6 disadvantages of using VPN on your mobile in Saudi Arabia

If you are living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then you must know that surfing the internet can be a bit of a problem. This is mainly due to the strict filtering of the country’s Communication and Information Technology Commission or known as CITC when it comes to the issue of censorship on the internet. This may include the limited use of some social media websites or blocking of some websites that the government might think is inappropriate for viewership by their citizens. To hide their identity, people try to surf the internet anonymously. Although there are many ways to do this, the VPN or Virtual Private Network seems to be the best method. However, before you indulge in Anonymous surfing you should consider the pros and cons of such an activity.

1-Most of these web proxy sites store your real IP address and your activity, which makes you vulnerable to hacking and not 100 percent safe.

2-TOR or The Onion Router normally does not work well with a torrent.

3-The trust level is also significantly lower as cyber criminals are also untraceable.

4-Children may gain access to inappropriate content through these websites.

5-There is always a risk of being caught by the authorities since the use of VPN is against Law.

6-Even though it might seem like a great deal it should be always remembered that accessing the VPN is a cybercrime, in some countries like Saudi Arabia. Even though some countries and regions are not so strict about cybercrime, some regions do not take this lightly and such actions can land you in trouble in less tolerant countries. So, it is better to truly weigh out your options and then choose whether to use this or not.