I welcome Positive Criticism from Intellectuals – says King Salman

The western world always portrays the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a totalitarian authority, which does not regard the opinion and choices of any of the citizens and officials of the country. There are numerous examples I could quote which could totally nullify these exaggerated and senseless statements, however, I do not think any would do justice to rid this notion other than a statement from the King himself, King Salman. The leadership of the Kingdom has always held an open gate towards any sort of criticism of positive nature from the media fraternity and intellectuals. This statement was made by King Salman, custodian of the two Holy Mosques.[irp]

The King made this statement while addressing a gathering of writers, media personnel, intellectuals and the editors in chiefs of several newspapers. The King added that the leadership has taken up the responsibility of running the Kingdom in good faith and has also diligently shouldered the responsibilities which have been entrusted on to them. Dr. Adel Al Turaifi, the culture and information minister for Saudi Arabia led the gathering which was conducted at the Al Yamamah Palace on Wednesday. King Salman stated that the Saudi society consists of intellectuals, media personnel and all others work hand in hand cohesively, and as brothers.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has based the Constitution on the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).  Hence it is imperative that the mass media in the Kingdom should also adhere to the teachings of Islam and Holy Quran. The King added that the intellectuals in the Kingdom should also have complete knowledge of their great country and the importance it holds. King Salman stated that the Kingdom is the origin point of the Arabs and that the Holy Book (Quran) and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

All of the Arabs should feel proud that the Holy Quran had been revealed to a Prophet of Arab descent, in Arab lands and in the Arabic language. This is one of the greatest blessings to the country. It is also a great responsibility and hence the younger men and women of Saudi Arabia should also realize the importance of their country,

King Salman has also thanked Almighty Allah for the stability and security that is enjoyed by the Kingdom. He stated that the Hajj pilgrims, Umrah pilgrims and other visitors who make their way to Madinah and Makkah from the red sea to the Gulf of Arabia with complete stability, security and also peace of mind. These are some of the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah, stated Dr. Al Turaifi, after which he continued to thank King Salman for the continuous support which has been provided to cultural and information institutions as well as intellectuals.[irp]

Al Turaifi added that the speeches of King Salman act as a guideline for the media and cultural work. He also added that the speeches lay great stress upon the building of this nation and achieving a comprehensive and integrated dev elopement in the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette