Saudi man modifies his Lamborghini into a fake police car

If there is one thing synonymous with the Saudis, it’s the immense love for automobiles that the Saudi people have. This love for automobiles extends to all types of automobiles, be it 2, 3 or 4 wheeled. Saudis also love all sorts of cars be it a sedan, SUV or the flashier supercars which can often be seen in most cities of Saudi Arabia and also in London, being driven by Saudis. Every individual who is a motor head (automobile enthusiast) customizes their vehicle in some way or another and all of them are usually similar yet not so similar. Some modify their car's performance allowing them to access greater speeds and acceleration than the engine was originally designed to produce. Some of the car enthusiasts also modify the appearance of their car in accordance to their personal liking.[irp]

Now all is well and good in the world of automobile customization, however, there are certain modifications, both to the body and to the performance of the automobile that cannot be added and has been deemed illegal as it may be unsafe for the driver of the vehicle and the other motorists. Some places do not allow some modifications on the car however the exact modification may be legal or not deemed illegal by another country. However, I think it is generally illegal to replicate or duplicate an official vehicle such as a police car.

There have however still been many cases in which general police cars such as Lincoln town cars and other clichéd police cars to be modified into police cars, some of which have been used for illegal activities while others have been used just as a showpiece. The next story you are about to read is nothing of the sort and will leave you speechless.

One Saudi youngster presumably belonging to a wealthy family or is wealthy himself (not known for certain) decided to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. It is not a strange thing to buy a Lamborghini as many rich and famous people drive the supercar around the world; however, it is strange what he decided to do with it. It turns out that this Saudi youngster wants to be a policeman (not a real one anyway). To give a better description of the situation, the youngster presumably wants to become a cross between the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and a policeman both from the Fast and Furious film franchise.

To help impersonate the look, the youngster also has an under armor beneath his top, however his not so impressive muscles don’t even come close to impersonating those of Dwayne Johnson’s.  What is strange about the customization of the Lamborghini is that he has turned it into a cop car of his country. The images of his modified automobile went viral on social media platforms and prompted an investigation by the Jeddah Traffic police. The spokesman, Colonel Zaid Al Hamzi stated that the modified vehicle is not to be driven on the roads as it is in violation of the rules.

Source: Riyadh Connect