iPhone Slide v/s Accept Decline Button

Both the iPhone operating system and the Android system are great mobile platforms. These are the top 2 mobile platforms used across the world. They also have some room for improvement and should make amends according to what matters to their users. These competing mobile platforms have been the subject of great debates on the internet, with both platforms trying to trump the other. This post, however, is for the iPhone clan. Many iPhone users have been sharing their experiences online, and usually, post tips or tricks to help other users fully utilize their cellular devices. One such query that has been wondered about since a long time is the fact that some people have experienced different versions of their iPhone operating software. Most notably, the argument of the slider option for accepting calls vs. the call accepts and decline buttons has puzzled many iPhone users.[irp]

Keeping the need for a solution to this query in mind, a report by the Business Insider tested out why, and under what circumstances do we experience either the slider or the buttons on our iPhone. They had their people conduct the research by calling their friends’ iPhones and awaited the results as to whether they were getting the slider or button option. First, they had a co-worker call another co-worker who received the slider option. They thought that having a contact call you will make a difference, so they had another friend call them, who was on their contact list. They, however, got the slider option again. After this, they thought that having a no-iPhone user call them would allow them to experience the button option. So, the call was placed and they again got the same result.

Stumped by their back to back failures in making the button option appear on their screen, they decided to give up and do something that they should have done all along. They decided to search the internet, for a solution to their problems and were pleased, with the easy and simple explanation they received to their query. It turns out that this query is quite common on the internet.

If your iPhone is locked when you receive any calls, just as the one on which the experiment was conducted on was, you will be shown a slider option to answer the call. This feature, however, does not have the option to ignore or cancel the incoming call. If your iPhone is unlocked, you will get the button option in which you can choose whether to accept a call of ignoring it, with the press of a button.[irp]

Now many of the iPhone users, like me, who were pondering over the issue for some time, can finally put it to rest. They can now focus on fully utilizing their mobile phones, which are one of the most complex and advanced pieces of machinery on earth. The Android vs. iPhone argument, however, is one that is yet to be finalized.