10 things you can experience only at Saudi Weddings

If you have ever had the chance to attend a Saudi wedding or have been offered an invitation, do not think twice to accept it. Simply start deciding what you shall wear to the grand events and make the most of your experience.

If you haven’t attended a Saudi wedding while your stay in Kingdom, you haven’t seen all of Saudi Arabia as yet. Here are 10 things that you will note and see when you get the chance to put your gown and fancy dress on to walk in the Grand Hall for the Great Saudi Wedding!

01-The Zaghareet: The Zaghareet is a very strange ululation sound made at the wedding by the women attending while the bride enters the hall, either with her father or with the groom.

This is a specialty that these people have at Saudi weddings which will completely engulf you in their cultural festivities.

02-Sheesha: Also, Sheesha is similar to smoking several cigarettes; there is no Saudi wedding that is complete without it. Here, you’ll have the chance to avail the Sheesha at a separate arrangement.

03-Henna designs: There is a certain ceremony that is held once you enjoy the perks of being at a Saudi wedding. The Henna designs are filled in the hands and feet of the bride. The designs are exquisite and beautiful. You wouldn’t find better art than this.

04-Food: If there is one thing weddings in the Kingdom are known truly for is their way of serving food. There are so many cuisines that will be displayed. Just by the look of them, you’ll be full. That’s the reason why you won’t be able to stay a minute longer once you’ve had food.

05-The Gifts: Saudis are known well for their nature of giving out expensive and magnificent presents. At times, you’ll find Sheikh’s handing out gifts worth millions! For instance, gold plated Lamborghini?

06-Saudi Music: What you’ll love and are bound to enjoy at the Saudi wedding is the Saudi Music that is played by a band that is hired. This music is as grand and entertaining as the people of Saudi Arabia. You wouldn’t be able to resist tapping your feet to the music.

07-Arabian Garb: At the start of the read, I emphasized that ladies and gents both get their expensive and beautiful gowns and clothes out. Now, you’ll see why. The marriages in the Kingdom are more like a fashion show.

08-Rags and Shargi: This is a dance that is performed by dance troops that are hired to entertain the bride, groom and all the guests present. You will enjoy every bit of their performance.

09-Sahra: This custom is much like a Bachelorette thrown by the groom’s friends. Here, you shall dance all night to great Arabian Music.

10-Mahr: This is a form of dowry that is demanded by the bride’s father. If you have had the chance to witness this, you’ll marvel the jewelry that would be given away.