10 Things only people who live far away from their families can understand

The Man is a social animal and he needs loved ones, friends and family around him if he wants to stay happy and satisfied. Interaction is one of the basic needs of a human being to live a normal and calm life. Sometimes, people have to live out of their social circle due to any reason such as job, marriage or studies etc. If you have ever lived in any of the Gulf countries, you must have seen people sacrificing the best years of their life alone for the better future of their children. Here we have 10 Things only people who live far away from their families will understand.[irp]

Feeling away from family functions: Family events are most important and pleasurable occasions where everyone meets, feels happy and enjoy each other company with better looks and fresh moods. Seeing family photos on Twitter or Facebook where you are not among them makes you feel sad.

Missing your relatives: Normally relatives are not good creatures to see but when you are away for a long time, obviously, a feeling of emptiness surrounds you. This makes you feel sad and alone.

Calling Casually: Calling friends and family are obviously beyond the matter of need. One may talk to them without any special reason even just to repeat old memories and to recall past time spent together.

Missing birthday celebrations: Once you were called by everyone at your birthday, people used to celebrate your big day with you. But now? No one around at the 12 midnight. Sadness is obvious!!

Grownup fellows: When you come across some changes your family, friends or acquaints and see numerous changes in their appearances. Beard face mature looks, grown-up height, smartness, fair complexion or anything else. It may make you feel how deprived you have been as you could not see these changes in progress.

Getting complaints:  When you had to do something important such as lunch with your best friends, Sunday tea party with your parents or meet up with your in-laws at weekends and you could not make it happen. Gosh!! There would be junk of complaints from people.

Goodbye Fever: It is natural to feel sad at the time of saying goodbye after spending a memorable time with your family or friends. But obviously, there is always an exit point. Nothing to do with it!!

Festive Holidays: You may have a lot of things to do at your weekends or during long holidays. But your priority would be to spend time with your family as there is no surety when you will such chance again.

Work Sickness: In case you are too addicted to sharing every progressive point in your routine with your loved ones. And suddenly life gets stuck somewhere and you can’t update them about the mess you are facing. Such feelings suck!!!

Friends are family for now: There is a point in everyone’s life when he has to accept his social circle as important as his own family. There is no way out and he has to accept the life is going on. What it can never be a replacement of family in actual.