Top 6 Countries which are most difficult to Visit

The least visited countries in the world are not necessarily the toughest to visit. The hardest countries in the world to visit are determined taking into account several factors like; issuing a visa, security situation and transport. If you do not get a visa, you cannot legally visit the country. Most countries in turmoil and with an unsafe environment are not frequented by travelers at all. Some countries face severe transportation problems, which deters foreign visits. Here are some of the most difficult countries to visit, according to Gunnar Garfors, the world’s youngest travel hobbyist to visit every country.[irp]

6-Pakistan is 6th on the list of 6 most inaccessible countries. This is due to the violence that has plagued the country for many years. The issuance of a visa is a real problem, as all foreign visitors are thoroughly screened before the visa is issued. However, what the country lacks in stability, it makes up for it with great food and even better tourist spots, across the country. It is easier to gain access the country if you are from the media/press.

5-Afghanistan comes in at 5th most inaccessible country in the world. Although Afghanistan is a beautiful country with great landscapes, due to the wars that have brought the country to the ground, the country hosts almost no tourists. Only westerners with a press card or in the military are allowed to enter Afghanistan.

4-Saudi Arabia comes in at 4th on this list. With so much oil revenue, they haven’t had the time to think of promoting tourism. Single females are not allowed in the country without a male family member. The religious significance of Mecca for the Muslims has caused the country to ban any non-Muslims to enter the holy city. The country, however, does offer a few attractions with desert safaris. This includes a barbecue in the middle of the desert at night, along with a desert tour in a 4×4. Categorization of Saudi Arabia among the most difficult countries is made due to the fact that there is visit visa of Saudi Arabia for tourist.

3-Equatorial Guinea ranks as the 3rd most difficult country to visit. The country is ruled by their King, who has one of the worst track records for human rights. The country is also heavily involved in human trafficking. Even though the country has oil, its wealth has not been equally distributed. You should only visit if you wish to see people who have every aspect of their lives controlled.

2-Eritrea comes in at no.2. One of the only countries with only one political party, it is also one of the few countries below North Korea in terms of freedom of the press. The visa process is never certain and can take months to process. The city of Asmara, however, is a dreamland for architects and photographers.

1-The hardest country to get into in the world is Angola. With the recent discovery of oil, they have made visa applications extremely strict so that Europeans cannot come looking for jobs. It is a beautiful country with a heavily policed state. So much so, that all the local currency is taken from you upon departure from the country if you manage to get in somehow.