Online Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa after Expiry

In our previous article, we have already explained the manual procedure to extend exit re-entry visa after expiry for dependents. In case, your application to extend exit re-entry visa for your dependent is not approved following the manual procedure we have referred above, you can try your luck through the online procedure to extend exit re-entry visa after expiry for dependents. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining the procedure to bring back your family or family member to Saudi Arabia if their exit re-entry visa expires through online procedure. Major contributors of the below procedure are Mr. Ace Navea and Mr. Socrates. They took all the pictures of the below documents and sent it to me along with the detailed procedure.

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Is your dependent entitled to come back to Saudi Arabia after the expiry of Iqama? First, you have to make sure that Iqama of your dependent is valid. If Iqama of your dependent is not valid, you are gone! Nothing can be done in such situation. You can check the iqama expiry date through this link “Check Iqama Expiry Date

If Iqama is valid second point is to check the expiry date of Exit Re-entry Visa. Any valid Iqama holder can enter to Saudi Arabia after the expiry of exit re-entry visa within 7 months. If he is a student, this period is extended to 13 months. However, the condition of Iqama validity will still prevail. 7 and 13 months are counted from the date of expiry of exit re-entry visa. Online Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa after Expiry has been explained below.

Visit and apply for the renewal visa online.

Once details are filled in, take the printout, and attest at Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce will keep the attested application for process and will return an acknowledgment with the application number.

Prepare a letter to MOI requesting approval of the above online visa application mentioning the application number and with the same details such as your dependent name, Iqama number & expiry, Passport Number, your name and Iqama details and relationship etc. Get it attested by Chamber of Commerce.

You can check the status online; otherwise, visit them after a week of submission.

Once approved, take the printout to MOFA with your original Iqama and get the earlier submitted online application approved. You can check the status online.

You need a letter requesting directly the Saudi Embassy of the country where your family member is overstaying to extend the visa period of the family member and allow him to enter to Saudi Arabia. The format of this letter can be obtained from the agents sitting in front of the Jawazat office. This letter needs to be signed by you as well as your employer.

After that, above letter should be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where you are residing. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce. A sample letter is also given below.

If the person who overstayed is a student and period of overstay has increased 7 months, he needs a letter from his school/university detailing that he is currently a student of that institution. This letter should also be attested by the Notary Public or from any other institution to the satisfaction of the Saudi Embassy.

Surrender all these documents to the agent you have hired for this purpose in your home country and ask him to process your visa ASAP. The stamped visa will be like this.

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Important Note from Ace Navea: My advice to anyone who wants to extend their dependent's re-entry visa is to first contact an Agent/Agency from your home country. Talk to him and let them tell you what exactly the Saudi Embassy requires because at the end of the day it is the embassy of Saudi Arabia in your country who will approve the request. It took me a month because of this uncertainty. I only prepare the first 3 documents here in KSA. I did not go or do anything in MOFA. I let the agent in my country pay for the visa which cost only less than SR 200.

  • Fazal Haque

    Hi Mak,

    My wife is outside Saudi Arabia and her exit re entry Visa expired in May 2016. As she was not able to come to saudi Arabia. Her IQAMA was updated in April 2016. Question: Do I need to apply for New Family Visa and cancel the current one or I re entry Visa can be extended. I had a discussion with my company Goverment relation officer per him IQAMA should be cancel and I should apply for a new VISA. Please guide me.

  • maf

    Salam Brother
    Were you able to renew the exit reentry visa for your family? If yes please help regarding the required documents.


  • maf

    Salam Bro
    Were you able to renew the exit reentry visa for your family? If yes please help regarding the required documents.


  • naveed alam

    Dear Niyaz,
    did you get the visa extension? Please share with me the format for letter to MOI. If you can guide me more I will be very thankful to you.
    My email: [email protected]

  • irfan

    Dear Niyas,
    Did you get reentry visa extension?How was your experience?Is it a simple procedure?
    I want to extend my wife’s reentry visa..Kindly advise ..Thanks

  • senthil kumar Jayaraman

    i want extent visa re-entry. i finished online with COC. what the next step to further process and please send sample letter to MOI. [email protected]

  • Kafilul Hasan

    Dear @stevejobsksa:disqus, my company has provided me the COC attested Exit/Reentry application from MOFA; but my agent is asking for Mustanad Tasheera document; please advise how to get this done. OR this paper is enough to get my family Exit/Re-entry stamped in India….

  • Roel Samson

    My dependent is currently outside the kingdom having an exit reentry, I would like to exit them instead. Can you please help by providing the procedure….

  • Raheel abid

    Hi I am currently outside the Saudia my rentry visa us expired before 2 munth and my iqama is still valid 7 munth my sponsor is agree for bring me back bet thay don’t now about documentation for visa extend any one please help join me on whatsapp 00923004422177

  • Mazhar Ehsan

    You need to go to any Saudi government passport office (Jawazat) in any city and submit your family iqamas along with this attached form to the designated office in one of the counters.
    This form is called بلاغ خروج وعدم العوده للوافد (Bilagh Khurooj Wa Adm AlAudah LilWafid) in Mrabic, meanking “Form for Left and No Returned”. This form is also available with the agents working outside a passport office also.
    I am replying for the benefit of other people in such requirement. Note that they will accept your iqamas after the 30 days of expiry of the exit-reentry-visa of your dependents.
    Failing to submit the iqamas will result in fine of 1000 SR per iqama.

  • Thank you very much for your input! I really appreciate it!

  • Mazhar Ehsan

    You are welcome Steve. Thanks for your message and great service to the community. Things become hazy some times because of lack of information.

    Secondly, I need to inform you that I am not I am no longer receiving messages from your WhatsApp number since April last 23 last. Could you please check it out. I have just sent now sent you a message on that WhatsApp number but it has not delivered yet.

  • We have deactivated Whatsapp Update service as the response from the people was not encourageable.

  • Muhammad

    Asslam o Alaikum Dear Steve I’m working feel shop but he’s shop no have work now he’s telling do it transfer quickly I’m telling I need few days times but he’s telling I’m given ھروب. I’m applying new company but he’s company transferring نقل كفالة
    2or 3 months waiting but my kafeel not given time he again and again tell I’m given هروب. And he’s not given salary 3 months I’m not signing paper on salary. Please tell me what I’m doing? Talking to مكتب العمل؟ what’s solution this problem please tell me thank you so much. Please give your what’s app? I’m waiting your answer and solution

  • @mazharehsan:disqus I have a question. You said they will accept the Iqamas after 30 days of expiry of exit re-entry visa. what if somebody wants to surrender iqamas before that? will they accept it?

  • Mazhar Ehsan

    Steve, It is my pleasure to get a chance answer you. My live very recent experience on this topic is as follows:

    The exit-re-entry visa of my 3 dependents was about to expire on August 10 and I decided to cancel their residency permit (iqama) because of they settled in India and the ensuing hassles of their required visits to the kingdom just to get another exit-re-entry visa if we had to keep their residency permit (iqama). Even though their iqama was valid upto next one year.
    I informed this to my company HR and they told me that the current rule of the Saudi government is to submit the iqamas immediately just the next working day after the expiry of the exit-re-entry visa. I visited the jawazt in Taif accordingly, where I live currently and talked to the officer there. They informed me that the rule has changed and I can submit/surrender the iqamas only after the 30 days of the expiry of the exit-re-entry visa. He did not accept my iqamas. Incidentally I had to go to India myself on a vacation trip on August 25 and I informed this to the officer. He told me it is ok if you are out of the kingdom and you can come to Jawazat and submit the iqamas along with the related form after returning back to the kingdom. I did accordingly accordingly.

    I did not explore much about the possibility of getting their exit-re-entry visas extended which is the subject of this article but I am sure it is possible only within “1 month” of the expiry of the visas only as written in one of the comments by “MY”. Obviously that is why they are accepting the iqamas only after 1 month of the expiry of the exit-re-entry visas. However, I had no prior information about it and my company HR personnel did not give me any positive answer as detailed in this article. They just told they can try to extend it until the visa is valid but there is no guarantee that it will be extended and if it is extended it will be for a short period of a few weeks and blah blah …
    I would welcome feedback from other readers about their experience about the extension of the exit[re-entry-visa more recently

  • Really Appreciate. I have published your experience in a new article today.

  • Mazhar Ehsan

    I checked it. I appreciate your action

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