Saudi Father Forgives the Murderer of his Son for memorizing the Holy Quran

A parent has only one true dream or wishes in their whole life, to watch their children grow up, become good people and live a comfortable successful life. A parent does not care about himself but instead focus their whole lives around their children. People often do not realize what hell parents go through when they watch their children die before them. No parent ever deserves to watch this happen. However, one Saudi parent had to go through this hellish ordeal. Rabi’a al – Dousary, was the unfortunate father who lost his young son due to a minor quarrel. The young man by the name of Abdullah, who was al – Dousary’s son, was killed by Faisal al – Ameri, after a scuffle broke out due to an argument that the two young men were having.[irp]

It is reported that both men lived in the same neighborhood, and it is in their own neighborhood that the argument happened, which in turn turned into a scuffle, which ultimately leads to the murder of the young man named Abdullah. Faisal al- Ameri was found guilty of the murder of Abdullah and had been sentenced to death by the Saudi Arabian courts for his heinous crime. However, the father alDousary has shown great forgiveness and courage by pardoning the murderer of his son. Rabi’a al – Dousary has pardoned his son’s killer on one single stipulation. The young man Faisal al – Ameri, must memorize by heart, the entire Holy Quran before he can be released from prison.

It has been reported by many Gulf newspapers that the father, Mr. Rabi’a al- Dousary was persuaded by the Higher Committee of Correction in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province. The Committee pleaded with the father to set a brilliant example by pardoning his son’s killer, but with a noble stipulation. The Committee has been successful in saving 1 life, even though it is that of a convicted prisoner. The decision ultimately was of the father of the slain young man. Usually, when murderers are pardoned in Muslim countries, the pardon usually involves of a huge financial settlement, which is known as blood money.

Even though blood money is completely legal and lawful according to Islamic Law, Rabi’a al- Dousary who has set yet another great example, refused to take any form of blood money from the family of the felon. Instead, the father only wished that his son’s murderer learns the Holy Quran before being released. The father believes that the teachings of the Quran will help the young man named Faisal; find peace with what he has done, and will allow him to stay away from such acts in his future life.[irp]

The father seems to have made peace with the passing of his own son; as such an extreme gesture of kindness is not possible by someone who has yet not made peace with what has happened. We all handle the death of our loved ones differently, but I strongly believe that if more people could be like this Father, the world would be a better place.

Source: Al Arabiya