Why a Large Number of Saudi Women travel abroad to Study English?

They say where there is a will, there is always a way. The gateway for the women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the outside world has now officially been open. Over the years, there has been an increasing number of women who wish to travel out of the Kingdom with the will to fully learn and grasp the English language.

We all know, that in this era of vast development and communication, English is a common language that is learned and used to communicate with people from any country in the world. You’ll often find expats in the Kingdom not speaking Arabic or their home language, but instead English no matter if it isn’t the proper one.

Over the years, there has been an outgrowing demand from the women of the Kingdom who wish to travel a lot of miles just to learn English in European and Asian countries. They know that the Kingdom will not be able to teach them the English language as fluently and properly as their strongholds will.

Since then many travel and tourism agencies have started providing packages that will help to cope up with the increasing demand making sure that they do not violate any laws set forth by the Ministry of Higher Education.

It has been reported by quite a few agencies that women prefer to travel either with groups of friends or relatives. Once they enter the other state, they wish to reside with families who do not have sons.

Women in the Kingdom are not profoundly allowed to carry out on any decision on their own until or unless their male guardian approves. Similarly, they are not allowed to even travel alone out of the Kingdom unless their Iqama has an approval from their male guardian.

A sales manager at a travel agency said that there is a demand from the secondary and university female students which is now being filled by the opportunity provided by the travel agencies.

This gap occurs because of the language barrier which can now be filled. According to the manager, there are many Saudi families who spend their vacations abroad and during this time they try to avail all opportunities to educate their child.

There are now a certain number of travel packages that have been arranged which shall meet the demands of the students which seek to travel to European countries.

Since the demand has been calculated, travel agencies have been contacting specialized institutions abroad to drive out a plan that could produce cheap travel expenses. Now travel agencies are in a competition and wish to avail the opportunity of providing cheap packages overall.

The cost of a single student in a group is still around SR 15,000 which can vary depending on the needs and requirements of the student.

The Ministry has warned students to be careful of offices abroad that claim they can obtain university acceptance for their clients. He advised them to stay in direct contact with the university they wish to seek admission in.

Source: Al Arabiya