Why Saudis go to Turkey for Hair Transplant?

As beauty matters a lot to others as well as for self-satisfaction and contentment; face, hair, body and everything matters to an individual. Hair is an important asset and as noticed by all of us Saudis are sometimes seen to be bald. So, these Saudis who are usually young and no doubt in this age everyone is self-conscious, sometimes feels embarrassed so they wear hats, caps or especially cloth to tie it on their head to look good and hide this baldness.  In this regard, there are increasing numbers of Saudi bald who are heading to Turkey to get a hair transplant and get over this baldness. The price ranges from SR 15,000-18,000 including ticket and hotel accommodation. Because of this fact, the hair transplant business in Turkey boomed in a go![irp]

The package we just mentioned above for Hair Transplant includes everything! Yes, everything, including the airfares, lodging, and translators. One young man named Omar Al-Harbi faced this situation and he tried all sorts of oil and medicines. Did all possible things for natural hair growth but failed at every point? He said he was happy to achieve and fulfill his dream of amazing hair after this hair transplant opportunity in Turkey. Before that, he thought he didn’t look good the way he was.

Another young man Faisal Al-Husain told us that he was bald and that ran in his family that means it was hereditary to which there was no solution of course. He did still try many ways and used wigs to hide his baldness but he wasn’t satisfied. He then heard about this booming hair transplant in Turkey and found it to be reasonable. So, he tried this and now he is happy with his wonderful hair Masha Allah. There are much more such cases and all of them flew to Turkey for getting a hair transplant.

Mohammad Waleed Al-Fakhouri who works in Turkey in one hair Transplant Company told us that the client flow for this purpose constitutes 70% of the Saudi citizen from a\mong all the Arab nationals. He also told us that these people provide their client with a whole affordable attractive package which one can’t deny. The package consists of the air fare as well, the team comes to meet the client on the airport, there is stay in 4-star hotel as well. Visits to different tourist sites in Turkey is also the part of this package so who wouldn’t want to accept such an opportunity[irp]

This package is quite affordable but they don’t cater clients facing some skin diseases. There are many factors for hairless and baldness which one fails to understand and is not bale to treat that cause. Majid Al-Ghamdi, who is a sociologist, says that there are a lot of reasons for baldness which includes the water used for washing, weather, age factor, stress and tension and much more. If hair is exposed to air and the sun they become stronger but people usually cover their head to protect their hair which is not that good.