7 Killing effects of Paracetamol to our Bodies

All around the world, people of different cities have different names for the painkiller pills. It is the go-to solution for all our headache problems. If we are too tired and our head hurts, we take the pill, if we think we are about to fall sick, we take the pill. This pill which has different names in different regions of the world has become a staple of our daily medical needs. These headache pills are usually referred to as aspirin in the west, and Panadol in the sub-continent do the same thing, which is to relieve your headache. We pay little heed to what we are putting in our body, as long as it is getting rid of our headache. However, a recent study has shown that something which we see as being completely harmless is indeed nothing like it.

1-According to a report by the British scientists, it is believed that this pill, which is basically Paracetamol, is the main cause of major problems in our back and our joints.

2-It is reported that taking of paracetamol over time can become the cause of major pain in the joints and as well as your lower back.

3-Apart from pain; the medicine damages your bones.

4-It should also be reported that excess usage of paracetamol can greatly damage your liver.

5-This study was published in the British Medical Journal, and in this report, it is stated that lower back pain is the number one cause of people who become handicapped at a later age. It is estimated that nearly 20 million people suffer from back problems every year, while some of these people go on to develop a chronic or a long-term backache. It should be noted that these 20 million people are from the United Kingdom only. This is a great discomfort for everyone suffering from this ailment, as it often does not allow the person to sit in one place for too long and even causes hindrance in sleeping. This is a great problem for those who are traveling and even our daily lives.

6-Doctors usually prescribe paracetamol to patients who have lower back or joint pain, although this provides some temporary relief, this medicine can cause your condition to deteriorate even further by damaging your back and joints. Apart from giving further back and joint problems, this medicine also causes the patients taking the drug to experience liver problems, something which the patient might not have had earlier.

7-The scientists behind this research claim that although paracetamol provides relief from joint and back pain, it is not made to be consumed by everyone. These scientists also believe that people should not take their warning about paracetamol, and indulge in any other painkiller drug; instead, all doctors and scientists recommend, light exercise and core fitness exercises to help strengthen your body and bones. Doctors and scientists from all around the world recommend exercise over medicine to treat some of your health issues, as well as stop other issues from arising.

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