8 Must Visit Wondrous Airports around the World

When you visit a country, the first place you’ll ever set foot on is the airport. When you depart from your own country, you may never like it. Though, if you’re traveling to certain cities like Jeddah, Dubai or countries like Singapore get ready to be amazed by the beautiful architecture and set up of these airports. You’ll forget what beauty feels like. They are completely different from most airports with white floors, metal walls, and glass windows. Here is a list of 8 airports from around the world that will bound to give you a welcoming and warm feeling the minute you step out of the aircraft.

Leif Eriksson Air Terminal in Iceland: This will make you forget the typical airport feeling and is bound to give you a cozy feeling. This airport that is located in Keflavik Iceland is made from volcanic looking stone and uses wood for the walls and floor. The airport has large windows that enable you to admire the beautiful landscape.[irp]

Seoul Incheon Airport in South Korea: This airport is located in Incheon, South Korea which is absolutely stunning and beautifully constructed. It displays Korean culture entirely and those passengers waiting for connecting flights cannot help themselves from using the resources of dressing up in Korean clothes and take up pictures in the photo booths that are set up. In the basement, you can even take a bath in a traditional Korean bathhouse and also visit the museum.

Wellington Airport in New Zealand: This is New Zealand’s newest airport that has a unique design which is nicknamed as the “Rock”. The airport is built out of copper plating that changes color to greenish-blue when in contact with sea air.[irp]

Singapore Changi International Airport: This airport that has three terminals are each different from one another attracting passengers. This is a huge airport and has a class of its own. Terminal 1 has a rooftop lantern and outdoor gardens, tying the truth of Singapore together. Terminal 2 is more of an experience zone where you will find a Kid’s play area and an Orchid garden. Terminal 3 has a movie theater, the world’s tallest indoor slide and a butterfly garden. This airport seems rather of an amusement park.

Marrakech Menara Airport in Marrakesh: This airport is located in Morocco and is newly built with a design of a palace with chandeliers, rugs, and lounges for passengers to relax in.[irp]

Beijing International Airport in China: This magnificent airport was completed during the 29th Olympics held in 2008 which is structured beautifully. The ceilings are soaring and display the right and traditional colors of China. You’ll find many restaurants to dine in and activities to pass your time. This is considered to be the largest airport as well.[irp]

Dubai International Airport in UAE: The Dubai International Airport which has been one of the busiest airports till date because it is considered as a stop for most connecting and long flights. This is an enormous airport constructed beautifully and resembles more to a shopping mall. It has in-house hotels and lounge chairs filled with palm trees which offer a very welcoming touch.

Jeddah Hajj Terminal in Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the popular countries of the world especially it has a significant importance in the Muslim world being the land of the House of Allah- The Kaaba and the hub for the spread of Islam during the reign of the Prophet. Hence, it meets visitors all year round. During Hajj, there is a special terminal that is used in Jeddah. This terminal is only opened for 6 weeks during the year which is made of 210 fiberglass tents and completely open air. Despite being located in the desert; the system is such that it can cool the desert air by 50 degrees. The Architecture has been applauded by the American Institute of Architects as well.