3 Years ban if caught working on a job different from iqama profession

Shahzad: I have been in contact with you regarding my case. I want to remind you that my iqama profession was different from the actual profession and it was the company's mistake to not change my profession though I had provided them all important documents according to the Saudi law. Now Jawazat has imposed a ban of three years on me and my final exit papers are ready. I will not be detained in jail. I want to ask you that as I do not have any criminal case against me so can I go to the QATAR or UAE now because I have some very good offers from those countries. I had asked the officer of Jawazat but very rudely he replied that I cannot enter any GCC country for three years. I need your guidance, please. May God, bless you![irp]

I came to Saudi Arabia on materials engineer visa and my degree was geology. Here I got 2 Iqamas for the 1st two years but later, engineering council membership was needed. I got the letter of changing profession from Saudi engineering council but my company due to their laziness did not change my profession. Then my company's status was partial green and they could not change profession. I asked them for the final exit but along with my final exit, Jawazat took finger prints from me and banned me for 3 years. Did I ask from Jawazat that is this ban only in Saudi Arabia or all GCC? He was saying that I cannot enter any GCC country now though I do not have any criminal charge against me. So, I need confirmation that is this true because I have good offers from other countries.

Mr. Steve police have not arrested me. My company could not change my profession in iqama due to its reduced green status and iqama could not be renewed as membership of SEC was required. I asked my company for a final exit. Along with final exit, Jawazat took my fingerprints and photo and banned me for three years though my degrees were attested from Saudi Embassy and culture. I asked them that can I go to Qatar or Emirates his reply was NO. Police or Jawazat have not arrested me and there is no criminal case against me. Can I go to another Gulf country?[irp]

Answer by Steve: Yes, you can go to any GCC country easily.  Do not worry! You are not banned from anywhere in GCC. If you are going on final exit from KSA, no one can ban you. If they have banned you from KSA, they cannot ban you from other GCC countries as you do not have any criminal record. This is according to my understanding of the Saudi Systems. But the opinion of one single person. You should still contact any other source to cross check your status. According to me, you are not banned from entering to any other GCC country.