How a Jinn converted to Islam on Twitter in Saudi Arabia?

A man who claims to be an experienced and successful spiritual healer has just recently announced that he single-handedly converted Jinn, to Islam.  The spiritual healer posted this startling revelation on the social media site Twitter and was reported by a local daily newspaper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The spiritual healer uses the recitation of Quranic verses to heal whoever comes to him. This process is called Ruqya. The spiritual healer posted his entire encounter with the Jinn on his own Twitter account, which has around 16,000 followers.[irp]

These Jinns are essentially creatures who have been granted free will and have been reportedly been created from a smokeless fire by God. These souls known as Jinns exist alongside angels and human beings according to popular Islamic Belief. According to the post on the spiritual healer’s Twitter account, the Jinn stated that he was indeed a Jinn and was announcing his voluntary conversion to the religion of Islam. The Jinn stated that the conversion had taken place at the hands of the spiritual healer, who the Jinn refers to as Sheikh. The Jinn in his conversation testified that there in only one God and that is Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was indeed his messenger. The Jinn also stated that the Sheikh was extremely helpful and made his conversion extremely easy.

Several people on the Twitter have ridiculed the spiritual healer and have accused him of fabricating such a conversation, to seek attention and increase the number of his followers. One person who was critical of the Sheikh’s statement said that the spiritual healer must have been joking as he is implying that these Jinns can also have their personal Twitter accounts. Some people who are experts in the Islamic Law or those who are generally well versed in these laws have called the spiritual healer, known as Sheikh, and most these spiritual healers, who exist all over the world, as con artists who are using their esteemed and pure religion and its noble practices to con the believers and make a lot of money on their gullible minds.

These fraudulent spiritual healers do not fully understand the great responsibility that they have towards their own religions and their society. They do not care what people think of them, if they have a few gullible minds, which keep funding their fraudulent escapades. One of the foremost researchers of Islamic Law also stated that these fake, so called spiritual healers often give an incorrect diagnosis to those who come to them for help to their problems.[irp]

The researcher claims that these healers have very little to no background information on the people who come to them for help, and do not know the complete extent of their problems. The Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh has also slammed such fraudulent people for using a noble practice, which is respected greatly, and use it to exploit vulnerable people and take their money.

Source: Arab News