How I got Permanent Family Visa from Istiqdam without Attested Degree!

Normally if you want to apply for a permanent family visa through Istiqdam, you need to have attested degrees with you. These degrees should be attested by the Saudi Embassy of your home country as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia. We have explained in detail the procedure to apply for a permanent family visa through Istiqdam in this link “Apply for Permanent Family Visa through Istiqdam”. However, Mr. Shahnawaz has shared with us his experience of applying for a permanent family visa from Istiqdam without attested degrees. As you can read below, how he managed to escape this requirement.[irp]

Yes, you are right. The profession should match with the degree. I would like to share my experience how I managed to get a permanent family visa for my family without attested degrees. I had a profession as a computer programmer in my Iqama and attested MBA degree. I went to istiqdam with all the documents and submitted it. They said you have Master Degree in Business Administration but no degree in computers. I told them that I have a diploma in computers but not attested one. So they asked me to go to a supervisor and talk to him. I went to the supervisor, he asked me to either change my profession or go and speak to their Manager.

I said I will speak to his Manager. After that, I went to Manager. He was a very nice guy speaking very good English. He asked me don't you have a certificate in computers? I said yes, I do have it but it is not attested. He said go bring it now! I went home and came with a certificate and submitted it to Manager. He asked me to come the next day to get the visa. Next day I went there and got a yellow slip on the counter. This was at Dammam Istiqdam.