Payment of Fee for Attestation of Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia

We have already explained in our previous article the “Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia”. It is very important to mention here that procedure to attest documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Saudi Arabia has been changed. Now you need to fill an online application for this purpose and make the payment of SR 30 per document using SADAD payment system. In this article, I will be explaining the step by step procedure to make payment of SR 30 for attestation of documents from MOFA using SADAD. I have used Al Rajhi Bank in this regard but the process is same from all other banks as well.

First of all, you need to login to your internet banking account. Select “Payments” and after that select “Bills” from drop down list. A new screen will be opened in which you will have to select “Government Services” in Bill Category and “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” in billers. Once these two variables are selected, you need to click on “Add New Bills”. Keep in mind; you will have to add a new bill every time you are making payment for a new document.[irp]

A new screen will be opened where you will have to enter the SADAD reference number you have received on your SMS.[irp]

If this process is not clear to you, I would recommend you to go back to our previous article “Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia”. We have shared the screenshot of the mobile screen containing SMS.[irp]

A new screen will confirm the amount you need to pay for this particular bill. Once you confirm this bill, it will be added to your added bills. It is important to mention here that you still have not made your payment. You need to activate this bill before making the payment. The activate code will be sent to your registered mobile number.[irp]

Once the bills are activated, you can make payment of the fee for attestation of documents to MOFA Saudi Arabia. Select “Payments” and after that select “Bills” from drop down list. A new screen will be opened in which you will have to select “Government Services” in Bill Category and “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” in billers. Once these two variables are selected, the newly added bill appears on your screen. Just tick on the bill and select “payment”. Just print the invoice and you are ready to go to MOFA Saudi Arabia office.

  • Samuel Almonte

    Dear SIr, is it possible to pay thru Al Rajhi ATM too?

  • Zameer Hussain

    I paid my fee online to MOFA for the attestation of documents. It was paid successfully and I got the receipt. But, when I visited mofa office for the attestation. They refused to accept the online payment and asked me to pay in cash i.e. 30 SAR for each document as they don’t accept online fee. I paid the fee in cash as I didn’t want to waste more time. However, I asked them what will happen to the fee which I paid online and they answered that it will automatically bounce back to your account in two weeks as it is not used by mofa. It is more than a month now and I am wondering if there is a possibility to claim a refund on that amount. Please help.

  • Adeel Chaudhary

    i processed for degree attestation on MOFA site & made SADAD payment. I received mobile messages for both transactions but unfortunately, i could not get the Print of Invoice/Bill processed on MOFA site. Any solution? Please advise.

  • Dawnbreaker

    Please help urgently, bill code 636 is not valid. how did you pay mofa fees

  • Dawnbreaker

    how did you pay? through Rajhi?

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Zameer please help me I need to attest my degree certificate and Marriage certificate in MOFA Saudi. how can I make payment 30 riyal in sabb bank.
    I got SADDAD number but I don’t know how to pay this fee.
    please advise

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Adeel please help me I need to attest my degree certificate and Marriage certificate in MOFA Saudi. how can I make payment 30 riyal in sabb bank.

    I got SADDAD number but I don’t know how to pay this fee.

    please advise

  • Moahmed Imran

    can you please confirm how to pay in sabb bank. I done above all steps and got reference number to pay. but where can I pay. please help

  • Moahmed Imran

    dear please confirm how to pay 30 riyal, I have done all the details in MOFA website and got reference number. please confirm how to pay the fee 30 riyal for attestation.

  • Dawnbreaker

    Right, I have done that. Once you have completed the MOFA form (Ministry Services -> Residences -> Document Services), you will have a subscription number. Copy that number. Now go to SADAD and choose Ministry of Foreign Affairs -> POST payment -> enter the subscription number that you copied in Bill no -> Proceed. It will show you the correct amount of SAR to pay for number of documents you want to attest. Per document is 30 SAR. Lastly don’t forget to print the MOFA form where you have the subscription number mentioned. They will scan that page.

  • Asif P

    Thanks brother for sharing this , it helped me for making MOFA payments. Thank you verymuch

  • Moahmed Imran

    Thanks a lot. I have done attestation successfully.
    after getting family visa how many days its valid?

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Bro, I got my family visa today. but in visa they mentioned duration of stay 90 days is this common? please advies

  • tonyhawk

    It never gets refund

  • Qandeel Hussain

    Please share how to generate bill number for police clearance attestation paper (from pak embassy) from mofa

  • Qandeel Hussain

    For those confused with the MOFA bill part, you need to go to MOFA website and use the service requried (better use an arabic speaking friend for this as its in arabic) use the attestation for document, for me it was for police clearance. It will give you a bill number (Raqam Fatoora).

    No sms is received from MOFA website by the way, Use that bill number for government sadad payment, which means select ministry of foreign affairs of your bank website in government sadad payments.

    Enter bill number as seen on website (generated by MOFA website). It will ask you to add this bill, activate and then pay, print the bill and go to MOFA office for attestation.

    I just did it today, and no need to go so much early on dammam-khobar highway (relocated here now) beside Al-Youm Building, this new office is fast and takes 10min to perform the attestation.

  • Ramzan Malik

    please claim the refund through your banking account. In ATM it clearly gives option of Payment or Refund You need to press refund and claim it accordingly it will be back. automatically it wont come back. I refunded my visa fee of SAR 2000/-

  • Adeel Chaudhary

    Sorry for late, you can make payment via ATM or SABB online banking.
    Or contact with me for further assistance.

  • Adeel Chaudhary

    no, via SABB.
    Here is the link for payment through ALRAJHI:

  • Thanks

  • Jojo

    dears i succesfuly paid may attestation for marriage but when i pay for attestation for my degree its showing Transaction error failed =( im using samba online. PLease help? thank you

  • Munir Khan

    It is very easy to pay MOFA fees ….

    Follow the procedure :


    2 : Fill your correct information in above given site .

    3 : After proceeding 2nd option , System will generate SADAD Number .

    4: You will receive msg in your mobile too .

    5: Go to your online banking account & feed the SADAD number in it & pay the amount .

  • Pervez Sidiqi

    do i have to take prior appointment to get my degree attested from mofa and second thing my documents are attested more then 16 years in india will they accept that attestation please guide.

  • Tariq Ismail

    yes the attestation is whole life not for limited. and you can attest easily

  • Tariq Ismail

    but dont pay online before going to mofa..

  • Umair

    From where you tried to apply? I need to attest my baby birth certificate from mofa so please let me know?

  • Umar Farooq

    1st open MOFA website in English version.
    Than select Ministry Services and than select Document Attestaion from drop down list
    Than press the Start service button from new screen.
    Than check the tick box on new screen for accepting all instructions.
    After accepting fill all fields from new screen and click continue.
    Than click on which type of ducument you want to atest from MOFA from new screen.
    Than click again on check box in new screep to accept all.
    Than check the required boxes from new screen and press continue.
    Than press Send button from new screen and u will receive a text with Invoice no and wait little bit on same screen and you will see a Invoice printable version and print this invoice and do layment with below advise.

    Open your Sabb Bank application and go to Sadad payment and than click on One time Payment and than fill the invoice no that u received by text and than procees for payment.

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear bro please confirm, is medical test mandatory after
    arrived to Saudi Arabia for my family. Somebody
    told me it’s not mandatory. Please confirm actual what I do.

  • irene grace toralba

    hello Mr. Adeel i just want to confirm i have copy of my invoice and also i already paid for 30sr. i have my iqama.. whatelse i need to bring to MOFA..?

  • rod

    Sir what will I put on Biller No.? is it the invoice number, I didnt receive d invoice number on my mobile but I was able to save it.

  • Dilshad Ali

    Do not misguide please. MOFA doesn’t accept cash. Just today, I got attested my docs. I paid online. Online payment procedure also mentioned outside MOFA building, Jeddah.

  • Dilshad Ali

    Dear Steve,
    Today, I got attested embassy letter for Police Certificate from MOFA Jeddah. At 8:21AM, I have done that.

    I made the payment through online by visiting MOFA site and subsequently paying through SADAD. I reached 5:30 AM and luckily got the 1st no. One shop exact in front of MOFA was open at that time. The guy inside the shop has the paper where I wrote my name on the top. He placed this paper at the window of MOFA gate for subsequent entries. I went back home and again came at 7:20. Entered at 8:00 am in the MOFA building. They started attestation process 8:15 and I was out of the building at 8:21.

    If anyone doesn’t want to go and come again, I recommend he should reach at 6:45 to get 15-20 no. token.

    Hope the above helps.