Procedure to Process Family Visit Visa from Etimad Centers in Pakistan

A regular contributor to this blog Mr. Muhammad Zaheer Nazir has come up again with another procedure. I am personally very thankful to him for guiding the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia. Today, he is telling us about the procedure to process family visit visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan. It is important to mention here that Etimad Centers in Pakistan only process family visas. The procedure to process working visas is different and has been covered in this link “Saudi Work Visa”.[irp]

First, you need to book an appointment with Etimad Centers. The procedure to book an appointment is given here. If you want to visit Etimad without taking an appointment, make sure you are there in the early morning. They do not accept direct requests after 11 am.

You will have to carry all the below-mentioned documents to the Etimad Center on the date of appointment. Below are the documents as per my knowledge which is required. This may not be the complete list; this is for your reference only. I hope it would help you.

Visa Slip printed from MOFA Saudi Arabia website

Marriage certificate and its photocopy attested by Pakistani Foreign Office

Passport and Iqama copy of the person who applied for the visa

Relationship evidence which could be certain documents which prove that this person is relative to the visa sender.

2 Pics in white background which should not be more than 6 months’ old

Return air tickets – It is written on their website that they require return air ticket but they don’t ask for it. To know the detail if you need a return ticket, read this link “Return Ticket for Family Visit Visa Holder in Saudi Arabia”

ID Card of the Applicant – It is better if Your Wife get new ID Card with your name as husband on the ID Card (it's simple just go to NADRA office with Union counsel provided Nikah Registration form and they will proceed), and after that your wife will get the New Passport on basis of new ID Card.

Passport of the Applicant

Vaccination Card: Please bring applicant's Vaccination Card for Polio & MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella). Otherwise, they will not accept the documents. The vaccination card should not be more than 6 months old. This Vaccination can be done from any Govt. The hospital which cost only 30 to 50 Rupees. Etimad Office also has this facility but they charge PKR 2,000 for it. This vaccination card is not required for children less than 1-year-old.

Muqeem Paper: Nowadays, Etimad Center is also asking for a Muqeem paper to process the visa request. You can ask your company to provide you this paper. It contains details related to your dependents and iqama expiry etc. You can also print the Dependents tab from your MOI account and it will also be acceptable to them.

At the time of submission of the documents, the staff members will ask you to opt for the urgent way of processing the application. The fee for an urgent way of stamping the visa from Etimad Center is more than the normal fee. This is just a tactic to get an additional amount of money from your pocket. Don’t be trapped to such trick as there is hardly any difference between the duration of two methods of processing of the application.

The fee for the processing of Visit Visa at Etimad Center is around PKR 73,000/- for single entry family visit visa.

Once all these documents are stamped, you need to track the application status on Enjaz website. When the status appears as the visa is stamped on your passport, anyone can go to Etimad Center with the receipt of the application and proof of his identification and collect the passport.

You may also opt for courier service at the Etimad Center. In this case, the passport will be delivered to your home address.

If your passport is not collected within 30 days from the Etimad Center, it will be returned to Saudi Embassy.

Etimad Center Contact Numbers: 0092-4237512732, 0092-4237512733, 0092-4237512734, 0092-4237512735, 0092-4237512737, 0092-2132785640, 0092-2132785641

Validity of Family Visit Visa: Once visit visa is issued by MOFA, it can be stamped by Saudi Embassy in your home country within 3 months of its issuance date. Once family visit visa is stamped in your home country by the Saudi Embassy, it is valid for 1 month from the date when it is stamped. However, we recommend you to check the visa issued by the Saudi Embassy for the validity of the visa.

  • Habibullah Khan

    it is not mandatory to book return ticket, children under 12 dont need to go to etimad, my parents visit visa validity is 3 months

  • Farooq Sultan

    What relationship evidence should be provided for my mother’s visit visa? Aren’t oour passports and NICs enough? has anyone gone through this experience?

  • ALi

    nothing just cnic and passport is enough along with iqama copy

  • syed Sohail

    Before an hour i submitted my wife visit visa form to chamber of commerance. Now i chek the status. Now i was checking my status. I saw this but cannot understand. Anybody can explain me about this status.?

    فضلا تعبئة طلب جديد وفقا للتعديلات الجديدة في استمارة الطلب (للصلاحية وعدد مرات الدخول)

  • Mohamed Zubair

    Dear , I have submitted my parents visa on 30th September on 29th of 1437 and until now its still showing submitted and no updates however the fee was collected as per last year.
    Please advise if i got refusal shall i apply here again in KSA or need to apply again in eitmad.

  • Adnan
  • Asif Qureshi

    Aoa. Which documents did you submit for the proof of relation?

  • Asif Qureshi

    Are you sure? Some. People are saying that birth certificate needs to be submitted? Can you please confirm. Thanks

  • Atta Ul Mustafa Qamar

    Asalamoalikum dear,
    I have applied for family visit visa single re entry (90) days while i am in saudi arabia. During taking appointment eitmad office for submitting the visa file i saw a notice regarding mandatory medical insurance for family visit visa .could anyone tell me about the fee in Pakistani rupees that how much cost it is . Please tell me immediately.

  • Zeeshan

    I want to have permanent saudi family visa. Wt should i fill in the form of Eitmad ? Options are:
    single entry visa
    Multiple entry visa

    Where i should click ? Plz guide me

  • Zeeshan

    How much time require in Eitmad centre for permanent family visa processing ?

  • Muhammad Pervaiz

    is it necessary to have original Marriage certificate to get family visit visa stamped from Etimad office????
    Please support me with experience as i have lost my original marriage certificate and visit visa gonna expire.

  • Muhammad Pervaiz

    One of my friend got her wife’s visa stamped in 5 days. But depends upon number of requests in Saudi embassy and also your Luck.

  • Zeeshan


  • majid

    please share your experience about CCHI insurance fee,
    hoe much they take now adays???

  • adnan saleem

    is there any relationship certificate needed in eitmad for my mother visit visa?

  • S.Shahid

    How much fee for family visa stamping in eimaad?

  • You can find it on their website.

  • Muhammad Siddiqui

    steve can u plz send me ur email i want to discuss regarding my permanent family visa please. My email is [email protected]

  • Mubashar Rana

    As you mention above ,the fee would be Rs:73000/- per head for Saudi visit visa..
    In case of more than one members , how much they have to pay?
    Plz reply as soon as possible?

  • Itrat Zahra

    Eitmad fee for family visit visa is around 64 thousand. How could you say that it’s 73000?

  • multiply by 2

  • Irfan Razaq

    Hi Steve, I need your help .. can you please inbox me asap ?

  • Syeda Huma

    Hello steve…can u tell me that is it possible that if i have completed my visit visa of three mnths n also extend that visa with 100 sr after that can i issue new visit visa by giving 2000sr fee without going back to my home country?

  • no. it is not possible.

  • Muhammad Aqeel

    Etimad Center is still accepting the applications for family visit Visa? (Mother visa)
    as i listen that they have stop accepting it as from 1st Sha’Ban
    help will be much appreciated
    thank you

  • Sidd Shaikh

    Hi, please tell me what is the processing time for visa ?
    My wife submitted the visa today (tuesday) in Etemad office, when it will be expected to come ?

  • Syed Zohaib Shah

    Sidd Shaikh,Did you receive your passport or not yet?

  • Innocent Umais

    Hi Steve plz tell me the permanent visa fee for Saudia Arabia which etimad will charge thanks

  • Amir

    Hello can you please tell in how many days you got the visa stamped

  • rafeh

    do i need to submit Police clearance certificate to etimad if i apply for the residence visa of my spouse?

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    They are not processing any application now a days. As per them Bio-metric system is down and they don’t have any idea, When this system will be functional. They have changed my regular appointment and make a new one with Lounge package. and took the fee and passport and told me that they will call when bio-metric will work. But now one week passed, still system is down, Alot of people doing strike there. But i don’t believe them, They are just looter and looting the people with both hands, Etimaad office islamabad
    If you guys have any information related to this, please reply here.

  • Zeeshan

    Any idea? is the system working now?

  • khan

    what is the process to claim the medical insurance in saudia arab for visit visa persons? even i paid insurance fees but i don’t receive any medical insurance slip or policy number? kindly guide me, how to claim it?

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear @disqus_DUsOCIGeDF:disqus I was calling them today all the day, But no answer from them. But I heard from one person that its already start working, But not confirm, I will visit them tomorrow inshAllah. If you have any news, Please let me know.


  • Zeeshan

    @faizanahmadmalik:disqus Thanks for your response. I just got news from one other friend and he has confirmed from Eitmad office manager and the system is working now.

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    @disqus_DUsOCIGeDF:disqus Thanks for the information. Will update you tomorrow inshAllah

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear @zeeshan My family is done with biometric today. Wish you all the best.



    Hi, please tell me what is the processing time for visa ?


    Can you please tell in how many days you got the visa stamped

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear @disqus_DUsOCIGeDF:disqus Finger print done on Friday and today received the passports through courier.

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear @disqus_TWhFTge6DN:disqus Finger print done on Friday and Today received the Passports through courier. Etimad Islamabad


  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    plz share you experience in detail it will be help full for others

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear submit the documents on 08-06-2017 but Etimad center informed that bio-metric system is not working so they can not process further, So we have to wait and then Eid vacation started. so again visited the Etimad center on 30-06-2017 for bio-metric and got the passport on 04-07-2017 through courier. And during all this time there was no update on Etimad center website for application. Because they book the appointment from there side and didn’t enter the data correct. Good luck that I got the passports without even tracking. And the processed the application very fast beyond my expectations. on 3rd July visa stamped from Embassy and next day I got the passports in my city through courier. Which amazed me. If you have any specific question, you can ask me.


  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    now a days some people have told that they are asking about family muqeem certificate and family police certificate. whats does it mean? plz write all the papers which they need in etimad office Islamabad. thank you so much
    my whats app no is 0535345645

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear . no need police certificate. Only you have to open your absher account and go to your details. and print that page. They need to confirm the iqama expiry. because expiry is not printed on the Iqama.
    Remaining all documents are same.

  • Muhammad Naveed Boota

    Dear Mr. Faizan
    Can you please tell me about visit visa fee.
    I mean if i apply for my wife & 02 children how much i have to pay?

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    jeddah and damam istiqdam appointment’s still open now………..

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    It depends upon the rate of Riyal because every time they convert it. For visa fee you have to pay 2000SR in Pakistani Rupees for each passport + Etimad Service charges which is around 9000 for each passport + Medical Insurance fee for each passport. So you can calculate like this. Estimated 71000 total for each passport.


  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    dear can you send me the permanent visa application form which is required in etimad office Islamabad i need it
    plz mail me at
    [email protected]
    whats app me 0535345645

  • Faizan Ahmad Malik

    Dear @Muhammad Sheraz
    I have sent you the visa application form through email, But they didn’t check this form from me. And return it. So No need of this form in Etimad Islamabad. Well you can keep it for a safe side.


  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    i have booked an online appointment for my family permanent visa from etimad Islamabad but next day i have canceled it now i am trying to take appointment but when i add my family passport number this this sms appear on screen.

    The given passport number already exists_DB.

    i have filled all the application form but at end also appear this sms.
    anyone have any idea about this please help me i need etimad normal appointment as soon as possible.
    plz whats app me 0535345645…………………

  • Abdul Samad Khalid Bashir

    Dear is someone having idea how much time etimad will take to stamp the visa and how much time we need to collect the passport on urgent basis because I heard they just take half day and return you back on the same day thanks urgent

  • Jubail Trade

    Dear, I issued visit visa for my wife. Marriage certificate is with me in SaudiA. My wife NIC and Passport are already changed with my name… Is it still must to show marriage certificate in Islamabad eitmad???

  • firdouse

    Assalamalikum bhai can u pleasee temme after hajj vaccation when can does permanent visa appoinmnts are open during september pleasee jazakAllah

  • Huma

    I want to know about spouse multiple entry visa for one year is it stamped easily or do they ask for any special reason?I heard that they don’t give multiple entry visa without any has to provide proof of reason I.e medical issue or education.kindly help me out as we are planning to apply for multiple entry visa for one year.

  • Malik Ashiq Hussain

    Friends i submitted passport in Karachi from last 6 days that is showing ‘Transferred Passports INscanned at Source VSC. ; what that means ??