Is it Safe to use VPN Services in Saudi Arabia?

The problem of Internet censorship is prevalent in many countries around the world. It is especially becoming a strict compliance within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One of the best solutions to bypass internet filtering is VPN services. It is very important to realize what the VPN service is before you decide to actually subscribe to any VPN service that you see online. There are other methods to access blocked sites, like proxy servers, however, they are not as reliable as VPN services. This is why you might be interested to find out whether it is safe and secure to use the VPN services in Saudi Arabia. Is it possible for the Internet filtering in Saudi Arabia to be bypassed and to stay safe and secure? The short answer is simple NO. You cannot use VPN Service in Saudi Arabia as it is against the country’s cyber laws.

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Internet Censorship in Saudi Arabia: It should be noted that Facebook, Skype, and Twitter are available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; however, it does not mean that you may post anything that you desire online. Speaking against Islam, Political criticism and also the pornographic or homosexual content is strictly prohibited within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you blatantly decide to disregard this and continue to post such material, all your posts and updates will be blocked and removed and persistent uploading or posting of such material can get you arrested. The Saudi Communication and Information Technology Commission is also known as the CITC is the regulatory authority of all of the online activities of the residents of the country. This regulatory authority banned the use of the Viber app as full control of the App or the site cannot be taken over, which does not allow them to control the posts being made. Currently still the site is blocked and no reports have emerged as to the lifting of the ban, however people of Saudi Arabia can still access this through a VPN service.

How VPN Service Works? People use VPN services to access the blocked websites and get away from internet filtering. This is primarily because the VPN service shields your personal information and IP address and presents you as a foreign user from another country, hence your location can also not be traced. All your traffic or all the records of the sites you visited is kept safe in the VPN tunnel which allows your activity to be same from hackers. As soon as you are connected to the VPN service you will be issued a new IP address, probably of another country.

Even if the CITC bans you somehow, the VPN service will provide you a new IP address with a different location which will be safe for the time being from the CTIC. While selecting which VPN service to use, you need to find one which provides good support. Generally, people have questions about the VPN service which is not answered by representatives of the VPN services themselves. It is because of this that paid VPN services are preferred over the free ones as they provide better customer support and are of better quality.

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Punishment of using VPN Services in Saudi Arabia: Even with all the benefits, use of VPN services is not encouraged by us as they can lead to harsh and strict consequences. The penalties may reach up to deportation from the country for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia and very harsh punishment for the Saudis. I could not find any case in Saudi Arabia but UAE has deported some people as Police found VPN software operating in their mobile phones. I personally don’t use it and strictly discourage readers of this blog to use it.

  • Doug Rogers

    This article is a bit old but I think KSA is still not open to vpn. My opinion is that perhaps Astrill can be used for expats in this country. I am getting more than 50 countries with Astrill so maybe it is safe to use and it will work in Saudi.

  • Not true at all, there is absolutely no problem in using VPN.
    Symptom for false articles: they use emotional words like “they even do this!” or “harsh punishment!” or other subjective expressions we got used to when reporting about disliked countries like mine.

    For the comment suggesting it’s old info, it’s actually not. Such law or “consequences” don’t exist. Yet the fear effect is instinctively powerful.

    Still, I like your blog, and still, I hope you enjoy your stay here regardless of the hurdles. But please, vent off in another article, don’t mix assumptions with information. I know it’s hard to be objective when you don’t like something, but it’s doable.

    All the best!

  • As far as the use of VPN does not become legal in Saudi Arabia, how can I say that using VPN is safe?
    When I use VPN, I actually hide my identity, CITC cannot trace the origin of the traffic and I can actually access the content prohibited by them. That’s the reason they ask people not to use it.
    You know family members drive each other’s car in Saudi Arabia without approval by the Traffic Department. Is it legal? No. Is it safe? I cannot say “Yes” unless there is a regulation allowing family members to drive each other’s car by the Traffic Department.

  • Normally everything is legal unless it isn’t. Is it legal to walk backwards? Nothing stated against it. Same with VPN. There is no law or statement saying do not use VPN. Hence zero consequence.

    As for the family members, it is legal to drive a family member’s car. Is it legal? Yes. Is it safe? If you fasten your seat belt then the probability of safety increases.

  • Ignorance of existence of a law is not an acceptable logic to do some wrong thing. Anything used to bypass the current system of the government is illegal.

  • Angela Hawkins

    I believe it is safe to use VPN in Saudi as long as you are a
    responsible user. Do not use it to fool other people. I have Astrill and
    I am planning to test it in KSA very soon.

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