Saudi Arabia will be exporting Electricity soon…

There are a lot of titles that can be attributed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not only does it remain as a religion stronghold for Islam, but also it has become a recognizable super power in the world. You wouldn’t find many countries that are willing to take a head-on collision with the Kingdom, particularly because of its strong and powerful rulers, but also because of the economic stability that will allow them to avail all kinds of nuclear and military at their disposal. That’s how strong the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now. It is amongst the richest and most developed countries of the world, making sure that no one ever thinks of going against them. Their interest in increasing their economy doesn’t stop here. They look on to enter a new era that would stabilize their economy and the resources that might run out before 2030.[irp]

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is soon to become an electricity exporter. The implementation would be carried out after a linkage agreement with Egypt along with an investment in a renewable energy generation. Dr. Abdullah Al-Shehri who is the head of Saudi Arabia’s Electricity and Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), told social media in a press conference that the study over the project of exporting electricity has been completed. The work phase would begin very soon. What the Kingdom aims at doing is achieving a multinational linkage with a number of regional countries, including Turkey. This would open up new prospects in using renewable resources and also help prevent the nonrenewable resources from running out.

Al-Shehri talked about the studies of the plan and talked about how the project would focus strongly on solar energy which is a renewable source of energy that is found profoundly in the Kingdom because of the extreme climatic conditions round the year. This would enable plans to be drawn up for the conservation of fuel and similar energy efficiency programs. They also drew up a regulatory framework which would help to not only license but also allow the use of the atomic energy. Along with this, they would also make sure to take into account any subsidies that might be needed.

Even though the studies have highlighted and made many aims of the project heard, there are still some things that are unclear. This was emphasized by the vice governor of ECRA, Nasser Qahtani. In order to cover the increasing demand of energy, the plans that are right now being run on a smaller scale must be immediately transferred and worked on to a higher one, as this would help us enable whether the demand and information would stand accurately of the exportation of electricity.[irp]

The head of the Shorouq Center for Economic Studies, Dr. Abdul Rahman Baashan spoke how he wished to carry out the plan and would want to reduce energy consumption by 2030 and not later than 2033 would be want to see the Kingdom as a world leader in the production of renewable energy.

Source: Al Arabiya