Why is Terrorism only increasing in the Muslim World?

Ever wondered by the Muslims are always blamed for any of the terrorist activities that take place in any corner of the world? The answer is quite simple and rather sarcastic. It is because the terrorists claim themselves as Muslims and us as the idiots we portray not to be, believe them within seconds. Are we actually that caught up in the stupidity that we cannot differentiate these terrorists from the Muslims that we claim to be? Perhaps our perception of Islam is itself weak that we cannot challenge them and continue to be pressed by the headlines on social media that are highlighted as soon as a bomb goes off in any part of the world.[irp]

If we really are the Muslims that the Prophet SAW preached us to be, we should be able to know the difference. We should be fully aware of the tasks and duties that we as Muslims must adhere to. If we truly are righteous and amongst God’s favorite, we should know what our religion commands us and we should be more focused towards pleasing Him rather than doing what our elders fill us with. When we live in an era that is deeply governed by social media, everything spreads like fire, especially when what we hear is only a rumor or an assumption. If you find a terrorist and he looks much like a Muslim, we will assume that he is one. It is true that one of the fiercest groups of terrorists known as Al-Qaeda calls themselves the true Muslims, they really are not.

Just because they know much about Islam and brainwash the youth that comes into their wings that the attacks and terror they will spread is just to please God, doesn’t mean they are right. Islam is a religion that spreads peace. Even in the most difficult times, that Prophet SAW did he never use the sword. You cannot force anyone to change their religion. Islam has never supported the foundation of killing Muslims or anyone for a matter of fact.

This group of extremist who shows their youngsters dreams of paradise has forgotten to teach the real side of Islam. The question can be asked, “Who to blame?” Honestly, it’s us Muslims who doubt the teachings and knowledge we are brought up with.

We are Muslims and have been brought up in Muslim homes. Though, if there has been an error in our upbringing that will greatly affect our interest towards religion and how we see life inside and outside of Islam. No matter how modernized the generation may be, our ethics and culture stand the same for all the generations to come. It’s important that we do not accept what certain extremists impose without knowing whether they are even right or not.[irp]

There is no point of even memorizing the Quran when you don’t even understand what it has to say. That’s the truth of Islam. Terrorism might be increasing in our world, but it isn’t because of Muslims. Know the difference!

Source: Saudi Gazette