Procedure to Apply for First Iqama of Dependents in Saudi Arabia

To bring your family to stay in Saudi Arabia permanent basis, you need to apply for the permanent family visa of your family. There are two ways to apply for a permanent family visa for the family i.e. Permanent Family Visa through Istiqdam and Online Permanent Family Visa.

Once you get a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia, you need to send it to your family so that it can be stamped on their passports. When your family is here in Saudi Arabia, you need to apply for the Iqama of Family. The procedure to Apply for the First Iqama is different from annual Iqama renewal. [irp]

One of our readers KMW has shared with us the procedure to apply for the first Iqama of dependents in Saudi Arabia. The procedure for first Iqama of family (i.e. your spouse and children) which I followed is as follows;

You will have to apply for Iqama of your dependents within 90 days of their arrival to Saudi Arabia. You will have to pay a fine of SR 1,000 if you fail to do so.


Get medical fitness certificate from an approved clinic/ lab. Now you can Check Status of Medical Test Report for Saudi Iqama Online through this link. Make sure the medical is uploaded to the website. You will get an SMS from Efada once it is successfully uploaded.

Ask your company to apply for medical insurance of the family members based on the Border number. This order number will be used instead of Saudi ID or Iqama number by the insurance company. Wait for the insurance to be done.

Insurance must be updated in the MOI system. If it is not updated in the MOI system, your application to apply for the Iqama of your dependents will be rejected. You can check on this website by entering border number of your family if the insurance is updated in the MOI system.

Download “Iqama Form” for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office). Fill the relevant sections, i.e. the purpose of the form (which in this case is New or Jadeed in Arabic), Name, Border number etc. Please note that the Sahib e Amal, in this case, is you i.e. the person applies to his family. So, you give your name and Iqama etc. in the relevant box.

Attach two pictures and get the forms attested by your company including a stamp on one of the picture. You also need to attach passport copies of all the dependents as well as your passport copy and your Iqama.

Company Stamp is needed on the dependent's picture attached to the form as well as in the column where you enter your details as a Kafeel. In the attached picture, you can see the two places where the stamp was made on a recent form submitted to Passport Office Al Khobar. Additionally, no attestation of any kind was required for this form.

Ask for the relevant office and fall in line there. You can ask about it from the government relations officer of your company.

Present all your docs in your turn. The iqama will be issued there and then if everything is in place. Check the details like name etc. on the iqama.

If the name or religion etc. is wrong, then there is another counter for this correction. Just fill the form again with the correct name and submit along with the old Iqama. Present the documents on your turn. New corrected Iqama will be issued on the spot.

Note: There is no fee for the Iqama or correction of information. If you do not apply for Iqama for 3 months, you will have to pay SR 500 as fine.

  • The Jawazat office for the issuance of the first iqama for dependents is in Diriyah, Riyadh
  • The Jawazat office for the issuance of the first iqama for dependents is in Rehab, Jeddah


  • Shaikh Sarfaraz

    Khurram sir
    I want to know in how many days the iqama comes
    COz frm past 2 mnth I am hear with the man who have given me the visa he Is telling that it will come late he has taken 16000sar fr the azaad visa frm my parents and now he is saying that iqama will come late its allmost 2mnth ended frm eid

  • Mohamed Rahees

    I have been through all the process from Riyadh. My family recently arrived Riyadh from India on new family VISA. Below are the process you need to follow if you are doing the process your self . (Some companies get this process done via their government relation office)

    1) Fill the family iqama form ( separate copy for each dependent) . Stamp your company seal on photo and also on the address are.
    2) You need to take copy of your depends passport and Visa page also attach your iqma copy with each

    3) Staple items from step 1 and 2 separately for each applicant.
    4) Do the iqama medical from any approved medical center and get the report with you.

    5) Make sure the medical is uploaded to moi website .. You will get an SMS from Efada once it is successfully uploaded.

    6) Make sure you take insurance for your dependents (Some companies do it for employees)

    7) You can also check the status of both the Insurance and Medical from the links provided in the main article.

    8) The Jawzazat office for first time Iqama applicants in Riyadh is in Diriya,,, It is very hard to find the location in google map. (24.738412,46.574918))

    9) In the entrance of Jawazat office, you have a ticket vending machine. Press the button and take your ticket.

    9) Wait for your turn and go to the counter.
    10) Hanover the documents you prepared in step no 3 along with your dependents original passport and your original Iqama.
    11) You will get your Iqama printed in 10 minutes

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Mr. Rahees. I will update the relevant article according to it. Really appreciate your input to this blog

  • Manu Jose

    Hi, which Jawazat office you went in Riyadh ? Isn’t it the office in Murrabba ?

    Could you give me your phone no. ? Any fees to be paid ?

  • Manu Jose

    Do we need to pay any fees there ?

  • Mohamed Rahees
  • Mohsin Ali

    Dears, i have just got my iqama today in 10mins after arriving at jawazat office. In item# 4 and 5, stamping on the picture is advised, which is actually not required. While other things are applicable.

    One more thing, our office mandoob told me that family medical is not required, only medical insurance is mendatory, but i did the medical test as well. When i gave it to jawazat, he threw it. I dont know arabic, otherwise i must had asked him. Someone should try it without medical test and should share the experience.


  • Mohsin Ali

    No fees is required.

  • farazk99

    Hello everyone there,

    Today I got iqama for my wife and would like to share my experience.

    My Wife came 4 months ago but untill now i was not able to make iqama as my company was delaying in making the health insurance.
    Well after my company renewed my iqama recently the also made health insurance for my wife.
    When I got insurance, I went to jawazat office and they gave me one form to fill out and and pay whatever dues are pending on my wife’s border number.
    I did the same and went to ATM and entered the detail it was as follows:

    1. Sar 500 fine penalty of late iqama
    2. Sar 500 for 1 year iqama issuance

    I paid and filled that form and took back to jawazat along with mi iqama and passport copy only. The officer took that papers and after a while he came back and said me go and pay 500 more on your Iqama number as a multiple visa and come back. I went back to ATM and paid 500 on my multiple visa.

    Again I returned back to jawazat and handed over the documents to the same person, within 5 mins they gave me iqama for my wife.

    Untill now im confused why they took this Sar 500 for my multiple visa and even i checked on my abshir account it was deducted.

    This all happened in Jawazat Al Jubail

  • Syed Junaidur Rahman

    Alhamdulillah I got Iqama in Deriye (Riyadh) within 20 mnts but one must go in the morning if you go by 10 am they will ask you to come next day in the morning as it happend to me
    I have attached following Items
    1. Form having company stamped
    2. Passport Copy of family
    3. My Passport Copy
    4. Iqama Copy
    5. Family Medical Certificate
    6. Visa Copy

  • Syed Junaidur Rahman

    In case of family visa, NO

  • I think you had to pay all of this as you delayed iqama issuance of your wife. If you had applied for issuance within 90 days, they would not have required you to pay anything.

  • Mohamed Rahees

    Photo should be White background normal passport. You need to carry additional copy of photo for the kids below 6 years.

  • farazk99

    You’re right steve.

  • Medical test is required but it is automatically updated in their system. You do not need hard copy of that medical test.

  • Hary

    Kindly some one guide the location. Also do we need to take an appointment? or I can go directly. Thanks

  • Hary

    Kindly some one guide the location. Also do we need to take an appointment? or I can go directly. Thanks

  • Mohamed Rahees

    Correct map co-ordinates updated

  • Syed Junaidur Rahman

    Hi Hary, No need to take appointment just go there by 7:00 am, Office opens at 7:30 if you go late like 9-10am they will ask to come next day as it happened to me following is the location

  • Hary

    Dear All,

    If you are within the City limits of Riyadh, you can also go to MOI Eservices terminal on King AbdulAziz Road opposite Tala Mall. Its very quick and convienent and is open from 1:00 PM till 9:00 PM.

    Google maps location is as below:,46.6626812,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3e2ee2d68e1669e5:0x45bea45f5f25879e!8m2!3d24.7759222!4d46.6648699?hl=en

  • Syed Junaidur Rahman

    U need to go early in the morning 7:00 they open at 7:30 am

  • nyeff

    Hi guys, my wife came about 2 days ago and im planning to process her Iqama so that she will have it at earlier time and avoid penalties,..I just want to ask if I can get her an individual Health Insurance and what Insurance Company? I already went to BUPA and the guy told me that I should ask my company to process my wife’s insurance. There has been a lot of issues in my company’s HR that is why I want to process it by myself, im thinking that it would take a lot of time and headache if I will wait for them to deal with it. Hope someone can share your experience regarding this matter. Thank you

  • Mohd Hamizi Hashim

    Hi Steve, the insurance for the family before applying for the iqama, if my company reluctant to pay for it, do I have to fork out my own money…? Or is this the sponsor responsibility..?

  • nyeff

    Brother I have the same problem, I talked to some broker about getting an insurance for my wife,if your company has more than 100 employees you should ask your company to get insurance for your wife,but of course it would be cut into your salary. He also told me that it was just get effective last month, that is why i’m also asking someone who experience the same process

  • Abuthahir

    labor profession can apply for family visa or visit visa..?

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    What about the medical certificate of small child can you guide me

  • shahzaib

    Hi All,

    I bring my wife on permanent visa here but due to some problem of my company with the insurance company my wife’s insurance cannot be done within 3 months. My wife entry date into Kingdom is 19th June 2016 & now today is 24th October 2016 so if we calculate its almost 1 month & 7 Days that my wife’s 90 DAYS visa expires. I want to know that how much fine they will impose to make iqama as now i have received the insurance and need to make iqama. Kindly help. Need reply very urgently.


  • shahzaib

    Hello Mr farazK99

    I am facing the same problem. today only my company said that OK insurance is done you go and get your wife’s Iqama but 90 Days visa is expire now. My wife is here for almost 4 Months & 10 days? Can you pls guide me what will I do now?


  • Masood Ali Raja

    hi, I came with my wife as she is a doctorin MOH. after receiving my wife Iqama, she take the form, medical etc to Jawazat office for my iqama at ” King fahad road jawazat office” and ladyofficer told there that take appiontment from abshir for “Istaqdam” and go there. did anyone knows anything about this? we not go to Istaqdam as I knows it has nothing to do with istaqdam.

  • Leader Guide

    Excellent! Followed the above procedure as mentioned in the above link. Reached Jawazaat office in Ar-Rehab district Jeddah at 9 am and got the family Iqaama cards printed in 5 -10 minutes.

    Thanks a lot to Steve and to all the members who contributed!

  • Masood Ali Raja

    hi, I came with my wife as she is a doctorin MOH. after receiving my
    wife Iqama, she take the form, medical etc to Jawazat office for my
    iqama at ” King fahad road jawazat office” and ladyofficer told there
    that take appiontment from abshir for “Istaqdam” and go there. did
    anyone knows anything about this? we not go to Istaqdam as I knows it
    has nothing to do with istaqdam.

  • Vincent Hsiao

    Hi, does anybody know HBsAg test positive is an issue for applying dependent IQAMA?

  • Ahmed

    I am a chef de partie at a luxury hotel, would I be able to make a family iqama with wife and two children?

  • Masood Ali Raja

    Go to Jawazat at Naqal Jamaee, that is a small one room Jawazat, go to them and show ur documents, they will ask for payment if there is any, for me they told me pay 1000 for me and 500 for kids and after payment, they immediately issued the Iqama. I still don’t know why they charge me 1000 and 500 for kids but at least I got Iqama :).
    BTW why u deposit 100+150? GOOd luck and update me. Better take ur mandoob with u and go at 8:00am.

  • I have paid thru SADAD, and the amount which came there was 500 IQAMA fee + 100 Service fee + 150 Human Resource fee =750, Now my Company HR rep. say that yo need appointment to go, but from ABSHIR I can take appointment, now that same error… May b today IA i will get it.

  • Mohammed Asif

    salam…in my case already 90 days finished… now how much i have to pay fine for iqama.. thru sadad which option i have to select…pls can you explain.. because when i checked, for me it is showing 1250 for new dependents…

  • Brother,I used SABB and i think all banks hav the same options, Go to SADAD>Govt. Payments> then select “alien control” > Iqama issuance > and the amount will come there…

  • Mohammed Asif


  • @disqus_BXgzKWUOS2:disqus Why did you pay SR 750? As per my information there is no fee to apply for first iqama of dependents if you are applying within 90 days of their arrival to Saudi Arabia. Can you please update me on this issue

  • Bcoz, when I logged in to MOI, and went to IQama issue tab under passports, and click on the details of my dependent for Iqama, it gave an error saying that you haven’t paid the fees, and also my HR said that you need to pay 500SAR, but when i paid thru SADAD it gave me a total of 750 under Alian control>payments>Iqama>other category.
    but even after paying, getting the error “Sorry! Iqama cannot be issued, Please visit Jawazat for further assistance.”
    And today when i checked in to the same SADAD procedure but under relatives category it gives a fee of 500SAR…
    After all this I have requested for Refund, and it will take 3 days… Let’s see what happens…
    I will go the MOI e-services terminal on King abdulaziz road, near Tala mall. will try from there. will update you guys here

  • Masood Ali Raja

    I followed all the steps as u mentioned and visited every Jawazat , got my Iqama in 60 days but paid 1000 for me and 500 for Kids, I know before there is no fee, ( may be they cheated me) u will never get appointment through absher ( I waited for that appointment for 30 days and all the time this main Jawazat was saying go to Istaqdam, and I visited Istaqdam and they said go to Jawazat 🙂 ) , so finally someone told me to go to naqal jamai Jawazat and they just told me to pay the fee and immediately print my Iqama, btw u need Iqama for ur self or wife. or u r dependent of ur wife?

  • I need Iqama for my wife, I got everything for my company except this iqama. But my company HR rep said that you need to pay 500SAR that’s why I paid. I think that fee is implemented now.
    let see, tomorrow IA i will try exit 5 e-serivces terminal near tala mall. if I don’t get from there, then I will force my HR guy to get me IQAMA..

  • @stevejobsksa:disqus bro, I checked in the SADAD again that 750SAR amount was stated as unused there. So I hav opted for refund and it will take 3 days.
    anyways I will go tomorrow to the Exit 5 E-services terminal near TALA mall, hope I get Iqama from there…

  • Please enlighten us about the true procedure once you successfully go through all the procedure. It will help thousands of other expatriates who want to bring their families to Saudi Arabia

  • Kaka Muna

    Hi Steve can you confirm that one can get wife first iqama without medical test in KSA.

    as medical is already done in Pakistan

    also see below link

  • Mohammed Asif

    hi steve… i have an issue.. after 90 days , there is a fees for issuing iqama… its true or not.. in my case , its showing 500 fine and 500 for issue new iqama…total 1000 sr.. can you explain…please….

  • No, you cannot get wife’s iqama without medical test

  • Alhamdulillah, got Iqama for my Wife from E-services terminal at Exit-5 near TALA Mall within 20 minutes, timings there are 1 Pm to 9 Pm, but go sharp at 1 PM, They process Wife Iqamas from 1Pm to 5Pm…else you will have to come again…

    There is NO FEE for this… You don;t need to pay any fee…
    I made the mistake by paying 750SR thru SADAD on saying of my HR. But I got them refund.. So just go directly to E-services office and get it…

    take the following things with you…
    1. Form having company stamped
    2. Passport Copy of family
    3. Original Passport of wife ( he checked mine today)
    3. My Passport Copy
    4. Iqama Copy
    5. Family Medical Certificate ( if don’t have print, I didn’t have print, tell him that its already online)
    6. Visa Copy

  • Mohammed Asif

    maasha allah..congrates

  • Mkashif Kashif

    Hi, steves ,

    Please update me on one situation
    i have job opportunity from KSA a GM position in a large group .in my medical test i have slight Chest X ray Problem which Gamca doctor saying use antibiotics and again test after 2.5 months so that you will clear .which due on mid march now
    My degree attestation Process will started which took around 35 days .so there will be a gap of 45 days at least to again medical test .
    Employer recommend me to join group on Visit /business visa which they will spoonser and after 45 days you will go to Pakistan again and have medical test and than joing on work visa
    Please advise what to do
    should i wait till medical clearance or avail business /visa option for 45 days and than rejoin .
    i have done all CT scan and its Obvious that this effect will end in 2nd turn as nothing illness or past history .


  • Mohammed Asif

    BROTHER CAN U SHARE LOCATION.. IS IT IN i want to visit.. pls guide

  • Did you pay any additional fee on the to process first iqama of your family? I know you have already paid SR 2000 for the yellow slip

  • No, I didn’t pay any additional fee… But let me tell you… don’t go through abshar if you try to apply IQAMA thru Abshar and click on your dependent name, it will say that you didn’t pay the iqama fee. And I paid the fee bcoz my HR personnel said that you need to pay. then I Paid thru SADAD… but later on I saw that the amount is till unused in SADAD…. So i click refund and got he refund next day…
    So brothers, don’t pay any fee and go Straight to MOI e-services office Exit 5 near Tala Mall Riyadh… and get your IQAMA for dependents there in just 15-20 minutes…

  • Usmanoo7

    How much bupa insurance costs normaly..

  • veeramani krishnan

    is it required medical insurance to update online for iqama issuance..

    please help me

  • Great to know that! Thanks for sharing your experience

  • Ali

    Assalamu Alaikum brother…
    It’s good to hear that u have got iqama for your wife.

    Did u get the refund of 750 SR u deposited? or u just got 500 refund which was showing under the relatives category?

    So does it mean that there’s no fee for iqama and i can directly go to the MOI E-Service office without making any payment? (As many people here and on other blogs are claiming there’s a fee of 500 SR even for first iqama issuance)

    Please clarify the above.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  • Ali

    Dear Steve,
    Would u please clarify is there a fee for first iqama issuance for the dependent? As some people are claiming there’s a fee of 500 SR & some are claiming it’s free of cost.
    Please clarify.
    thank you

  • Walaikumusalam…
    Yes i got the full refund…
    U don’t need to pay any fee… Just directly go to E-services office and get the IQAMA in just few minutes…

  • Ali

    Ok thanks bro…
    One more thing Did he ask for the medical insurance of ur wife?

  • Yes he asked me for the printed medical report.. I told him that the report is already online… Then he entered the details and printed….
    You need to get medical report for Iqama…

  • Masood Ali Raja

    but my exp was totally different, they charge from me 1000, may be if husband is on dependent visa case is different like in my case.

  • Aslam

    Thanks to all and specially to Mr. Mohammad Shoaib, i followed your comments below and got my Iqama for wife and son. for son i have to take one extra picture as it is scanned and printed in another counter.

    No amount was paid by me for issuing iqama for both wife and son.

    the process took only 15 mins.

  • Saiathu Abuthahir

    Assalamu Alaikum, Do we need to book any appointment in Riyadh for getting iqama for my family? If so kindly let me know how to book it

  • Lawrence

    I need to get iqama for my family.. here the problem is my company they have a due payment with insurance agency so they closed our company account. Until now my company did not pay.. so how I can get insurance for my family… so that I can get iqama for my family… already 60 days finished…. pls advise me.


    Assalamu alaikum Brothers!!!
    Today I went to EXIT 5 near TALA mall E-services MOI Terminal and got my family iqama within half hour.Here is my experience I would like to share with you brothers….
    I was sharp at 1 p.m at the E-services MOI terminal waiting for the office to open.within couple of minutes the office opened and a guy near at the entrance asked me the purpose of visit,after I say him I want to make new IQAMA for my family, He asked me are you the sponsor? I said yes then he gave me a token and told me to wait until my turn comes.
    When my turn came I went to the counter and handed over the following to the officer
    1)My passport copy.
    2)Dependants passport copies.
    3)Dependants visa page (in passport).
    4)Medical Report of dependants.
    5)Iqama copy (self).
    6)Filled & stamped by the company jawazat form.
    7)2 photographs (1 to be pasted on the jawazat form and 1 to be handed over to officer when he asks)
    1)For Each dependant separate form has to be filled.
    2)Iqama copy (self) to be attached for each dependant form separately.
    3)Medical Insurance for the dependants should be done on Border number.
    4)No fee is charged if the iqama is processed within 90 days of dependants arrival.

    The officer separated the documents related to each dependant and stapled it and wrote the iqama number on it and on the back of photograph (for kids ) he asked for and told me to go to other counter.After going to other counter and after waiting for a moment the officer took the application and passport of my family and printed the Iqama.For kids he scanned the photo on his scanner and printed the Iqama.
    Thats it ….I hope this information will help you brothers!!!!
    Jazakallah khair !!!!!

  • Azeem Awan

    Wa alikum salam

    Can you please confirm what are the fees you paid.I want to apply for new born baby Iqama.Insurance already done on base of birth certificate but not sure how to check if status is updated in MOI etc.Also is company stamp necessary because I will be the sponsor of baby.


  • I really appreciate your input. It will help thousands of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

  • Brother i didn’t have the printed report, it was sent online by the medical center. I received the sms of getting it online. The rep. at MOI eservices office asked me for the report, I told him that its already online. Then he checked the details and printed the IQAMA… that’s it

  • Advisor

    medical test is mandatory for age below 4?
    Can anyone advise


    Medical test is mandatory for all dependants.


    The officer didnot ask any specific but I submitted the original ones.

  • venu gopal

    hi sir,this is venu.working in tabuk. i want to go bahrain for visit serching for better employement.i’m an labour iqama holder.i’m an indian citizen.i have planed my vaction on this month. vaction time i want to visit bahrain . is it possible for labour iqama holders plz help me…thnq sir

  • Umair Shah

    I did medical from Future clinic Buriadah they didnt give me any report they said it is upload to MOI website .
    Regarding Medical insurance it is already uploaded to the website but i don’t have the card as it will come from Dammam. I need the card or online is enough

  • Salman

    Hi Mohammad,
    Thanks for the information. Could you please elaborate on the following points?
    1. How do we make the payment for iqama issuance online?
    2. I did not receive the medical test reports, they were uploaded directly to Efada. Do I need to take these from the hospital?
    3. The Biometric will be performed at the office?

  • Faisal Tariq

    He asked about the medical report or medical insurance

  • report as far as i remember…
    but insurance was done before, so he just checked the system and issued the iqama…

  • veeramani krishnan

    How u got refund ur money

  • veeramani krishnan

    Pls tell that through which u got refund

  • izzat

    Dear Mohammad,

    Can you confirm on the following:
    1) For kids, it is medical report? not the vacination report?
    2) Can you share exact location?

  • Rean

    One of my friend said that, from last 5 days, there is a new fee is applicable (750 SAR) to issue new iqama for dependents. Is there anyone took iqama for dependents recently?

  • Navas p

    There is no new fees for Dependent Iqama..
    I got my son (6 years old) iqama without medical.
    The location of Jawazat are available on google maps can get by typing jawazat in arabic.

  • Imran

    Hello Steve,

    You may have to update your blog. Seems there is a new fee introduced. My family arrived in permanent family visa last month and i took iqamah today. While applying it online system is asking to pay 500 sr per person to get iqamah. I paid 1000 SR for my wife and kid, then collected iqamah from jawajad today.


  • Imran

    Yes, But i paid 500 sr per person

  • Rean

    I think it is because you applied through online, we got iqama for our son last thursday without any extra fees from Jawazat.

  • khurram khan

    salam plz give me ur cell no. then i call you i ask about iqama process

  • khurram khan

    salam imran plz give me ur cell no. i ask about iqama process my family have done medical

  • khurram khan

    salam plz tell me ur son got iqama without medical report ? how

  • Imran


  • Imran

    Sounds crazy. Do we need to pay 500 sr for taking online?

  • Rean

    I think so… most of the people who applied through online, paid the fees. but if you go directly to jawazat, you don’t have to pay. we got iqama from the jawazat near Tala Mall

  • You can read the comments of many below who are saying that there is no need to pay this SR 500 per person.

  • You should not have paid it online. Just follow the procedure described above and there was no need to pay the additional fee.

  • Imran

    Hello Rean,

    It was throwing error while applying online. I visited jawazat to get iqama.

  • Imran

    Sure steve.I see 0 in available iqama funds.

  • khurram khan


  • Ziad

    Imran .. Steve is right about it.. I got mine for my wife aswell it was showing online fees for me aswell I made a mistake of paying it but I refunded it as an engineer at my office didnt pay it aswell and the comments here also said that no fees and so i decided that if they ask I’llpay it online directly at that place… but they never asked for it.. and i got the iqama for free..
    not many people know this so they pay.. the benefit of having online payment or bank mobile app is you can pay anytime why take the risk..
    they will take the money its available for them to take

  • Imran

    Procedure is the below :

    – Once the family arrived you need to take them to dispensary for medical.
    – Reports will be submitted online. It will take 4-5 working days. You will get sms in your mobile from Efada
    – Once reports uploaded you need to take insurance for all the dependents. (Usually this is done by company)
    – Then you have to follow the same procedure as mentioned by steve in this blog.

  • Imran

    Thank you Ziad. I have raised refund request. In sha allah let me see whether i am getting it back.

    Steve is always right. My HR told me this is new rule since i confused.

  • khurram khan

    thankx imran plz tell me after medical report . apply insurance & iqama(all process company madon will do)

  • khurram khan

    salam imran plz tell me what need document for medical insurance & iqama apply through company.

  • khurram khan

    plz tell me medical report need to online what required company no.(this is Sponsor
    id no.70000…)?

  • Muhammad Hassan Javed

    Hello Izzat, can you tell me that kids need medical also for iqama ? my elder is of 2 years and younger one is of 5 months…

  • izzat

    By rules, it is actually a vaccination certificate. If you have the original copy, just bring to any clinics for translation.

    But for my case, I just asked the counter at the clinics and they did the medical checkup for my kids (it is just a normal checkup) – no need for stool etc… So, yeah, my kids got the medical checkup.

    Most importantly, you need to make sure that your kids have their insurances linked with MOI before come.

  • khurram khan


  • Muhammad Hassan Javed

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yesterday i take my kids to hospital and they take blood sample, X-Ray, urine and stool also. I think Ministry have changed the rules now. as i saw a new born baby also, giving blood samples…. So i think according to new rule, kids have to go through complete medical procedure….. I visit Al-Rawadah Hospital, Dammam, Eastern Province in March 2017.. Sharing to help other… Also thanks for your timely response too….

  • If somebody else affirms this, I will update it in the main article.
    I would appreciate if you can share with me a picture of iqama card once it is processed. Don’t worry, I will not share it with anyone else. You can also remove your credentials from there if you want. I have heard that they have changed some fields in Iqama. I just want to check it.

    I am out of Kingdom right now, I cannot check it with my company. My email address is
    [email protected]

  • Muhammad Hassan Javed

    Sure, once iqama of my kids issue, i will share InshAllah!

  • khurram

    mail me [email protected] plz filled form iqama in arabic

  • Muree Hanif

    Is the jeddah office in Rehab or Alkandarah?

  • khurram


  • Nabil Huda

    khurram Did u fill your Iqama form ?

    Can u send it to me by email

  • Nabil Huda

    write Issue Iqama New (إصدار إقامة – جديد ) …

    but even if u don’t write anything it is okay as they hardly see minute details as long as main form is filled it is enough as everything is already online !

  • Nabil Huda

    Yes this is to confirm that One can get New Iqama for His Family from MOI e-service terminal Staff (NEAR Tala Mall Exit – 5) is Very Swift & helpful. Also hardly any rush .. reach thr 1:20 pm & two counters were occupied & one was Empty got my Token & got called on the Empty counter, got iqama in 6-8 minutes.

    while Printing my Spouse Iqama , he even finish another person’s dependent Passport Information update.

    If i can, I will rate my Experience 5 Star !

  • Nabil Huda
  • khurram

    you call me 0541763910

  • Nabil Huda

    No there is NO fees !

    Unless the dependent is Above 18 years Old !

  • Nabil Huda

    Thanx Khurram but Got the Iqama Alhamdulillah !

  • Nabil Huda

    @stevejobsksa:disqus sent you the Iqama Copies, hope it will be beneficial to you in serving the people here.

  • Nadeem Qusroo

    hi can you please share me with us the jawazath application form.

  • Jojo

    hello good day! I completed medical for my wife and already approved in efada. can my company process my wifes iqama or i have to do it personaly? thanks for your help.

  • Nabil Huda

    Last month after completion of Medical test & Medical Insurance Coverage, Our Company GRO went to get iqama, but they said the Employee (sponsor of the Family) have to come himself to get the Iqama, and so i did!

    Considering it is Free of Cost, as well as you have MOI Offices across major cities, it is better if you compile the Docs & go for yourself. It will also help you to make sure all the entry in iqama card is correct at the spot. Good Luck !

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Nabil, my family is coming tomorrow and I am the one sponsor for my family. could you please tell me the procedure by your experience, thanks.

  • Abdullah Malik

    Good day everone,

    My wife came to KSA this week on permanent family visa, now I need to make an insurance for her before applying for her first Iqama. She is 8 months pregnant and I need an insurance policy with maternity coverage.

    Could anybody please give me idea how much I have to pay premium for her insurance?
    P.S. Our company account with Al Sagr Insurance.

    Abdullah Najeeb
    +966 53 758 0687

  • Nabil Huda

    Follow these steps once she arrives

    1- Go to an approved Medical laboratory and get Medical test for Iqama

    2- Give copy of Medical test and Passport Copy with Visa Stamp and your Iqama to your company & get Medical Insurance Card

    3- Fill in the Form and attach all documents as above, visit Jawazat Office & get Iqama printed on the Spot

    Details of everything already in above blog.

    Good Luck !

  • Mehdi Mehdi

    Good day to everyone,
    My wife came to KSA 80 days ago, my company is not paying health insurance to us so I am not able to proceed his iqamah, is it please an acceptable reason to transfer my sponsorship to another company without the permission of the actual sponsor?

  • No, you can search on this blog the conditions under which sponsorship can be transferred without permission.

  • Moahmed Imran

    thank u so much.

  • Haseeb

    Dear Mr. Steve,

    My profession & salary is suitable for family visa but i am not bachelor qualified, can i able to get family permanent visa ?


  • Moahmed Imran

    Bro, how much cost to do medical for family.

  • Nabil Huda

    Your Family have to have the SAME insurance as yours, hence most easy ay is to ask your Company to Ask insurance Company how much the Medical insurance cost for a Female. (also surely company will be paying for the rest of the staff family, so they will have the number) .. doesnot matter how much any one paid .. Your company have to pay the same to get your wife covered (may be more as she is already pregnant) ..

    accordingly as per you & your company employment contract they can deduct the full or additional amount from your upcoming salary.

  • Nabil Huda

    it is based on your coverage Provider (Medgulf, Bupa etc) and Category (A, B, C) .. best is to ask your company as eventually they have to pay !

  • Nabil Huda

    Why don’t you ask your company to Pay the Medical Insurance for your Family & deduct from your salary.

    This way you do not have to find a new job as well as change / find new sponsor in 10 days and request company to release you for transferring ..

    meanwhile you will have One year (or uptil next insurance) to actually find another Job where Family Insurance is covered by company & they will also bear your transfer expense !

  • Abdul Basit

    Good Morning everyone.
    i need some information please.
    My family already have iqama. our iqama will expire 12 May (Friday) but my family will arrive back 10 May (Wednesday). i just want to know that:
    1- is it passable that my family iqama will be update with my iqama if they are not in KSA? (medical insurance for everyone done recently)
    If not.
    2- When my family will come back then what is the procedure to renew / update family iqama if my iqama already done?
    3- what about new fee, i have to pay dependents fee?
    Please advise.

  • Moahmed Imran

    Thanks for your quick reply

  • Abdullah Malik

    Thank you Nabil for your feedback.
    I just got the medical insurance from Al Sagr with maternity coverage and it’s way too high. They charged me 10,000 SAR in account of premium and I have no option left but to pay.

  • Abdullah Malik

    One more query Nabil, may be you can guide me.
    Is this necessary to visit Jawazat office to get the Iqama OR can I do it online through my Absher account using e-services (Iqama Issuance)?
    P.S. I have tried online but message came “Iqama issuance fees not paid”. Now I am really confused if there is any fees for getting Iqama or is it free of cost.

  • Nabil Huda

    Hi Abdul Malik i checked with our Company contact & he said yes in case if the Lady is already Pregnant the Insurance coverage increase from normal 3.5 to 4K Riyal directly to 10-12K Riyal.

    I hope Allah make this expense easy on you& wish that all goes well for you & your Family & soon to be born, congrats in advance 🙂

  • Haneef

    Assalamu Alaikum WW. & Good day everyone.

    My wife just arrived last week for a permanent family Visa under my sponsorship. As I am reading your blog and discussions here, It is clear that Medical Test/Laboratory is needed for New Iqama Application.

    However, I was surprised when I and my wife went to Al-Abeer Hospital in Azisiyah, Makkah for her Medical Examination, the Lady on the reception whom we approach took the passport of my wife and 2 ID pictures and suddenly told us that it is not needed to undergo medical examination for a family visa and we can go direct to Jawazat for Iqama Application.

    Can someone confirm this or we have to go another hospital for medical exam?


  • This is not true, go to some other medical center and check again.

  • Ayesha Sultana

    assalam alaikum
    Is this true that wife cannot apply for family visa for husband and child.please inform me

  • amjad

    Dear Steve iam following this blog since two years it is very help ful.
    now i am in trouble please help/advise me what should i do
    actually iam applying for Medical insurance for my family there is problem in one of my child getting error in Insurance Collum (status: not accepted ORA 01858:a-non numeric chara)this all process is doing by HR, HR told me check your Absher account may be immigration department put wrong border entry number but i checked there nothing is wrong and i also went to immigration department at airport they also checked with their system nothing has been wrong.
    please what should i do without medical insurance Iqama will not issue for my family.


  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Haneef, am also on the same boat. Last month my wife came
    on family visa, I enquired some people they said no need medical exam for wife,
    even my HR also. So I gave my wife passport to my company for making Iqama. Let

    What is the status of you? If you share something it would
    be very useful.


  • Haneef

    I followed Mr. Steve advised as it was also our personnel officer told me to do so. We went to other medical center and had her test. Alhamdulillah, we got her Iqama last week.
    My suggestion to you is since it was your HR who told you so that no need medical exam for your wife and your company will be the one to process the iqama, then let it be. You still have plenty of time ( 2 months) to do it. Then you can share it here what will be the outcome, for sure, it will be great contribution.


  • Moahmed Imran

    Thanks for your reply insha Allah I will post my experience.

  • Masood Ali

    She can , depend on the occupation..

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Haneef, I got my family Iqama without doing Medical.

  • It can be an exception but I don’t think they have changed the procedure yet.

  • Ayesha Sultana

    Aslm alakium, thanks a lot for your reply . im working as female physiotherapist in an hospital in Riyadh.

  • motasim billah

    Did you pay any fee for iqama issuance please reply me ASAP. I want to issue iqama for my family and want to know about this

  • Jojo

    Sir Thank you for your reply and help.

  • Ahmed JG

    You can apply. My wife applied for me. She is a Peads Dr. In a hospital.

  • Jojo

    Sir Good day! Do i need to get the medical result from the hospital and attach to the Jawazat form? i check in Efada website my wifes medical result is already approved. Thank you for your help.

  • HSN 〰 Barcelona ❤️💙

    hey steve ..
    can u please tell me how can i pay the fine 500 for not issuing my wife’s iqama with in 90 days..


  • HSN 〰 Barcelona ❤️💙

    guys i am in trouble..please help me

    i just want to know how can i pay the fine 500 for not issuing iqama with in 90 days..


  • Bilal


    My child is 4 years old, will he need to take medical in KSA? as for visa here in pak, they asked only for polio.

  • Masood Ali Raja

    No Need of medical, if u r in gov sector, they will just open the file for children in related hospital nothing else.

  • Naufal Shaikh

    my wife and daugter came on family visa but almost 3months is finish because of insurance problem. how much fine i have to pay per head for iqama issuance and how to pay that fine please reply

  • Naufal Shaikh

    my wife and daugter came on family visa but almost 3 months is finish because of insurance problem. how much fine i have to pay per head for iqama issuance and how to pay that fine please reply

  • Masood Ali Raja

    I think it is 500 SAR .

  • Naufal Shaikh

    how to pay that 500sar online

  • Masood Ali Raja

    I think go to Jawazat, there are offices outside, they will pay for you. I don’t know how to pay this fine yourself.. Or better go directly inside Jawazat and ask them..

  • muneeb shahid

    Hi All,
    I am in a dilema these days and needs help. My wife came a few days back on Family visa and I resigned from job to avail some other oppourtunity in my country. Now, does she needs an Iqama for Final Exit as she has a valid visa of 90 days. Secondly is it possible if I can send her now on that visa and take final exit from company afterwards.
    Will be grateful if someone can guide me. TY.

  • Masood Ali

    Yes u can send her on final exit , go to jawazat and make final exit

  • muneeb shahid

    One of our Admin guy went there but they said the rules has been changed. its mandatory to have an iqama for final exit.

  • Syed Minhaj Uddin

    Must take original passport of spouse

  • motasim billah

    the same problem is with me please update some one how much is the fine and how to pay that fine.

  • Gull Jee

    Same question i need to ask, as my family is with me since 5 months and my company just recently did insurance so how to pay the fine now?

  • Naufal Shaikh

    the fine is 500sar and tax till iqama expiry date

  • Rafeh

    Hi everyone!

    i need guidance regarding issuance of first iqama for my wife. i am her sponsor and my company is not responsible for my family medical etc. what is the procedure to apply for her iqama? do we need to submit health insurance taken from the company to submit with other documents to get her iqama done?

  • Nadir Hassan Awan

    today i went to jawazat to issue my wife’s first iqama .. the person said u must pay 500 for one year. i paid fees online than he issued iqama…is it new fees ? or what ? please guide me

  • Rafeh

    can anyone tell what is the validity of medical report done for iqama?

  • Raza Akram

    3 months

  • Navaneeth

    Can anyone advise whether the IQAMA obtained by a dependent eligible for working in Saudi Arabia?


  • james

    hi everyone!
    can anyone here advise if a child is oblige to undergo medical exam for iqama? child’s age is 9 years old. or medical exam is for adults only?
    thank you for the answer!

  • motasim billah

    Please tell me how to pay the 500SR fine. There is no option in Al-Rajhi bank and the jawazat officer do not know how to pay the fine through bank. I need urgent reply….Waiting

  • motasim billah

    Did you got your iqama for family how did you pay the 500SR fine. Please update me fast I will be very thankful because jawazat also don’t know how to pay the fine.

  • Naufal Shaikh

    You can deposit 500sr through any of the government channel e.g exit re-entry for 5months will be 500sr or multiple re-entry for 3month is 500sr. u should have 500sr in your iqama number. they will deduct 500 sar from ur iqama number deposit. that no matter how u paid . i did the same i deposited 500sar from dependent fees channel. they deducted from my iqama deposit

  • motasim billah

    Thank you very much. May Allah give reward for this.

  • Naseha Marwan

    Can i apply iqama for husband and child? I’m nurses

  • Ahmed JG

    Are your husband and child have reached in KSA on Resident visa?

  • Naseha Marwan

    Not yet.. But I want to know if the procedur is easy to apply iqama for my husband and kid as i’m nurses.. Im looking for answer cause i will resign as nurse in my country and i hope i can bring my family in KSA while i work there

  • Ahmed JG

    Your profession “Nurse” falls in the category of Family Visa. But please ensure and get agree with your employer to issue you a family visa. And you should be a graduate as well. And your all degrees are verified from your Institute, Saudi Embassy of your country and Saudi Culture office of your country.

  • Moahmed Imran

    Dear Steve, please advise , The CCHI website has changed now, could you please advise where can I find the medical information for my family. looking for your reply.

  • Javeed Ahmed

    Dear Nadir,
    How did you pay this 500 SR fee?

  • Nadir Hassan Awan

    Through online banking

  • Javeed Ahmed

    Thank you.
    So, it is under Alien control->Issue New Iqamah
    Have they implemented this fees recently?

  • Nadir Hassan Awan

    yeah exactly…. i think they implemented new fee..

  • Javeed Ahmed
  • Javeed Ahmed

    Alhamdulillah.I got Iqama for my family today in Riyadh.If your family has newly arrived you have to visit the Jawazat office in Aziziyah,SAPTCO bus station to get the Iqama.
    There is no fees required to get the new Iqama for family(many people are confused with this).
    Documents Required are:
    1.Iqama application form(your company will fill it and stamp it at the required place)
    2.Passport copy(family and sponsor)
    3.Iqama copy of sponsor
    4.Original Medical report
    5.Visa page copy from passport.

  • Javeed Ahmed

    There will be no medical done to the children.Hospital will give normal report for the child.

  • Javeed Ahmed

    I got the Iqama for my family today from jawazat office at SAPTCO,Aziziyah.
    I did not pay any fees.

  • Rafeh

    i m sponsor of my wife. unfortunately after three months of her arrival in ksa i am unable to issue her iqama because my company didnt issue her health insurance. god knows how much time will they will take. i need to know can i take insurance from outside for her iqama issuance?

  • Shahbaz Khan Baloch

    Hi everyone
    Can anyone tell me the total cost of family visa like visa process fees and iqama with insurance expenses

  • DN

    Hi Everyone, I follow the steps suggested in the post and when I went to the Passport office in Khobar, I was told that they are no longer issuing Iqama card of dependents of employees where the number of employees exceed 100. They processed my application, wrote down the iqama number on my wife’s passport, it also appeared on my Absher but did NOT give me the card. I was told that the Pro of my company has to go directly to collect it. However, the Pro too was not allowed to collect it on my behalf.

    Now it is in a state of limbo. No one knows how to get the card. Anyone else facing this unusual situation? Any suggestion would help.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    by post they will send

  • Shahnwaz Akhtar

    Hello Rafeh;
    for the time being you may get the insurance from outside to issue the iqama until your company will provide you.
    if you are in Riyadh visit to Nasiriya apposite to maroor office there are some offices or you may check online..Tawniya, ACIG, BUPA all they can issue individual insurance card, they will charge you a little bit more then the company charges.

  • Shahnwaz Akhtar

    Its no legal in Saudi Arabia, unless dependent transfer to a company as employee..

  • سنى

    Mr Muneeb,

    I will be so grateful if you share ,how you tackled this situation 🙂 ,I am facing the same scenerio