Midlife Crisis – My mother started acting like a child

A life crisis is explained as a period characterized by unstable emotional and mental health, which alters the course of our lives and affects us for a year or longer. Those who are in the early stages of their middle life are most likely to experience a decline in mental and physical capabilities. They also experience the death of loved ones or retirement from work which affects them in their late mid-life. Effects of the crisis are life altering and negative for some, while for some it is beneficial and produces positive results.[irp]

Most middle-aged women experience a phase in their lives, during which they try and prove that age has not affected them in any way. They wear clothes that are not meant to be worn by people their age. These may include colorful Abayas, high heels, and trendy dresses, which are mostly worn by teenagers and young women. This can be a source of embarrassment, as most of these women are mothers, and their children do not like their mothers behaving in this manner. According to reports by Al-Riyadh daily, mothers who act like teenagers are simply living their life in a way in which they were not able to do so when they themselves were younger.

According to Dr. Farhan Al-Eneizi, who is the assistant professor of counseling psychology at the university of Hail, each age has different characteristics. Women, who dress, talk and act like teens have had their needs unsatisfied since their teen years. This does not allow the women to understand the proper behavior for their age. Some women, however, feel pressured by their age and the responsibilities and feel that they will fail.

Fahad Al-Otaibi, who is the director of Hail Protection Center, and a sociologist, has said that even men go through such a phase. Some men download clips with explicit content. He has also stated women who are in their middle age, rebel against this phase and believe they aren’t growing old. He has attributed this behavior to their feminine nature. If the children do not know how to deal with the situation that their mother is facing, they might be embarrassed. According to Al-Otaibi, it is best for children to have their maternal uncles talk them out of it.

Another sociologist at Hail University, Khairiya Al-Zabn, has stated that most women acting this way have had uncompassionate parents and were generally neglected by them when they were younger. Also, stating that such women live in a world of dreams, and their actions do not reflect upon their age. She has said that advice does not work in many cases, and the women continue to act like their young daughters or their own younger self.[irp]

These actions by a mother always receive a negative response from people which causes confusion and psychological problems for her children. These children prefer not to be seen together with their mother in public until they have come out of the crisis. This is so that they do not have to hear comments which might hurt their feelings.