6 Disadvantages of being born in Urdu Speaking Family in Pakistan

One of my Pakistani friends wrote this article and asked me to publish it on this blog without revealing his identity. Oh, the dilemma of being born in an Urdu speaking family, it is like being the black sheep in a country where the feudal system is so embedded in all the provinces. Some people view muhajirs (the term commonly used to associate Urdu speaking people) as having a disadvantage over the local people, their heritage, their lands and their culture while all the muhajirs have are stories of India and inadvertently some Indian culture being transferred over to the muhajirs who were born in Pakistan. There may be few disadvantages that Urdu speaking families have to endure, but there are also many advantages that they have.[irp]

Some cultural dilemmas that are faced by the Urdu speaking are solely because of the values brought over from our neighbors by our elders, the MOST common being “Log kya kahenge”, of course, this is a problem, with all the extra time women have, they love to talk about everyone other than themselves.

Another common problem is when relatives come over by just saying “hum aa rahe hain aap ki taraf” and you would expect from this that “hum” (we) refers to the couple, but guess again because “hum” can range from just the couple to probably every extended family member who you have only met at weddings with an awkward smile.

Moving on, most Urdu speaking people will agree with me when I say that saying no is a no-go area for our families, and whether you like it or not you will be forced to go to the wedding of your distant cousin who you have not met more than twice in your entire life.

Now for all the girls who think the fastest way of getting out of studies is to play the marriage card on the table, this is not true in Urdu speaking families. Although early marriage is common most progressive families allow the women to study even after marriage.

The “Urdu” speaking naturally also has a sense of entitlement to the Urdu language and feel it is their need to correct others when they speak their language incorrectly, oh and that includes most foul words and curses. Why not though aren’t Urdu curse words just that more elegant.

One thing that the muhajirs pride themselves on is on having the best food and one of the biggest appetites, and no one can blame us, because who can resist the kebabs and the biryani, and although we can eat like the Punjabis we should probably leave the bhangra to them for all our sakes. And finally, being Urdu speaking is an automatic affiliation to the MQM because that’s just how it is.

Advantages of getting birth in Urdu Speaking Family: Urdu speaking people are some of the most highly educated and qualified people in our country, a proof of it being that Karachi does more for the economy and creates more jobs than any other place in the country. Urdu speaking people do not have to learn the national language as an addition to the local provincial language that the locals commonly speak in their daily norm i.e. Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto, and Balochi and so on. However, this can also be a disadvantage for the muhajirs as most of them do not know any provincial languages.