Why we were executed? Stories of 8 different terrorists executed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Kingdom implemented the huge number of capital punishments in its history in which 47 terrorists were hanged to death who had been sentenced for different crimes. These terrorist included Saudi citizens and foreigners both. Some were charged to death for disobeying Saudi rules and laws, some for showing alliance with Al-Qaeda, few for participation in the manufacturing of Missiles and other deadly weapons against the peace of Kingdom. These weapons and missiles were used for killing Saudi military agents and civilians brutally during past few decades. These terrorists were imprisoned in different cities including Riyadh, Makkah, Qassim, the Eastern province and many other areas of Saudi Arabia. After a long judicial trial and collection of evidence and witnesses that these terrorists were actually culprit for all related allegations and after their confession regarding involvement in different crimes, they got punished with death sentence.[irp]

47 executions at a time and in the same day dragged media coverage towards Saudi Arabia and this event has been talked about at different social media platforms. Saudi Arabia has been suffering from terrorist activities since long especially after the demise of 9/11 when world’s tallest building World trade center was destroyed when alleged Islamic jihadist of Al-Qaida collided jet planes with it. It was announced openly that Osama Bin Laden (Ex citizen of Saudi Arabia and a member of well-known Saudi family and business group) was the master mind behind this whole incident who was residing in Afghanistan at the time of the attack. Saudi government condemned this act of terrorism and clearly announced no link with Osama Bin Laden and co-operated in all operations of NETO Forces against terrorism all over the world especially in the Middle East.  In the context of above-mentioned scenario, these 47 terrorists are executed due to different crimes including;

Oqala: A bomb-making expert: Amin Mohammed Abdullah Oqala Al-Ghamdi, aged 32 was guilty of joining terrorist organizations which were involved in different deadly activities of killing innocent security agent and civilians. He was also a member of 88 cells which is known as Al-Khalidiya apartment cell. He was very skillful in making explosive weapons and was also guilty of murder of a passerby on road, after killing him; he drove his car in order to get escape from the scene.

Al-Shamsan: killed several security men: Saleh Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Ibrahim Al-Shamsan aged 35 was guilty of murder of several security men. He was also a member of 94 terrorists who executed a plan of killing security men, journalists and scholars by blowing up oil installations. He secured terrorism and explosive material illegally and fired 280 gun shots which resulted in the death of a number of security men.

Al-Farraj: Kidnap of US citizen: Mishal Bin Hamoud Bin Juwair Al-Farraj, aged 33 confessed that he was the master mind behind the kidnap of Paul Marshal who was a US citizen residing in Saudi Arabia. He admitted it with pride that he blocked the road for the kidnapping of US citizen and he was taken to an unknown place after sedating with injection. Later he was kept in a prison cell where he died due to continuous torture. Al-Faraj performed this crime by showing himself as a member of Saudi police force. For his serious crime, Saudi court announced capital punishment for him.

Al-Kiraizi: the master mind of 86 terrorists: Nimr Al-Kiraizi, led the cell of 86 terrorists who participated in blowing up oil installations which resulted in the death of scholars and journalists. He was also guilty for the murder of three security men and several expatriates.

Badr: involved in weapon smuggling: A few years back a booby trapped car was exploded in a housing complex resulting in huge casualties of civilians. Badr Al Badr, aged 39 was arrested as a suspected guilty of this crime which caused deaths of a number of innocent people. Later he told about him during the investigation that he had been a student of Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University in Qassim and later performed duties of Imam of a masjid. He got involved in deadly weapon smuggling including guns and exploding material. He confessed that he smuggled deadly weapons from Iraq including six booby trapping vehicles which were later used in exploding several public building including Public security building in Riyadh.

Al-Jumaa: Killed foreigner citizens: Saleh Al-Jumaa was accused of killing of several US and British citizens residing in Saudi Arabia. He killed a US citizen and later dragged and pulled his body openly in streets of Riyadh city.[irp]

Al-Biraidi & Yamani: accused of being mastermind of several terrorist activities

Fahd Abdul Rahman Al-Biraidi was a young terrorist who was a member of training center which skilled terrorists for escaping their fellow terrorists from Saudi prisons. He was also accused of killing an innocent expatriate. He left his government job and preferred becoming a suicide bomber and the list of terrorist activities of these executed prisoners goes on.

Source: Saudi Gazette