagde

    hi everyone, i just want to share my experience in getting an appointment in ahwal al-madaniyah. my son was born just two weeks ago. i searched the internet on how to get an appointment but all of the things that people says are in the negative side which is somewhat true. people are saying that they have been trying to get an appointment for 3-5 months but still not successful. i asked my friends who recently registered their children and they say the same thing and they just paid someone to do it for them just so they can finish the registration. i tried getting appointment by myself and everything i read and heard are true. the system for booking an appointment in jeddah (as well as some big cities) is always closed. i kept on trying but each time, i encounter this message, “sorry, there are no appointments available at this time”, it is frustrating but i kept on trying. some friends told me that maybe it will open on a friday and i tried but failed. another told me to try early in the morning, tried it and failed as well. but one afternoon, at around 3:30pm, i was trying it again but after a few times, i failed. but when i clicked the Jeddah office again, the calendar for booking an appointment suddenly opened and i was able to select my preferred time and date. i will go there next week to get my son’s birth certificate. i don’t know what happened but by God’s grace, i was able to get an appointment and that will saved me a few hundred riyals if i get someone to do it for me. me and wife prayed for God’s favor and He is indeed an answering God. i hope and pray that all will be able to get their appointment before 1 month of the birth of their child/children so no one needs to pay penalty. God bless us all!

  • Arsalan

    Hello everyone. I eventually got appointment in Riyadh Nasriyah for 20th August 2017 through an agent. Contact this guy named Khaled Saad on this number 0558096689. He will charge you 300 riyals once the appointment is shown in your absher account


    Appointment in Riyadh Nasriyah are opened today. I was looking since 3 weeks and got appointment on 20th august now the dates available on september


    appointments are opened

  • Waleed Prince

    Hello Everyone !!!

    I got the appointment for today and finished the whole procedure today. So here I’m sharing my A-Z experience with you guys. Hope it will help somebody who is still trying his luck.

    First of all I was keep trying to get the appointment from 3 months !!! Every time I try to get the appointment it always give me an error that “no appointments are available”.

    Even I went there without any appointment but no luck, lots of people were there without appointment and they were sending all of them back. You are not allowed to enter inside without appointment number or printed copy of Ahwal e Madni appointment.

    After coming back from there, I was keep trying to get the appointment online everyday everyhour and Luckily was trying at 2:30pm and got the appointment for today (22/8/2017)

  • Waleed Prince

    or you could pay only 100 riyal to somebody and he will keep checking online appointment everyday for you 😀 😀 😀 Lol 300 for what ???

  • Thank you very much for sharing your detailed experience brother. Do you suggest us to edit anything above? I would appreciate your valuable feedback

  • Xaheer Khan

    Hello Steve,

    I would like to ask that what is the Fee for issuing the Birth Certificate?

    Appreciate your prompt response.


  • Xaheer Khan

    Hello brother,

    I would like to ask that what is the Fee for issuing the Birth Certificate?

    Appreciate your prompt response.


  • Waleed Prince

    Brother there is no fee actually for the Birth Certificate it self.
    but if you are late more than 30 days (which usually happens to everyone else) than you have to pay 50 Riyals there.
    Than you will go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stamp it, they will charge you a minimal amount of 20 or 25 Riyals i think not more 🙂

  • Xaheer Khan

    Appreciate your generous response brother. I have the Birth Certificate now.

    Many Thanks

  • Khurram Shahzad Khan

    please add me 0599663910

  • Khurram Shahzad Khan

    Al kharaj appointmenst are available. can i get B.C from there but i am living in riaydh??? Please reply ASAP

  • Bashira

    Assalamu alaikum

    Pls inform me when appointment open in jeddah…my son already passed 5 months not getting any appointments….is there wiĺl be fine or any other issues

  • Rashid Imran

    i am trying to get appointment for birth certificate from aihwal almadni jeddah but it’s always coming no appoinment try several times in different timings but still not yet gets, could you help on that please.

  • Mohtsim Raza

    Same is happening with me since last 1.5 Months. I am trying everyday almost for more than 10 times, and always gets same response “Sorry, there are no appointment available, for booking at this point of time, Please try again later.”

    Any suggestions please?

  • Murtuza kamal

    i am also trying since many days.please whatsapp me on 0550906318 if you get lucky .
    thank you and regards,

  • Mouzzam Hussain

    same happen with me can we go to makkah branch to get the birth certificate ?

  • Mohtsim Raza

    I just book the appointment of Civil Affairs, (29-Oct-2017 , 11:30PM)

    It’s open now. Please proceed for booking.

  • Mohtsim Raza

    Its open now brother, please book your appointment right now to avoid any problem.

  • Murtuza kamal

    no appointments are available in riyadh, are you from riyadh or jeddah?

  • Murtuza kamal

    guys please inform me on 0508977631 if riyadh nasiriya appoints are open .
    Allah bless you.
    thank you.

  • Murtuza kamal

    Appointments for Riyadh Ahwal Madani are open,
    Hurry up guys.
    I booked at 10:00AM today31/10/2017 for 26/November/2017.

  • Murtuza kamal

    Thanks guys for calling me to inform, I booked an appointment already.

  • Zaheer Basha

    Procedure to Pay Late Birth Registration Fee through online.
    Open Online Bank Account
    1) Go to MOI Payment
    2) Please select a service and a category
    Service – Civil Registration
    Category – Birth Registration
    3) National ID Number – Iqama
    4) Birth Date – Enter Birthday of the baby converted to HIJIRI Calendar Version .
    5) Late Birth Registration Fine – 50 SAR (It will automatically reflect in your account)

  • I appreciate your feedback!

  • Kamran Shahid

    I have got my son birth certificate from Jeddah 7 days ago but gender was written as “female”. I immediately inform the officer just after receiving it. He ask me to retain original certificate with me and bring photocopy of birth certificate for filing. I handed over him copy and he informed me to come after 7 days at same time. Today i visited the office again and same person ask me to meet the Manager for the mistake. He said I can’t do anything as in system it is locked and no changes are allowed. I can’t understand Arabic and he can’t understand English, so what ever was communicated I am writing here as per my understanding and need your help about this process. He said a 3 star Askari from Jawazat office will approve your request and send email to Riyadh for approval, once approved we will issue the new certificate. About that 3 star askari, no body knows where he sits in Ahwal Madni, how much time it will take- no idea……… can anyone help me out in this regard? and If anybody knows the alternative methods (agents) please let me know.

  • Al Salahuddin

    guys need help here for booking…please inform me when jeddah appointment opens up (0532078469)