Who was Nimr Al-Nimr? 8 Crimes that led to his execution

State authorities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have made an announcement on last Saturday that a total of 47 prisoners have been given the death penalty. These prisoners included the people who belonged to Al Qaida and a prominent Shia leader Nimr Al Nimr. They were found guilty of terrorist activities. Nimr Al Nimr was accused of leading violent rallies and protest against the government of Saudi Arabia. Al Nimr has been given the punishment of death penalty as he was found guilty of 8 different crimes. Nimr Baqir Al Nimr was born in the year 1959 at Al Awamiyah city in the province Qatif. He did initial studies in Al Awamiyah city and then traveled to Iran for the purpose of joining a 10 years’ education program. He headed to Syria afterward.[irp]

1-Al-Nimr worked for the formation of a religious opposition within the Kingdom. He wanted to counter attack the actions taken by state authorities on different times against agitation of Shia community. He agitated against the killings of innocent Shia people and also demanded a public disobedience against the state authorities.

2-Al Nimr was detained by state authorities many times in his life. Most recently, he was arrested on 8th July 2012. He was shot a bullet by police in his leg as result of the exchange of fire with police. He was then taken to the hospital for his treatment.  The Special Criminal Court announced death punishment to Al Nimr on 15th October 2015. Al Nimr was accused of supporting different terrorist groups and cells working against security forces.

3-He is also accused of delivering a number of aggressive and intimidating speeches from the year 2002 onwards. His speeches resulted in death and serious injuries to a number of police officers.

4-It is also stated that the speeches delivered by Al Nimr were fiery and these speeches also served as a source of great motivation at the back of aggressive protests happened in the year 2011 in the area of Qatif. These violent protests served the agenda of enemies of the government of Saudi Arabia and Iran is noted to be on the top of this list.

5-Since 2002, Al Nimr is delivering religious speeches before Friday Prayers, in Al Awamiyah at Imam Hussain masjid. These religious sermons transformed to a political hue later on.

6-Al Nimr, in a number of his speeches, blamed the security forces of KSA and the statesmen of committing blasphemy and tried to create unrest in public about them.

7-In March 2009, Al Nimr strongly condemned different acts of the Saudi Authorities against Shia community and he also suggested that the areas of Shia population may unite to create a new Shiite state. During the protests in Bahrain, Nimr Al Nimr criticized the rulers and demanded that the armies of different Gulf States shall immediately leave Bahrain. He also demanded that the political prisoners shall be set free.[irp]

8-He also made strong allegations on the media of KSA and accused the state authorities as well, he said that all these media men and officials are untied to cover up the cruel activities of security forces of Kingdom. He termed them as “riot troops”. Baqir Al Nimr made objections on the appointments made by the state authorities, therefore, `he insulted the officials and other leaders.

Source: Arab News