Bhangra, Biryani, Sherwani: Canada’s New Prime Minister is actually Pakistani

If there is one buzz that we’ve been surrounded with since the Elections in Canada took place, is how hot and young the new elected Prime Minister is. Ladies have begun packing their bags and gripped onto the slightest thought of moving to Canada. Perhaps this is the first time women from around the globe have taken such keen interest in elections that does not even concern them or their country. We personally believe that Trudeau is basically Pakistani. Yes, you heard me right. We strongly believe that this 43-year-old Prime Minister is Pakistani! If you don’t believe me, check out some facts that will urge you to think about the possibility.[irp]

To start with, since Trudeau has come to power he has been paying visits to certain places inside the country to personally thank the people who voted for him. We all would have seen the video where Trudeau visited a railway station and shook hands with people there. In fact, he even took selfies and pictures! Apart from that, he was found visiting a local mosque in the national attire of Pakistan. He wore Shalwar Kameez like he’s been wearing it his entire life. Not only that, but he sat cross-legged on the floor and enjoyed the traditional and favorite dish of Biryani amongst other Muslims.

Since his rise to power, he has been enjoying some local events. At one particular event, he was spotted wearing a Sherwani. To top it off, he also did the bhangra that not every Pakistani is comfortable doing. The video has been viral and is still being shared over and over again. He assembled the Sherwani with Kolhapuri chappals too. Would you need any more evidence of how true of a Pakistani he really is? If we’ve got all facts straight, there should be one mentioned about how the new prime minister knows how to give a punch or two. Trudeau has been playing boxing for charity events and he’s equally good at it. Wouldn’t his looks prove that already?

What really outshines Trudeau is the fact that he is a feminist and a proud one indeed! He has never hesitated in accepting it. In certain interviews, he has spoken about how his mother brought him up right and his father who has been a two-time former prime minister also taught him to fight for people’s rights. He also said that he has deeply grown into the identity and how much he is proud of being a feminist.[irp]

It should be noted that the new Canadian Prime Minister has taken up power in the full swing. The question is will his reign try and strengthen ties between Pakistan and Canada? Will it be possible for Trudeau to visit Pakistan? Will he grab the first available plane and visit his fans in Pakistan? Only time will be the better judge of what plans Prime Minister McDreamy has for not only Canada but himself!