4 Best Places to buy a Cigar in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

The cigar is generally known around the world as the choice of vice or the more experienced smoker. Every cigar smoker knows how it feels to accompany your favorite activity with a cigar. It is a truly priceless feeling, however, when someone travels to a new country, the cigar smoker may not know the best place to purchase his choice of vice. Such is the case for our avid reader who has recently shifted from the United States of America to Saudi Arabia. The man is original of Indian lineage and smokes tobacco pipes and cigars for spiritual and medicinal purposes. He believes he will need all the spiritual motivation he can get, after moving away from his family. He describes his new home as being full of sand and empty of trees and rivers, something that he was accustomed to seeing in the United States. He has asked where he would be able to purchase cigars and pipe tobacco in al-Khobar and many of our readers have responded to his query with informative solutions.[irp]

Whether it is the Cohiba, the Romeo Julieta or the Montecristo, counterfeit cigars are available all around the world and originate mainly from Mexico where they are hand rolled and packed into the identical counterfeit packaging. Hence it is always advisable to buy in moderate bulk from your trusted shop or supplier and store them in humidors which greatly extend the shelf life of any cigar. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia has a high number of smokers which includes cigarette and cigar smokers along with pipe tobacco users. The popularity of the hookah or shisha trend in the region has caused the number of smokers to rise significantly. So, in the case of cigars, stay away from discount deals or low prices and don’t try and save some money as you will inadvertently lose in the quality of cigars, which you will purchase.

1-One reader has stated that the best and most reasonably priced cigars are available at La Casa Cubana which is located on 28th street P.0.8 2915 Al Khobar.

2-He states that the Cuban shop stocks a wide variety of cigars, which are noted to be original and not counterfeit.

3-There were even a few funny responses which we do not know are true or not. For instance, one reader said that although it sounded unbelievable, the best and freshest cigars could be found in a pastry shop named Dawaq. This shop is located right in front of steakhouse restaurant and has a cigar corner inside the shop.

4-The reader who has given the most helpful response stated that the Tamimi cornice in Khobar has a tobacco kiosk which is always well stocked with fresh and good Cuban cigars. The responder states that he has been smoking cigars for a long time and has pleaded with all cigar smokers in the region, to be aware of counterfeit cigars as there are a lot of Cohiba knockoffs out there. The kiosk the reader has recommended reportedly has a no counterfeit policy.