3 Indians went back home after beaten up by their employer

Recently a sad incident happened with Indian expats in KSA where an employer beat its three young Indian expat employees. The employees felt insulted and exploited hence decided to leave the job and went back to their homeland India. The sad incident depicted narcissistic attitude of employers and suppression of expat employees who were residing in a foreign country for the sake of a job. The matter has been reported by Indian Consulate in Jeddah and has confirmed the originality of cruel attitude of Saudi employer. The incident happened at a brick making factory where the factory owner got mad out of anger and started beating three Indian workers with a plank.[irp]

The whole incident has gone viral on social media and captured the attention of the huge audience. The video has clearly shown that workers did not say a word to the employer, but he kept on beating them brutally which is not only against humanity but also put the question on security of rights of expatriates working in Kingdom. The workers belong to the Kerala state of India where they will return after worst humiliation and torture by factory owner where they had started working last month. The audience of social media has raised voice against this humiliation and exploitation of human and minority rights in KSA. This incident has been discussed at different forums and Indian consulate has recorded its concern about security issues of Indian expatriates.

As the matter went viral on social media and public took notice of it, local police of KSA has helped these three young expatriates from Kerala by taking them in legal custody. It has also assured them that their passports will be returned in few days. The employer would not cause any further harm to them by blackmailing for their remunerations and passport retention. The police have negotiated for passport return from an employer with final exit papers of employees.

Employees named Vimal Kumar Vasudevan, Baiju Babu, and Abhilash Gopi came to KSA by the help of an Indian placement agency which showed them a wrong picture regarding job description and other facilities. They came to KSA a month ago but found nothing as promised by job agency.

Indian Foreign minister took notice of the incident and tweeted after analyzing the whole situation that the workers will be back to their homeland after a week. The social workers and authorities who took notice of the situation said that it is the responsibility of Indian foreign ministry to take into account the wrongdoings and false operations of such fake job placement companies in India as well.[irp]

These companies show a false picture of jobs to workers and ditch them by charging huge amounts in lieu of visa fees. Not only this, when these workers travel to KSA, these false companies never own and support rights of these workers who are new in a foreign country with no guidance and know how about rules and regulations. It results in an open opportunity for insane employers to exploit rights of these deserving and needy employees.

Source: Arab News