8 Western Misconceptions about Islam we should clear out

Islam is a religion whose image is plagued by certain stereotypes, which have been caused by some extremist and fundamentalist activities, going on around the world in the name of Islam. These stereotypes have been reinforced by the media who does not hesitate a moment to take a jab at Islam while turning a blind eye towards extremist factions in other religions. Most of these stereotypes are misconceptions and anyone who has read the Quran with understanding or researched Islam can tell you that these are misconceptions rather than facts.[irp]

1-One of the most common misconceptions is that all Muslims are terrorists, this is not true! Islam is a religion of peace and love, and only a handful of the Muslim populations who possess such an extremist mindset have defamed the religion.

2-People also tend to think that women are oppressed in Islam whereas they are more independent than American and British in terms of marriage agreements, financial matters and matters of property and inheritance.

3- Another misconception is that Muslims pray to a different God, anybody who has any knowledge on religions can tell you that essentially the Muslim God is the same as the Christians and the Jews. People also tend to forget that Jesus and Moses are both respected by Muslims as well as believed to be Prophets of God before Muhammad (PBUH).

4-These days the radical groups forming around the world and using Islam as their main motive have led people to believe that the religion has always been spread by the sword, by hate and fear but this is not the case, forceful conversions have never been allowed in Islam, and instead we are told to talk about the beauty of our religion and people will come willingly. Examples of this can be found throughout history especially when the caliph Umar R.A entered Jerusalem and allowed all religions to continue with their faith; it is also a basic Islamic law to protect all minorities and their places of worship.

5-People also tend to believe that all Muslims are Arabs, with every one out of five people in the world being Muslim; it is not hard to believe that they come from a vast array of races and do not predominantly consist of Arabs only.

6-Another point which seems to catch the eye of media around the world is the fact that Muslims can marry up to 4 wives, now this is true however there are strict rules and guidelines which ensure equal rights and equal treatment for all wives and marrying all four is permitted but not necessary.

7-Muslims have throughout history proven that they are not barbaric people but have contributed to science, medicine, and education far more than people realize.

8-Another misconception Islam faces is that Muslims consider Muhammad (PBUH) as our God which is certainly not true as we do not believe him to be God but rather than the Prophet of God. One who conveyed God’s messages to the other people.