Reasons behind Errors while Applying for Permanent Family Visa Online

Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has launched a procedure apply for a permanent family visa online a few days ago. With the introduction of this procedure, applying for the permanent family visa has become so easy.

People are getting it approved on the same day of applying for it. There is no need to attest degrees, marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other documents. You do not even need to visit Jawazat for any purpose.

The procedure is very simple. You just have to fill an online form, print it get it signed by the company officer and attest and submit it to the chamber of commerce.

Once the application has been submitted, the applicant receives the message on its mobile phone about the confirmation of the visa containing the visa number.

You just need to send this visa number to your country so that your family can stamp the visa on its passport. The detailed procedure to apply for a permanent family visa online has been explained in this link.

However, the process is not that simple, there are some problems associated with it which have been explained below.

“Your application cannot be processed; because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules”. You can book an appointment with Istiqdam and submit your occupation to be studied manually. To Book an appointment, please click here.

Most of the people are confused with this error. A message appears on the computer screen that the application cannot be processed because Istiqdam e-service business rules have not been covered.

The reason which I have understood from the response of hundreds of comments of the readers is that the iqama profession of the applicant is not suitable to apply for the permanent family visa online.

However, it does not mean that the profession of the applicant is not allowed to apply for the permanent family visa. They can still apply for the permanent family visa through Istiqdam.

I could not understand the logic behind banning profession from applying online. In the light of the research I have done, following professions are not eligible to apply for the permanent family visa online.

It is important to mention here that if you have changed your profession to any of these professions, you would not able allowed to apply online. You must have this profession on your work visa to be eligible to apply online.

  • Doctor
  • Professor
  • Engineer
  • Financial Analyst

Your Sponsor is not added for family visa. Please visit Istiqdam for more info: This is the second most frequently received error while applying for a permanent family visa online. While checking the above ‘error' with Istiqdam officials.

I came to know that our sponsor's “C. R” & “Chamber of Commerce” should be renewed (if expired) & updated at Jawazat / Istiqdam office accordingly. Contact your HR dept. for sorting this issue. There can be another reason of this error that your sponsor is in Red Nitaqat Category.

You haven't paid the Istiqdam Family visa application fees. Kindly pay the required fees to proceed: If you have not paid the fee, the following message will appear on your computer screen “You haven't paid the Istiqdam Family visa application fees. Kindly pay the required fees to proceed.”

It is straightforward; just pay the fee following the procedure is given in this link. If you don’t hit the appropriate head of SADAD payment while making the payment, the system will continue showing the same message.

Therefore, it is important to read the link “Payment of Fee for Permanent Family Visa

Females are not allowed to Apply for the Permanent Family Visa Online: Females working in Saudi Arabia cannot apply for the permanent family visa online using the procedure given in this link. However, they can still apply for the permanent family visa through Istiqdam

Some error happens while processing your request. Please try again after some time or contact the help desk: Sometimes above message appears on your computer screen while applying for the permanent family visa online.

Well, in that case, you do not even need to apply again. You will continue to receive the same message. The correct way is to call MOI Helpline 800 749 0000 and register your complaint there.

Few people have commented that this message is only associated with employees of government organizations. If an employee of the private company receives this message, please drop a comment below.

If you want to know the reason of any other error message appearing on your computer screen while applying for the permanent family visa online, please drop a comment below. We shall be inquiring about the reason behind the error and get back to you.


    Aslam-o-Alikum Dear Brother,
    My iqama profession is “Draftsman Civil Engineering رسام هندسة مدنية” and i hve 2 year diploma in “Draftsman Civil”
    My basic salary is 5000 SAR.
    Can i got my permanent family visa?


  • Ikram Rao

    In Sha ALLAH
    try your luck


    Thanks for replying,

  • Samuel Almonte

    Dear Sir,
    I just wanna ask if recently someone here already try to apply permanent family visa online because for me it didn’t work even I fulfilled all the pre-application requirements i.e. my iqama is just renewed, application fee is paid, I’m engineer by profession and Iqama but still during process of application this message appeared ” Your application cannot be processed; because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules” so I want to know if it happen to anybody also or simply online application is not working itself? Your inputs are very appreciable. Regards.

  • Abu Fahad Dawood

    Dear Brothers, Are the original marriage and birth certificates mandatory? I have them back at home country. Wondering if I can give it a shot with regular and attested copies.

  • Anoop CM


    My first appointment to istiqdam was today and I was not able to get the Visa because of a typo error in document. Do I need to take another appointment to visit istiqdam again on another day?


    Aslam-o-Alikum Dear All,
    Anybody help me.
    I have 02 years Diploma of Draftsman Civil from TRADE TESTING BOARD Lahore Pakistan.
    I have finished its attestation up to FOREIGN AFFAIR Pakistan.
    After this i have to contact with one agency for attestation from SAUDI EMBASSY and they take my documents.
    After 15 days they return to me my Documents without Attestation and said the SAUDI EMBASSY have reject 02 Years Diploma.
    Also they said min. 03 Years diploma will attested from Saudi Embassy.

    Anybody have a same problem or anybody attested 02 years diploma?

    Waiting for yours reply.

    G. Shabbir

  • Ataur Rahman

    one more error occurs when your iqama validity less than 90 days,
    i faced this problem.

  • abdul quader

    Asslamalkum brother , please give me your email ID i am getting same problem as MR.Rasheed Faced , my profession is computer programmer , recently my iqama renew and i have already paid isteqhdam fees, due to some circumstances my family unable to come before expiry of exit reentry visa so i follow to renew the exit reentry but in India they denied to renewed as they over stay more than 7 month so i got the appointment online , please guide me what are the documents are required and which should be translated ?

  • Shaik Mohammed Farooq Hussain

    I have an engineering degree attested by Saudi embassy but my Iqama has a profession of Computer programmer does it will be conflict for applying Family visa online. Please revert back with some possible suggestions.

  • Khan

    Dear, Can you let me know what original documents did you present to them. please advise
    [email protected]

  • Routing Switching

    i have a profession of “Compute Programmer” but i’m unable to apply for permanent family visa. Error appears, “Your application cannot be processed; because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules.” You can book an appointment with Istiqdam and submit your occupation to be studied manually. To Book an appointment, please click here (Istiqdam appointments system). Please suggest me what may be the reason ?

  • Nooruddin Khan

    One of my friend had applied for online visa while having a profession of “Computer Programmer” Please check if anyone has this profession.

  • Nooruddin Khan

    I would like to know if ‘General Accountant’ iqama profession can apply online family visa. Please comment.

  • Syed Zohaib Shah

    Did you got the visa now?0594225644

  • Umar Farooq

    I thought Pakistani people can’t apply Online VISA, as I have seen a Siri Lankan employees Online VISA form in HR office for approval and attestation for further process, his profession was also General account and got accepted Online but my profession also same and rejected by. 03-13-17

  • Nooruddin Khan

    I just tried today. Iqama profession of “General Accountant” cannot apply online visa

  • Mohammad Rageh

    Dear Sir,
    please advise the professions which can proceed for ONLINE family Visa?

    on other way, my profession is Quality Examiner and tried to go for ONLINE it rejected and said ( “Your application cannot be processed; because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules.” You can book an appointment with Istiqdam and submit your occupation to be studied manually. To Book an appointment, please click here (Istiqdam appointments system).
    please find my real question :
    if i changed the proffesion in IQAMA to Enginner, could I will be able to ONLINE family Visa???

  • Mohammad Rageh

    Dear Yann,
    please I need your advise, I am trying to take appointment in Dammam ISTIQDAM office but as you know no appointments available, I need your advise regarding change my proffession from Quality Examiner to Engineer, can I apply for online family Visa or still need to take an appointment, please if you can give me your mobile number I will be very thankful, my phone no. is 0550101366.

  • Amjad Abid receiving error no appointments
    what will be the solution
    for this Please help me and reply

  • Bakhter Ihsan

    Hi everyone, since 2 weeks I am trying to get an appointment and it gives me the message in the picture.
    Please have a reply if any one knows the solution.

  • Mohammed Rafi

    Brother. Kindly share ur watsapp no. I am also looking for the same. If i get any info i will let you know

  • Bakhter Ihsan


  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    plz add me in riyadh group and when appointments will be open the inform others please. my whatsapp no is 0535345645

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    same problem plz inform me if you see appointments are open and if i check i will inform you. Whatsapp me 0535345645

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    aslam o alikum
    same problem plz inform me if you see appointments are open and if i check i will inform you. Whats app me 0535345645

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    plz inform me if you see appointments are open and if it is came in my knowledge then i will tell you plz Whatsapp me 0535345645

  • Usman Anjum


  • Asif Mohammed

    hi fnds,
    can any one help me i have bachelor of science degree (Specialized in electronics, computers & Maths), i have profession on iqama computer network technician, can i apply for family permanent visa ,you can find my certificate as per attachment, but isteqdham officer rejected my application because i dint have bachelor computers science on my certificate

  • Enam Bhatkar

    I will change my profession to Chemist in some days from Labour.
    I get the message of e service business rules not fulfilled message.
    Now after my profession is changed will he message disappear or you have any suggestion to make?

  • You cannot apply for Permanent Family Visa online if the profession on the visa stamped on your passport is not the one eligible for it. You should try through Istiqdam procedure.

  • Enam Bhatkar

    ThankYou Sir
    Now Il be mentally prepared that even if the iqama profession will be changed I still have to be ready for preparing docs needed in istekdam.
    Does this mean then that the Online Family Visa is of no use to people who will change their profession after coming to KSA? certainly is!!

    Can Anybody tell me, where is the Istekdam Office in Dammam?Is it the same Jawazat office which is present in Rabea Street or ahead of11th Street or Adama??


  • Yes, at the moment it is of no use to the people who come to Saudi Arabia on a profession other than the professions eligible to apply for a permanent family visa online/.

  • Enam Bhatkar

    Thank you so much Sir for your prompt reply!

  • Laine

    Hi sir steve..i got my baby a visit visa under my name and we wanted to convert it to it possible?im just worried since the profession of my husband is not in the list of eligible for permanent visa..both of us are working in saudi with different planning to put my baby under my name but they said its not allowed for the it true?hope to hear from u soon..tnx in advance

  • Enam Bhatkar

    My profession has been changed now ,,the HR manager informed me but I am wondering why has it not been changed on MOI website…the HR manager said its not the worry..I am wanting to know when will I get my new IQama with new profession?

  • Enam Bhatkar

    Dear Sir
    Alhumdulillah.Moi has updated in website.Now my profession is GENERAL CHEMIST.
    As expected the “eistikdam appointment”message didn’t go when I tried for family Visa application.
    Don’t know why people crib here that they don’t have appointments.I am in Dammam and I get many appointments available.
    Anyways,my question is when I will now make my istekdam application next month end.,Is it now mandatory to have my new printed Iqama with new profession with me at istekdam?or the system updation is enough for them?
    i think i will not get my new iqama now and will get only when it goes for renewal next year!!

  • Enam Bhatkar

    Alhumdulillaah..I have received my new iqama now with new profession GENERAL CHEMIST.
    I am only posting here because those who have million questions can now read this and know.The profession can easily be changed from LABOUR to any one as per your degree within 7-8 days.You also get the new iqama after the profession change in maximum 1week.

    Inshallah now ill Post further what happens at Istikdam Damma when I will go for family visa application!


  • Ali Bin Muhammad

    Dear Steve Sir,
    My profession is “Computer Netwoks Technician” I can apply through online for Permanant family visa. ?