List of Countries with Visa Free Access on Indian Passport

Since most of the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia belong to India, so we have decided to educate them about their right to travel without thinking about visa to the countries. Yes, Indian Passport holders can travel to 59 countries without applying for visas.[irp]

We have given a list of countries where Indian Passport holders are not required to take visa or visa is available on arrival. Visa-free access or on arrival visa to these countries is available for a period of 3 days to 6 months to Indian citizens.

Although there are 59 countries in the below list I am sure you have not even heard names of most of these countries before. Most of the countries in this list are those countries where visitors do not want to travel.

Some well-known countries where Indian Passport holders can travel without a visa or on arrival visa is available to them is Bhutan, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, and Thailand.

Check the full list of countries where Indian Passport holders can travel without a visa. Indian Passport ranks 74th out of 92 ranks in the world in terms of countries allowed without a visa.

S.NCountryVisa RequirementVisa Duration
1 BhutanVisa not Required
2 BoliviaVisa on Arrival90 days
3 Cape VerdeVisa on Arrival30 days
4 ComorosVisa on Arrival30 days
5 DominicaVisa not Required180 days
6 East TimorVisa on Arrival30 days
7 EcuadorVisa not Required90 days
8 El SalvadorVisa not Required90 days
9 FijiVisa not Required4 months
10 GrenadaVisa not Required3 months
11 GuyanaVisa on Arrival3 months
12 HaitiVisa not Required3 months
13 IndonesiaVisa not Required30 days
14 JamaicaVisa not Required6 Months
15 JordanVisa on Arrival
16 LaosVisa on Arrival30 days
17 MadagascarVisa on Arrival30 days
18 MaldivesVisa not Required90 days
19 Marshall IslandsVisa on Arrival90 days
20 MauritaniaVisa on Arrival30 days
21 MauritiusVisa not Required90 days
22 MicronesiaVisa not Required30 days
23 MozambiqueVisa on Arrival30 days
24   NepalVisa on ArrivalUnlimited
25 PalauVisa on Arrival30 days
26 Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not Required3 months
27 Saint LuciaVisa on Arrival6 weeks
28 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa not Required1 month
29 SamoaVisa on Arrival60 days
30 SenegalVisa not Required90 days
31 SerbiaVisa not Required30 days
32 SeychellesVisa on Arrival3 months
33 SomaliaVisa on Arrival30 days
34 SurinameVisa on Arrival90 days
35 TanzaniaVisa on Arrival30 days
36 ThailandVisa on Arrival15 days
37 TogoVisa on Arrival7 days
38 Trinidad and TobagoVisa not Required90 days
39 TuvaluVisa on Arrival30 days
40 UkraineVisa on Arrival15 days
41 VanuatuVisa not Required30 days
42 Belovezhskaya Pushcha National ParkVisa not Required3 days
43 Turkish Republic of Northern CyprusVisa not Required3 months
44 South OssetiaVisa not Required
45 SvalbardVisa not Required
46 TransnistriaVisa not Required
47 Saint HelenaVisa on Arrival
48 RéunionVisa not Required15 days
49 SomalilandVisa on Arrival30 days
50 Kish IslandVisa not Required
51 MacauVisa not Required30 days
52 PalestineVisa not Required
53Jeju IslandVisa not Required30 days
54 British Virgin IslandsVisa not Required30 days
55 MontserratVisa not Required6 months
56 Turks and Caicos IslandsVisa not Required
57 Cook IslandsVisa not Required31 days
58 NiueVisa on Arrival30 days
59 Pitcairn IslandsVisa not Required14 days