9 Ways Non-Muslims should respect Muslim Culture in Saudi Arabia

Every religion has its importance and a very deep place in the heart of its followers. No one would tolerate any insult against his/her religion. Also, it is against etiquettes because insulting someone else’s religion is like insulting your own religion. Religion teaches you to be kind and giving everyone their space and freedom of speech so don’t point to someone’s religion. Here are few of the ways to help protect Islamic religion and respect the Muslim culture and beliefs. This is a very useful guide especially for the Non-Muslims who are residing in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.[irp]

KEEP CALM AND HOLD ON TO YOUR PATIENCE: The element of patience is getting shorter day by day in the individuals of our society these days. They just say it on face whatever they feel without thinking anything. This sounds rude and has a negative image on others. To avoid this situation, as a matter of respect, whatever one feels just keep it inside and explain it to yourself that everything is not said on the face because the other person will feel bad or get angry after listening anything against his religion.

NEVER INSULT A RELIGION: Never say or do anything which is insulting to a Muslim. Never say anything which is disgracing to Islam, no matter you follow it or not. Give respect to other religions. Don’t poke your nose into other religions. You are not anyone to decide what is right or wrong in the religion.

ASK YOURSELF: If you have any doubts in your mind regarding Islam or if anything displeases you of the Muslims then the first question yourself that why is that so? There are chances you will find the answer yourself instead of hurting some other person.

WHATEVER MUSLIMS PRACTICE SHOULD NOT BOTHER YOU: Don’t criticize what practices or preaching Muslims follow. What prayers they have or the Salahs and rituals are none of your business. So look inside yourself. You should be least bothered about what Muslims do. It is their matter and religion.

AVOID OFFENSIVE THINGS: Don’t use harsh words or abusive language for Muslims or with Muslims. That leaves a bad impression of you. Would you like someone saying harsh words for your religion That is rude!

MEET MUSLIMS NICELY: Whenever you meet a Muslim, greet them and meet them nicely. Do not get into such talks or chats that raise topics over which a fight is possible. Avoid such topics and take your chat lightly. Be kind and generous to each other.

BE POLITE: Be polite when you talk to a Muslim. Unnecessarily being angry is not a good thing. The way you will treat them will be the way they will treat you.

LOWER YOUR GAZE AND DON’T STARE: Women are given the highest respect in the Islamic society and talking with them eye to eye is disrespectful. Always for this purpose lower you gaze when talking to women and don’t stare at them

BE HUMBLE: Be nice and greet them nicely. If you don’t like them still, talk less. When you are approached by them, be gentle and humble. Show your good manners to them because you will be treated the same way too. Give respect and get respect!