12 Tips to Appear in US Visit Visa (B2) Interview in Saudi Arabia

Visiting the United States on Visit Visa is the dream of almost every second individual living in Saudi Arabia. This dream of moving or visiting U.S goes down the drain when your Visit Visa application gets rejected or when you are very near to your destination but you fail in the interview. That’s really heartbreaking! Visit Visa is not only difficult to get but also expensive and no one would like it to be rejected as it is time-consuming as well.  Getting Visit Visa is a bit difficult also because some people betrayed the American authorities by utilizing fake or illegal means, overstaying in the country or running away from the sponsors. No wonder their strictness is well justified because they don’t need more violators to enter their country and so they need to filter such people properly. Therefore, the authorities would love to see such people who are honest enough to abide by their rules, stay for the given time and return after that.

So, if you are worried about the interview and have fear in your heart related to failing in the interview, you have landed on the correct article! Yes! We are going to give a brief overview of the interview and all the relevant tips which will help you clear this step in no time. There are sometimes slight errors or mistakes, as simple as lack of confidence which can cause the failure. The applications denied are far greater than the accepted ones!  Following are the tips and the mistakes you should keep in mind for your interview.

Tips to get U.S. Visit (B-2) Visa from Saudi Arabia

1-Clothes: Don’t be overdressed. You should look as decent as your documents portray you. Wear formal clothes as if it’s a formal meeting because the person interviewing you is an American (the interpreter may be local). Americans favor formal attire so men can wear a tie as well. If you are applying as a student, look like a student formally dressed. Be decent, neat and simple!

2-Time: Value time and be punctual. Leave a bit earlier to reach the embassy/consulate because you don’t want to get late if you are stuck in traffic and because the lines in the embassy are too long.

3-Sequence: Eat, because the process takes half a day so have enough energy because you need to get in a couple of queues.

  • The first line is for Getting inside the embassy.
  • The Second line is for getting your interview number.
  • The third line is for getting inside the building where the interview is scheduled (SEATED)
  • The fourth line is for Photo screening purpose (you should not be smiling in the photo you brought)
  • The fifth line is for Hand Prints
  • The sixth and final line is the interview (SEATED)

4-Avoid: Avoid bringing food stuff and electronic items such as cell phones with you inside.

5-Show as if you love to visit U.S: Your interview lasts only about for few minutes. The main thing that the officer wants to make sure is that you won’t overstay in their country and you won’t adopt illegal means of staying in the country and return within the given time. You should reassure them and satisfy them that you are just going for a short period and have no intentions of staying extra. You should have enough proof for them to show that you will return for sure.

6-Be confident: Prepare thoroughly, this will help you stay confident. Don’t keep nervous expressions on your face or trembling hands which might put a negative image of yours on them. Smile and greet them nicely. Look straight into the eyes of the officer while speaking and keep straight confident posture. Officers are trained to read your expressions and body language. Always remember you need to convince them that you won’t stay there forever and you will return on time. None of your answers should show your intentions of settling or finding work there.

7-Clear answers: Give simple, clear, loud, to the point, short answers. Don’t tell them long stories or explanations. Giving unnecessary information might lead you to rejection. Avoid contradictory statements. Speak proper English

8-Be polite: Be polite in answering and never argue. Show respect.  Do not elaborate your answers unnecessarily as it may go against you. Don’t ask irrelevant questions or question them back.  Don’t be too aggressive with the idea of wasting your fee which you paid.

9-Appropriate date: It is easy to say that you want to visit the US anytime you feel like but choose and show an appropriate date which satisfies the American officials. For example, if you are a student, give them a date coinciding with your academic year to show that you will return upon finishing your studies. If there is work-related event, tell them the dates coinciding with it.

10-Documents: Have correct documents ready with you for safer side. Mostly it is seen that they don’t ask for your documents to view.

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Visa DS-160 form page
  • Photographs
  • Application fee receipt
  • Consent to travel for minors
  • Employment/school/SEC certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
  • Invitation from a US resident
  • Bank records of last 3 months
  • Any other documents for supporting your visit to states

11-If you fail: If you fail to convince the officials don’t get dishearten as it is not permanent. You can always apply again and mention the previous reason for rejection. Be prepared for tricky question like “what if….” Always think before speaking. It’s good if you support your answers with documents.

12-Prepare for questions like:

  • Why do you want to travel to States?
  • For how much time will you stay?
  • Who is sponsoring you?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Can’t you finish your work in a shorter time?
  • What does your U.S relative do?
  • Will you come back after visiting?
  • How will you assure us that you’ll return?
  • Keit

    Hi sir, iam planning to visit usa this comming decmbr to celebrate xmas and im currently working here in saudi. And my aunt will send me invitation letter, its okay if she will just send it thru my email and il just print it? Or the original one?

  • It is better to get original one with her other documentation like tax returns, her national card etc

  • Asif Asghar Malik

    Hi sir,
    If i apply usa visit visa online from jeddah.where will my interview place?

  • Naeem Akhtar

    Hi Steve,
    I have 5 years multiple USA visa valid till 2020,, I had visited USA last year, now I want to take my family (wife and children) to visit USA as well, please guide me with the procedure and requirements etc.

  • Asfa fuzail

    Mr Naeem Akhtar, we visited Us this July. .My husband already had multiple visa which was expiring this October…I applied from khoober, my daughter who is studio in LUMS pakistan she applied from lahore and had interviewed in Islamabad and my son applied from canada. Allhumdolillah we all got visa. They just asked why we are going US ..and we said that my husband already have this visa and now we are visiting canada and we want to visit US TOO….that was the truth….they dint ask anything else. No lines nothing. Everything is online.choose interview day of your choice.in three days I got the passport in my hands . It was same in pakistan for my daughter

  • You will have to follow same procedure which you adopted for your visa

  • Hi Steve
    do you have Facebook ?

  • Shahid Ali

    Hi, I am planning to apply USA Visa along with my family (wife + kids), i have an invitation letter along with other documents such as tax return, Affidavit etc from my younger sister. who is USA citizen. All document are received thru email, should I have to produce an Org. one or copy thru email is ok… and what are our chances to obtain vissa

  • Qamar Jawaid

    Salam Afsa how are you I need some advise my interview is on nov 13 with my family and kids I am living here in Jubail how can I contact you my number is055 360 3845 please add me I really need some advise before my interview

  • Shamim

    Dear Sir Steve , I am Shamim Sarker From Bangladesh,I want to go USA But last 20 August I refused from USA Embassy That Was Visa Type B1/B2 ….Now I am so Upset About that Now What to do now ? I am Business Man… Plz Suggest Me Plzzzzz…

  • Yawar G. Hashmi

    Dear all,
    I am living in Saudi Arabia and yesterday I applied to USA visit visa with my husband and kids , my husband is going for official trip he already went to USA in last December for 10 days in that time he got single entry now they gave him multiple entry visa and refused kids and my visa and officer said I ll not give ur family visa rite now u can apply again any time ..
    I would like to know may I apply again with different city and if I show them company letter for all our tour expense will pay them so it’s better

    Kindly reply me I m waiting ur response

  • I do not think it is a good idea to apply again unless your circumstances have changed. It is going to be rejected again if you apply on the same credentials.

  • Yawar G. Hashmi

    Dear Steve
    If we apply again from another city? Bcz my hubby company bear our all expense of this trip and we didn’t show this letter to embassy before now I want to show this letter whats your opinion

  • I think the cost of applying for Visa is $150. If the reason for rejection, is the insufficient funds in your bank statement, go ahead and apply again. If the reason stated is something else, I think it will not be a good idea to apply again. However, if you can take the risk on $150, go for it.

  • memon nomi

    i applying for usa visit visa from saudi arabia with my wife and children i want to ask about time of interview must present child or no need please inform me

  • memon nomi

    hello i also apply from dahran so please inform me on the interview must present kids or no need

  • Mel

    Hi. I am planning to apply for a visit visa this year, working here in Saudi for almost 3 years & single. I have cousins living there. I would like to ask if there’s a need to have letters from them or a copy of their green cards. If its not necessary & ill just mention i have relatives Would there be a chance to approve?

  • Shahid Ali

    Hello Dear Steve : I want to apply for USA visit visa from Saudi & i have a friend in USA she filled up the Affidavit I-134 letters and sented on my Email .. can you please tell me that, is USA Embassy will accept the Affidavit I-134 copies or they require original peppers …? If yes then please tell me how can i get here in Saudi those original documents ?? by courier or USA Embassy..?

  • Yasir Malik

    Hello Steve,
    I work as safety officer in Saudia since 5 years, i am married having one kid in pakistan and now i plan to visit my sister in U.S
    My sister with her husband and five kids lives in US since many years, they all have citizen ship and green card.
    now my question is how i need to start applying visa from Saudia or my sister need to submit from U.

  • Yasir Malik

    thank u so much again Steve, this website really helpful… just a small confusion about Bank statement how much balance approximately i have to show in bank .

  • depends upon your nationality. However, to be on safe side, not less than $15,000 maintained over a period of 6 months.

  • hayder

    Hi Steve,

    I am an electrical engineer and doing job here in Saudia since 4 years. I am planning to visit US this year. My sister who is on LPR is living in states with her husband since 9 years.
    I have already filled the DS-160 form. However, I have some confusions, please guide me how much bank statement is required for US visit visa. What if my sister sends me a sponsor letter, it will be helpful or not? Moreover, I visited USA when I was kid like 9 months, in 1984. Do I have to mention this in form? It will help me or not?

    I shall be grateful for your kind response.

    Best regards 🙂

  • Marcela Tomassovich


  • Cromwell Jones

    I don’t have money in the bank, that means my application is surely rejected? Please enlighten me.

  • How would you bear the cost of traveling? this is their only concern.

  • Cromwell Jones

    Dear Mr. Steve,

    Thank you for your quick reply, and I can just be very honest that I don’t have U.S. Dollars 15K in the bank, but I would still go ahead to be interviewed, but I know, it’s gonna be NO for an answer. Therefore, I won’t push the idea.

    Pocket money and air tickets are easy to produce while the bank account show money is not.

  • Meg

    Is a companion allowed inside the US embassy? If not, where can she stay? Because we would be coming from the Eastern Province and we don’t have a private car.

  • stay outside in the car