A Paralyzed Saudi who is Hafiz-e-Quran and KAAU degree holder

Ammar Bogis is a 26-year-old Saudi man who is paralyzed since his birth and can only use his eyes and his mouth. Still, he has memorized the entire Holy Quran, got a degree in Journalism from King Abdul Aziz University and has launched an initiative program that aims to help the talented individuals who have special needs. Through his project, he wishes to give these people with disabilities the hope to carry on with their lives just as the rest. This initiative is aimed at helping disabled yet talented people from around the Kingdom. After being selected, their innovative projects will be launched by Ammar Bogis.[irp]

Amma Bogis knows how it feels to be bound to explore the world like the rest, but his situation never stopped him from achieving his goals and dreams in life. After graduating from the King Abdulaziz University with a degree in Journalism, he began working for several Saudi newspapers for the sports and social section. He has also memorized the Holy Quran and is right now working as an assistant professor at the American University in Dubai.  The “Ammar Initiative to Support the Creators of Those with Special Abilities” is a national competition that will allow people from all around the Kingdom to fill in forms telling the organization about their special talent. There has been a large number of applicants from the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Khobar.

Only 10 applicants would be selected who will be motivated to pursue their talent and make a difference for themselves just as Ammar Bogis. Despite all obstacles, he managed to never give up on himself and in following his dream.  He remains an important figure in the people’s community who might have begun giving up on their life, despite being absolutely able unlike Ammar Bogis and people like him.

He says that everyone in the world has disabilities, whether physically or emotionally, but it is the will and strong determination that helps them to move on with their life and carry the imperfections with them. That is what they are and there is no point in running away from them or being upset over the could have’s and what they do have. Life is a matter of space and in the end, only their time in the hereafter is what is worth fighting for. If Ammar Bogis has worked tirelessly and helped set for himself that might have seemed impossible to others, he believes that anyone can.

There should be more people like Ammar Bogis who can proudly set foot forward and open themselves up to whatever they are. This acts as a motivation for those who have been hiding their entire lives of the shame that they are different.[irp]

Every human is different, thus one cannot and should not compare himself to those around, but only focus on those differences and utilize them for the good and as a weapon that can safeguard them from all the criticism that makes its way towards them. Bogis believes that no one should ever give up and very soon he will launch more programs to help the special needs sector.

Source: Al Arabiya