Procedure to Apply for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents

All GCC Residents are advised to get E-Visa from online portal of Ministry of Interior, United Arab Emirates before visiting UAE. On Arrival Visit Visas will be denied to all GCC Residents after October 2015.

I have explained the procedure to Apply for E-Visa of UAE for GCC Residents below. However, before going further, I want you to go through some important instructions by Ministry of Interior of UAE for E-Visa of UAE.

There are many chances of UAE Visa Application even for GCC residents. Make sure to avoid  these reasons for UAE Visa rejection

Requirements to Apply for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents

1-You must have to carry your original iqama with validity of at least (3) months from arrival date.

2-If the profession of GCC Resident is found to be changed after issuance of this entry permit, entry permit holder will not be granted entry.

3-Passport must be valid at least (6) months from arrival date.

4-Credit Card to make online Payment

5-GCC Resident Application will not be approved for any family member if the sponsor is not traveling along with the family members.

Procedure to Apply for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents

First, you need to open the website of Ministry of Interior of UAE. You can also open it from the below 

Now click on the “GCC Individual” tab given in the left-hand side column of the page. A new page will appear where you will have to register your account.

After logging into your newly registered account, a popup window will appear like the screenshot given below, just accept it.

Now click on the “GCC Resident” tab given in the left-hand side column of the page. You need to fill a form to Apply for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents. Fill all the information as given in the below screenshot.

Once all the details are filled, just click on the next button. Instructions to fill the application form to Apply for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents are given below.

Emirate: Select the city where you want to travel first. Keep in mind you would only be able to enter to UAE through the entry ports of that city.

You have 5 options to select from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khema and Fujairah. I have selected Dubai above.

Port of Arrival: There are many ports of arrivals to Dubai. I am traveling by Air, so I have selected Airport. If you are traveling by road, you can select any other port of arrival.

Type of Sponsor: If you are working in a company or establishment, select the “Establishment”. “GCC Citizen” options is only for the domestic workers. Select “GCC Resident” if you are applying for your children.

Name: Enter all your details as shown in the below screenshot. After writing your name in English, just click on the “T” icon given below. It will automatically translate it to Arabic.

Profession: Profession must be selected from the profession list given in the system. Just start writing your profession, suggestions will appear on your computer screen.

If you are applying for a visa of your child, start writing “CHI” there and Child profession will appear on your screen. Similarly, “Housewife” should be selected as a profession of your wife.

Residence Issuance Date: It is the date when your Iqama was issued. This date is normally not mentioned on Iqama itself. If you are subscribed to the MOI services, you can easily check this date online. Recommended: How to Check Iqama Issuance Date Online?

Now you need to fill your contact details in UAE. If you are staying in a hotel, just write their address and phone number in the form. If you are traveling along with your legal dependents, you need to mention them here.

However, it should be kept in mind that you need to apply for a separate visa for each passport holder in your family.

In the next step, you need to upload your passport size photograph, the scanned copy of your Iqama and the copy of your latest passport to the system. The fee for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents is AED 230 per passport.

Just click on review button after uploading the documents. If all the information provided in the form is correct, you need to click on the “Post” button given at the end of the page.

Just pay the fee for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents through credit card and enjoy your time in UAE, Dubai. E-Visa of UAE applied from here will be issued to GCC Residents for 30 days from the entry and it is extendable for (60) days.

Procedure to Apply for Visas for Children: First opt “GCC resident” as sponsor type in GCC country, then add sponsor (Father) details (e.g. father name, nationality etc. and address better be same as written in father's application form).

Add applicant's (child's) name, D.O.B, religion etc. In the profession of the applicant (child) add “not employed” as a profession and then in relationship to sponsor, add “son/daughter”. Add applicant (child's) GCC details e.g. add iqama number of child in “residence number”.