A man claimed himself Imam Mehdi by standing on the wall of Jannat-ul-Maala

Mentally ill people are sometimes found at public places in KSA where they wander and keep on making rounds aimlessly. Some mentally retarded people keep on sitting on walls of graveyards and start hurting security personnel and vehicles parked in the surrounding. Recently the same incident happened when a man who was standing on the compound wall of Jannat-ul-Maala graveyard started shouting loud. He kept on saying that he is Mahdi (R.A) and has come to complete the prediction of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The man was claiming to be Mahdi who is going to be the last Imam of Muslim as per indication of Holy Prophet PBUH.[irp]

He kept on breaking the peace of sacred graveyard until people tried to stop him. When people asked him to calm down, he started throwing stones on security personnel vehicles parked along the walls of the graveyard. At last security personnel took him in a circle and one of them climbed the wall to get him down. Later the security personnel started investigations regarding the matter.  The acts of a man claiming to be Mahdi were totally against the dignity of graveyard and people felt sorry for his acts. He was later taken to the hospital to have a complete mental check up.

The videos and news of that man went viral on social media where people shared their sentiments about the incident. Graveyards are highly sacred places, and no one is allowed to impair secrecy of graveyards. Such acts create restlessness among people. May Allah grant that man with health and mental stability! People should also keep an eye on their surroundings to spot such people to avoid such situations.

This is not the first situation which brought mentally ill people on screen, there are so many mentally retarded people wandering here and there in Makkah. Authorities should take practical steps in order to help such people recover from such illness. Proper treatment and care under strict supervision can help these individuals to stay away from disturbing the peace of cities and citizens.

This incident showed something which was not harmful to the life of anyone, still, the man damaged public property (security personnel vehicle). In future, such practice can harm people as well and can increase the crime rate. Deprivation in society in any form leads to discontent and it further creates a disturbance for all citizens.[irp]

The visitors of Jannat-ul-Maala shared their concerns about the happening of such incident in a graveyard which has such huge Islamic and historical significance for Muslims. It has graves of members of Bani Hashim (the holy tribe of Makkah), family members of Holy Prophet PBUH, his wives, uncle and other companions. The government needs to take practical measures in order to treat such mentally ill people well in order to avoid any such situation in future. It can create resentment and discontent among people who have buried their loved ones at the different graveyard. Graveyard and public places should be secured from such unfavorable situations and incidents.

Source: Arab News