10 Tips to manage your luggage while traveling in an Airline

Imagine losing your precious souvenirs and clothes, just after returning from the best vacation of your life. It can spoil even the best vacation experiences, especially when the airline decides to stop looking for the luggage and just compensate you for it. This basically means the luggage is gone for good. So now the question arises, how do we prevent this from happening? Here are a few tips to avoid such things from happening;[irp]

1-Always check in your luggage as it will avoid any hassle of getting your baggage inspected when going through the boarding gate. This will also avoid you the worry of fitting the luggage into those tiny overhead bins. It also saves you during stopovers as you would not have to carry the baggage from one gate to the next.

2-As a counterpoint to the first point, if your luggage is small or the flight is a straight flight without stopovers, then carry your baggage. This allows you to skip the baggage carousel and you can also access the contents as in laptop, notepad etc. during the flight.

3-It is best to invest in high-quality durable bags, as they are truly worth every penny.  These bags also come as TSA approved which means that your locks can’t be destroyed. Trolley bags are the ideal choice as they can be easily transported and saves your energy.

4-If you decide to check in your luggage, make sure it is a standard size and not too big. It should also not weigh anything above 20 pounds. The standard dimensions of carry-on luggage are (9x14x22 inches)

5-Mark your bags so that it can be easily identified. Also, put id tags on the inside and outside of your luggage. In the case of the baggage getting misplaced, you will be easily tracked down. Most people prefer to place the office address rather than the home address for security reasons.

6-One should be aware of the basic packing tip, never put guns, knives or any weapons in your bags. Additionally, keep your passport, phone, and medications within your reach.

7-It is advised to keep all valuables in your carry-on luggage. Never consider keeping electronics, jewelry and things of the sort in your check-in luggage. If in case you can’t carry-on your luggage, place your valuables in a small bag which you can carry on and check-in the rest of the stuff.

8-Keep your carry-on luggage within sight, if it is not near you or in your sight someone may deliberately or accidentally break into it.

9-Always place a lock on your luggage and keep the keys in your pocket. The new rise in baggage theft at airports has been causing many people to follow this advice.

10-Always check the tags on your luggage if they are correct. This will make sure that if the baggage does get lost it is either in one of the two airports and not halfway around the world.