Can you imagine Saudi hospitals without Filipino nurses?

While visiting a local hospital I observed the behavior of few patients who were behaving in a very unreasonable way with nurses especially Filipino ones. They were using abusive language while ordering them as if they were their servants.

A friend of mine who has ownership of many clinics told me about the same problems his nurse staff was facing due to unreasonably dominating and disgusting behavior of patients and clinic visitors.

On my visit to several hospitals, I talked to a number of Filipino nurses who were working there since long. They were at first hesitant to share their stories whereas later on when I insisted they told me some very disturbing facts that how their terms of employment are being violated by patients and even hospital management.

According to them first, they are promised when jobs are offered to them that their safety and self-respect would be the responsibility of hospital management whereas later on, people in charge can’t even help them to let them own their rights and stop violations against them.

As narrated by Filipino nurses, patients torture them through verbal abuse and don’t hesitate even while abusing them physically. Being Muslims, it is our religious responsibility to stop such mental and physical torture and being Saudi natives, we should be thankful to these nurses who left their homelands to serve us.

Apart from mental and physical abuse, these nurses are not paid as per job terms. They are burdened with at least 12 hours job a day and often asked for overtime duty.

There is no specific rules and regulation for their working hour estimation and they are not even paid overtime charges. Just imagine our hospitals and other serving departments without these expatriate workers.

We can’t survive even for a day if these nurses and other staff member disappear. They are an essential part of Saudi economy but unfortunately, people don’t realize this fact.

The behavior and attitude of people with these nurses are totally unacceptable and have to be changed immediately. Private sector mainly has this common trait of exploitation of nurse and other expatriate working on ground level jobs.

One of the nurses while telling her problems told that their supervisor doesn't treat them fairly and their remuneration and salaries are not paid timely. The input and output ratio of their services has a sharp unbalancing factor.

These facts are shocking for me and I’m forced to think that if the rate of exploitation of Filipino nurses is that high here in main cities then what would be the condition in remote areas of Kingdom.

It is a grave worrisome factor which has to be noticed by authorities in order to save the image of Kingdom in front of outside world.

Unfortunately, if a nurse takes stand against these violations and protests in front of her sponsor she is supposed to be deported to her country. Ministry of health and hospital management should take immediate measures in order to stop this violation.

Source: Saudi Gazette