10 things you can do to look beautiful and stay in Fashion while wearing a Hijab

In Saudi Arabia, every woman is obliged to wear Hijab. You must have seen some Saudi girls who look very even in proper Hijab. How do they make themselves up in this way? Hijab for a Muslim denotes modesty, so just don’t forget its actual meaning. Cover your body well including your head, neck, and chest properly and not wearing fitting clothes. There are different styles of wearing Hijab in Saudi Arabia. Choose your style with different colors and give a unique look to yourself. It can give you a decent modest look together with a stylish touch and beautiful looks. Today, we shall be discussing how you can portray yourself pretty while living in the boundaries of Hijab. Here are some tips to look pretty in Hijab.[irp]

PLAY WITH COLORS: Find your favorite color. Select vibrant attractive colors instead of black and dull shades of gray and brown. Choose according to your personality, bright colors for bold ones or mute colors for a dull personality. Buy scarves that match with most of your outfits.

Play with your eyes: Brown eyes compliment well with blue and violet shades of scarves. Green eyes should be complimented with red, peach and pink shaded scarves. Blue eyes look beyond amazing when paired with gold, orange or brown tones of scarves

Keep your undertones in mind: Warm colors, for example, orange and red suits more on fair individuals. Blue and green hues look attractive on the sun-kissed gold skin. Plum and Coral look amazing on the dark chocolaty skin.

PLAY WITH PATTERN: Choose an interesting pattern like polka dots and floral designs to match your outfits. Scarves with larger prints add boldness to your outfit. It is best for dresses with too many colors. Avoid mixing too many patterns and wear a combo of design matching your outfit.

ENSEMBLE: Don’t go for too many matching shades which can result in a dull look with same colors. Mix and match the colors in contrast. It is not necessary to pair a green dress forcibly with a green hijab. When your outfit is bright, choose dull scarves to compliment. Simple dresses can we paired with stylish bright colored Hijabs.

WAYS TO WRAP: Take a square shaped scarf to fold it into half forming a triangle. Wear it on your head and pin under your chin. Take the free ends and pin it up on the opposite sides on the back of your head.

Kuwaiti Hijab: Wear an oblong shaped scarf on your head. Tie a knot from the ends in front under the chin. Pin one end behind your ear on the opposite side wrapping around the head. Do the same with the other end.

Amira Hijab: Tie a scarf piece like a bandana or wear a headband. Take an oblong shaped scarf tying it under the chin Wrap the two ends going from the chin loosely at the back of the head, behind the ears and pin it.

Triangle Scarf: Wear the scarf with equal ends in front. Pin one end on the opposite side near the cheeks from under the chin. Cover your chest from the other free end.

ACCESSORIES: Use elegant colorful pins to hold your scarf. Wear a headband under the hijab for support. Use stylish brooches for pining. You can tuck your scarf behind the ears and wear earrings to show. Long necklaces also compliment well with Hijab. Use embroidered or diamante studded scarves for a unique look.