5 Natural ways to cope with Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is your body’s natural protection mechanism which prevents you from acting out your dreams. It controls most of your body, except the eyes (which allow them to demonstrate rapid eye movement), chest (so you can breathe freely) and sometimes toes fingertips and lips. Sleep paralysis keeps switching on and off near the sleep-wake border. It is because of this that people become aware of their paralyzed state and it is said to induce nightmares and hallucinations (though not always). This experience can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.[irp]

The root cause of this medical condition is REM atonia, a natural process which happens to each one of us, every single night. REM atonia is a necessary sleep mechanism. As you are falling asleep, a natural process takes place which cuts of signals between the muscles and the brain for a peaceful sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when your mind partly wakes up, but your body is still asleep physically. When most people who experience this, panic, the semi-dreaming mind creates nightmares to explain what is happening, which is largely based on cultural beliefs. It is a common occurrence and everyone experiences it at least once in their lifetime. Researchers have been learning more and more about this age-old condition.

1-Some people generally are prone to sleep disorders, and these people should avoid messing with their sleep cycle if they want to avoid such experiences.

2-During sleep paralysis, it is important to keep your mental state calm and positive. Focusing on relaxing thoughts such as the beach, instantly raise your positivity.

3-If you feel trouble breathing, you should remain calm and remember you had been breathing fine before, while you were asleep.

4-You should also focus on your breathing the most and not to let panic take control of you.

5-If you have been chronically suffering from sleep paralysis, it is important to maintain these goals for the duration of your sleep paralyzed time. You should also aim at moving your fingers or lips, as these signals from your brain will help wake your body up and end the experience

Naturally, anyone who has experienced sleep paralysis before would not be too keen on it occurring again in the future. This is not something to worry about. Reportedly thousands of people use this experience as their stepping stone to having lucid dreams. This half-awake half-asleep state of yours acts as a gateway into the world of conscious dream control. There are several techniques to achieve the state of lucid dreamings, such as Wake Induced Lucid Dreams and the Out of Body Exit. If you are a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis you should learn how to turn your paralysis nightmares and horrors into lucid dreams of positive visionary experiences. Chronic sufferers need to take advantage of their situation and use it for their own good, while those who will not learn these methods will still experience the nightmarish hallucinations of sleep paralysis.