Nouf Al-Amoudi: A Female Saudi Student who encourages Polygamy Practice

Muslims around the world can marry 4 women at a time. It is our religion which allows us to do so, yet it comes with strict guidelines on how to carry out polygamy in a just way. Islam dictates that equal amount of time and respect should be given to all the wives and that no one wife should get any more attention and any other necessity than the other wives. Islam forbids favoritism amongst wives, in the case of polygamy. This is a pretty normal thing for Muslims and we do not see it in the light that the western media chooses to present it. However, there is one Muslim woman who has stood up and defended polygamy against the women in her country to be more open to polygamy.[irp]

Nouf Al-Amoudi, a 19-year-old medical student in Jeddah, has launched a vocal campaign to convince the women of Saudi Arabia to be more accepting of their husbands’ marriage to other women. The young Saudi, Al-Amoudi, strongly believes that if the husband is just and fair in his dealings with all his wives in every possible aspect of life, then he should be allowed to marry up to the permitted limit of 4 wives in Islam. It should be noted that what the young woman is saying is on par with what our religion teaches us, and not an unjust or extraordinary demand. Al-Amoudi’s campaign to raise acceptance for polygamy is literally the most important thing which could end the issue of spinsterhood, in our society, as reported by Al-Watan daily.

According to statistics, it is clearly shown that the percentage of the female population is far greater than the percentage of men in the total population. Hence if these men do not marry more than a wife, then it will be natural that the excess number of women may remain spinsters. Although all may not agree with Al-Amoudi’s views as she has received much negative criticism for the campaign for polygamy which she started. However, she still has faith that all those women who are against the idea of polygamy are thinking from their heart and not their mind. She has added that other women should rationally think about the issue at hand instead of completely rejecting the idea.

There were also many women who came out in support of the young medical student’s campaign and she has also gained a lot of strong backing for her campaign that is wholeheartedly supporting her campaign. Al-Amoudi managed to speak a few words to the media, and she expressed her personal views on the issue. She said that it is the perfect solution for marriages of unmarried women, for men to marry more than one wife.[irp]

She also added that some women have openly refused their husbands permission to marry again, which is necessary to do so, and she finds it insulting that women would make their men choose monogamy, and let the other unmarried women remain unmarried.