Does “Hand Practice” invalidate the fast?

It is an act that is highly disliked in Islam and is declared Haram. It has a lot many harmful effects on human beings. In this write-up, we will discuss the question that “Does the Machurbation while observing fast, breaks the fast”? Ramadan, the month of fasting, is a sacred month. The Holy Quran explains that the fasts are made obligatory on Muslims so that they get “Taqwa”. It is a month which showers blessing from Almighty ALLAH and it is a great chance for the Muslims to get the purification and nearness to ALLAH.[irp]

During Fast, Muslims are supposed to abstain from the otherwise halal acts. One cannot eat after the “Suhoor”, one cannot drink and one cannot fulfill the physical desire with his wife during fast. So, when all the permissible acts are not allowed during fast how an otherwise haram (forbidden) act can be done while fasting. Sheikh Hamid al-Ali an instructor in Kuwait at the Education faculty explains the viewpoint and tell that whether the fast is broken because of it or not. He says that Machurbation during fast breaks the fast. He says this based on the Hadith that explains that Muslim while having fast shall not eat or drink and shall not satisfy the “physical” desire.

Eating and drinking is allowed in normal days and having the lawful satisfaction of “physical” desire is also allowed but these otherwise halal acts are banned during fast. So, when lawful satisfaction of “physical” desire breaks the fast, unlawful satisfaction of “physical” desire will surely break the fast. It will invalidate the fast and this sin is also against the sacredness of the month of Ramadan.

In the Egyptian Encyclopedia of Fatwas, it is mentioned that according to Hanafi (the jurists of Hanafi school of Fiqh), if someone ejaculates by way of Machurbation during fast, his or her fast will be broken. Intentional ejaculation will break the fast and the person will have to observe 60 days of fasting in lieu of this broken fast.

A former professor of King Saud University, Saudi Arabia and Imam of Calgary Mosque, Muhammad Iqbal Nadvi says that if someone indulges in act of Machurbation during fast, the fast will be broken and this fast shall be made upon some other day after Ramadan. Sheikh Nadvi mentions the same reason that is ejaculation because of the fulfillment of “physical” desire which is prohibited during fast.[irp]

However, if the ejaculation is a result of a wet dream or without the desire, it will not break the fast. Same as if someone vomits unintentionally, his fast will not be broken.

Source: On Islam