6 Problems Faced by Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia

As is common knowledge, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to one of the largest expatriate workforces in the world.  For those who may not know an expatriate is any individual who is employed and residing in another country of which they are not natives. Keeping this in mind, it is safe to say that people of various nationalities are residing in the Kingdom, however, most the expatriates hail from Asian countries such as Pakistan. With such a high percentage or portion of Pakistani expatriates working in the Kingdom, it is expected that such an environment must be available that they encounter no problems at all and ensure that they have a pleasant experience residing in the Kingdom, unfortunately, it is not so.[irp]

1-Every year several thousands of the Pakistani Pilgrims also make their way to the city of Jeddah while journeying on to the holy shrines to perform Umrah and Hajj. However, some of them, unfortunately, do not return from their pilgrimage as they die through natural or unnatural means.  Even though the Authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conduct the bare minimum formalities which are conducted in case of death and arrange for the burial of the body, there has to be some acquaintance / relative or friend of the deceased in the Kingdom to keep in touch and follow up with the formalities as and when they developing and to also keep themselves informed of any benefits or compensations which might be coming their way.

2-Some of these unfortunate Pakistanis fall victim to traffic accidents. Their families are usually awaiting any legal proceedings of the case as well as insurance investigations before any of the benefits amounts can be handed out to the families of the deceased.

3-Several of the Pakistanis traveling to, or residing in the Kingdom also mysteriously go missing due to various reasons which in turn raise concerns from their dependents back home who proceed to get in touch with either the Hajj mission or the Diplomatic Mission to find out the whereabouts of their family members who have gone missing.

4-Some Pakistanis turn towards crime or are caught doing something illegal for which they are handed out a jail sentence. Some of the jailed Pakistanis are kept in jail well after they have completed their sentences. It is common knowledge that some of the immoral employers in Saudi Arabia also classify their employees as fugitives to avoid the end of service benefits and/or paying salaries.

5-Several Pakistanis residing in the Kingdom have lodged complaints and written letters complaining about how they were marginalized by the diplomatic mission. In most cases, the complainants also stated that their country’s diplomatic mission had neglected them.[irp]

6-Some brave people have also come forward to tell life occurrences of mistreatment by their sponsors and even stated that the consulates and embassies were not interested in these matters which were pretty according to them.