The story of SINTA brought tears in my Eyes – Part 1

After joining my position in Riyadh famous Hospital, the most delightful person I have ever met here was Sinta. She was a kind and innocent lady with a constant smile on her face. I discovered her in a small jail inside the hospital where she had been staying from last four years. It was not actually a jail. Her story is a bit complicated and I have divided it into parts owing to its length. The first part comprises of her captivation in hospital cell. The second part tells who she got rid of this prison and the third one is a bit thrilling as it covers Sinta’s disappearance.[irp]

Sinta came in Saudi Arabia from a backward Indonesian village for the sake of work as she had to fulfill dreams of her teenage daughter and 9 years old son. She was in her late 20’s when she came here on the sponsor of a wealthy family. That family was residing in a Villa in Riyadh and her tasks comprised of common household chores and taking care of oldest lady of the house whom she used to call “Mama Ameenah”.  That was the only lady from the whole house who used to treat her with kindness and respect. Rest of the family member were too active to take care that she may get minimum time for taking rest and sleep.

Sinta was such a passionate lady, as she never complains about her difficulties and restlessness which she kept on facing for six years during her stay in that villa. Her sponsor, who was the son of Mama Ameenah, kept on making fake promises with her about her going back to Indonesia to meet her family during vacations. She never took even a single day off from her work and was totally handicap while her stay in Saudi Arabia. Her passport was taken by her sponsor when she reached Riyadh airport and she was provided with a mobile phone without credit. There were so many difficulties on her way to get connected with her family, still, she used to say Alhamdulillah (Thanks to God) as she could send money to her family and was provided with shelter and food.

Sinta was patiently facing the difficulties until Mama Ameenah had some medical issues for which doctors prescribed gastroscopy. She was taken to hospital for it while right after the procedure she was shifted to ICU due to complications in treatment. Later it was discovered that Mama was given a drug while procedure by which she had a severe allergy. Since Mama Ameena was transferred to a general ward in ICU which made the family of the Mama Ameena frustrated. The whole family requested the hospital to provide her a separate room.

Due to the mistake of hospital management they had to say yes to their demands and a separate room was assigned to Mama with latest equipment and machines and Sinta was assigned to mama’s care. She kept on sitting mama’s bed for four-year, she ate there, she slept there, and she had showers and did all her tasks while sitting on mama’s bed. She kept on holding mama’s hand for hours and talking to her in return of which sometimes mama could open her eyes with any actual gesture that whether she understands her words of not. Despite no improvement in Mama’s condition, Sinta kept on making efforts for rehabilitation with her care for a long period as if she were doing this for her mother.

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