Why a Saudi Manager threw SR 500 note from the Top Floor of a construction site?

Recently a story has emerged about an incident that took place in Saudi Arabia. According to the report, a construction manager in Jeddah paid a visit to one of his construction sites. However, after arriving at the site and looking around, he found a problem on the 8th floor which needed a solution. He needed one of the laborers working on the ground floor to come up and fix the issue. However, he was not willing to walk down to the ground floor but instead decided to shout his name from the 10th floor of the building.[irp]

Due to the noise at the construction site, the laborer could not hear the managers calls, so the manager decided to throw an SR 100 note in front of the laborer, the laborer reportedly picked up the note, pocketed it and continued with his work. The manager who was now slightly disgruntled decided to try to raise the stakes and hence decided to throw an SR 500 note again in the same spot in front of the laborer. However, the laborer repeated his previous action by pocketing the note and continuing with his work, this did not impress the manager. The manager who was now at the edge of his seat decided to throw a small rock towards the laborer, and so he did and impressively so hit the laborer on the first try, the laborer finally paused what he was doing and looked up at the manager and thus the manager finally succeeded in grabbing his attention and relayed to him what needed to be done.

There is a beautiful message to be learned from this story, we as human beings regardless of our religion do not think of God when we are provided with everything when we are in comfort when we have all or most of what we desire. We instead decide only to pray to our respective Gods, in a time of sickness, poverty and any other problems that we might be facing.

God is willing to communicate with us but we do not communicate with him until we absolutely need to. We do not realize that what if God would tell us that he did not have time for us as we do not have time for God, that he is not willing to listen to our prayers. We fail to realize that God does not need us; it is we who need him, for comfort, for solace and for peace of mind, knowing there is someone watching over you all the time.[irp]

We take God for granted and although he is there to stay till the end of time, is it fair on our part to only remember God when we are in a desperate state for a solution to our problem. There is a moral to this story i.e. the rewards of investing your time in God are huge, and we should not wait to be hit by stones to remember him.